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    Off to Vietnam to make the best CVS food [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]


    (First restaurant in Vietnam) Let me go in That alley looks special

    He's going into an alley Okay, okay How does he know places like that? – That's a restaurant? / – Is that a restaurant? (What kind of restaurant is it?) (Even the entrance looks unusual) – This / – They don't have an elevator I almost lost it Oh, no They have a restaurant all the way up here? Who would come here? It is a restaurant (He finally arrived) They must be great to be on the 5th floor

    No matter how great the food is, I don't think I would climb up all those stairs It looks like only the locals would know that place This place would be great at night (There is a great view at the end of the stairs) The ambience is amazing It's so pretty

    (When you go across the peaceful hall) It's a rooftop restaurant (There is a terrace with an open view) It's really pretty It's a rooftop restaurant Pho ap chao? Pho ap chao (The first dish he ordered using clumsy Vietnamese) It's this one

    That doesn't look as good in the picture The picture looks yummy, but the color's weird The color? The picture is great (Pho ap chao is) Okay, okay It's rice noodles

    – That's rice noodles? / – Rice noodles? – That's noodle! / – Deep-fried (In hot oil, deep-fry noodles) They deep-fry it (Unusual cooking method) (Until it becomes flat) When you deep-fry it, it becomes delicious (Stir-fry vegetables and beef) (Pour over deep-fried rice noodles) (First dish in Ho Chi Minh City, pho ap chao) (First bite in Ho Chi Minh City, how is it?) (Deep-fried rice noodles) (Big bite) It's good Delicious

    That looks good (Beef on top of fritter, it can't be bad) The young people would like this (Yum) Deep-fried rice noodles I'm curious This would make a nice ready-meal

    – He has experience, so he's different from us / – Yes We add care, love and hard work He thinks about the launching procedure I only care about launching Excuse me (He is ordering one more dish) Here it is (He ordered a dish with a very long name) That sounded very natural

    – She understood / – What did you say? I told her I'm a famous comedian in Korea (What a weird man) Who asked you? (Headed for his second destination) It's been a while (Why is he laughing so awkwardly?) What is it? (Huh?) (What was that?) – What? / – Wasn't that Lee Gyeonggyu? No, it's someone who looks like him What is that? (Embarrassed) (With many questions) Xin chao, xin chao

    (It does look like a restaurant) You opened a restaurant? They are my employees (You didn't have come here) Xin chao

    (Extra large welcome bouquet) (Thank you) (This is work, this is work, this is work, this is work) Wow, that is amazing Isn't that too much? I have to go today, so can you give me some recommendations? That's the fastest way Local employees (Restaurant recommendation linked to promotion) (Whatever you imagine) (Dishes that will surpass it) (Flavors that were never experienced before) (A feast of new flavors) (That will change the food service business) They all look unfamiliar If they are bad, I will complain (He says he will complain if he doesn't like it) (He is a very witty boss) Okay? Okay (Will his strategy work out?) Okay, okay Is that the same motorcycle? – Okay, okay

    / – That's him All day? (Waiting, waiting) (First dish recommended by his employee) Duck noodles, duck noodles Quack, quack, quack, quack (He is pretty fluent in Vietnamese) Incredible She took your order? Really? I really like poultry

    Duck, chicken, goose and so on Goose noodles in Taiwan was nice too Right, goose noodles It was good It was delicious

    This is it (Goose noodles that competed against ma jiang mian) (Here comes the duck noodles) (Why is Gyeonggyu in such shock?) (Visually shocking, 3) (Visually shocking, 2) It's black (A black duck leg) (Duck noodles, boil noodles in hot water) (Top them with various vegetables) (Add a duck leg boiled black) How interesting (Duck noodles, mi vit tiem) Like Peking duck It looks like the Korean Silkie, that's how the color looks

    When you get one Noodles first (The first dish his employee recommended) (How does it taste?) (Uncomfortable) It's not good? He doesn't like it

    (Since it was recommended, one more bite) (Disappointment) (Disappointment) How could they recommend something like this? It's not my style I should pay Herbs are good for you, but it's not for everyone It smelled pretty strong Right

    (The herbs were too new to him) My interpreter recommended this place It's called bun dau mam tom

    – Mam tom? / – Yes Bun dau mam tom? Bun dau (Even the name sounds unfamiliar) Bun dau mam tom

    The sauce is unique Unique? Sounds good (It is like a daily routine in Ho Chi Minh City) (It is the most common daily meal in Vietnam) (Bun dau mam tom) (Bun dau mam tom, deep-fry fresh tofu until crispy) (Add fish cake, pork and rice noodles) How unusual (And the most important thing is this) That's the sauce That is for dipping? That looks good

    (Bun dau mam tom sauce is ready) (Anyone visiting Ho Chi Minh City) (Must try this dish) That looks good (Pork and salted shrimp are amazing together) (The second recommendation) (How does bun dau mam tom taste?) (Everyone is nervous) No, no, no Why? What? What happened? It hit him – Is he trying to spit it out? / – It hit him No, no, no

    – Is he trying to spit it out? / – It hit him (Yuck) I knew it (Failure) (Huge failure) It's terrible The sauce wasn't good? But isn't that the first time? Of his giving such severe remarks overseas? – That one looks good / – That looks good

    It's similar to Korean-style pork ribs, but it's dry It's dry? (Oh, no) That one looks good

    – That's good / – That looks okay That one is delicious That's delicious That one can't be bad

    (Almost everyone loves spring roll) (But it's not good) Oh, it's bad (Che, dessert made with ice, condensed milk, fruits) What is this? That looks good That looks like crab meat (He really loves noodles) It's bad? (Goodbye, crab noodles) Local food's weakness is that it can't be globalized His palate

    His palate can actually find the flavors that everyone likes My little brother is fantastic (A single comment earned him a big brother) He is so good

    There's a clear line between likes and dislikes, so I'm perfect for convenience stores (That makes sense) Go with what you like – Dislike is / – Just go with what you like Right, he picks what everyone will like (The man who only cares about what he likes) Seungchul! Lee Seungchul, I'm working so hard! (Pleading to personal compassion) Lee Seungchul, I'm working so hard! Head judge! Give me extra points! Look how hard I'm working! Chef Lee Wonil! Mr Kim! I'm working so hard to make a delicious dish! (After shouting at the top of his lungs) (He left out one person) You lost points here (Grudge) (Gyu Ikjeom failed five consecutive times) (Employee recommendation, last dish) – Banh beo

    / – I think I've heard of banh beo Banh beo I hope the last one's good Right (Today's last hope) What's that? There are lots of it

    What is that? It's all for me? (What are these wrapped in banana leaves?) Wrap in banana leaves Fermented (They are chewy rice cakes) Wow, they look good They look like Korean rice cakes Oh, right Is that a dessert or a meal? I think you pop it in your mouth

    (Sprinkle with dry shrimp powder) That much rice would be really filling – That's a lot of food / – Right You have to dig it out like this (Bite-sized, perfect for digging out) (Chew, chew) (The sound tells you how chewy it is) He likes it

    (Everyone is rooting together) It's just rice cake It's just rice cake On TV, when people go abroad and eat the food, they all say it's delicious Maybe they all lied (His honest opinion came out after many failures) (As many worries as the number of banh beo) Right

    You can't always succeed But I had to find something – It's nice to show failure too / – Yes You can show our viewers how hard it is to create a new dish, since you won

    Get discouraged, fail and retire Retire? How about retiring? After I Launch about 50 products, I will quit

    You think we'll just watch while you launch 50? You will, I'm sure (He hasn't even found 5 in Vietnam) (Anyway, he arrived at the last restaurant) – Pho / – Pho? Okay, okay – See you again / – See you again

    Okay (He threw him a kiss, which he never does in Korea) It's a pho restaurant Let me go in and try some (This is) (The variety show godfather's heart-wrenching attempt) (At expressing his desire for good food) (40 years of experience, shocking slapstick) (Embarrassment is an added bonus) Xin chao (Eventually, he came to get pho) Xin chao

    It's here Okay This wasn't one of my employees' recommendation This place was recommended by the motorcyclist who spent the day with me So I'm 100% confident

    This will be amazing I'm sure of it Let me try the broth first I'm excited Vietnamese original, pho in Ho Chi Minh City

    (How does it taste?) (Delicious) The broth is fantastic It's different from what I had before The broth hit me Let me try the noodles (Finally, the noodles) (Even the sound is mouthwatering) – Oh, my! / – That looks so good

    It's delicious When you eat Vietnamese pho in Vietnam, it's more wholesome and refreshing Refreshing I'm sure it's amazing there (So this is why people love pho) (If you have time) (Let's get some pho together) But today's theme is flour

    – Wheat / – Korean wheat Korean wheat How was wheat used in that dish? (Well) You're not entering this time? (Really?) You're not giving up? (How dare you) You're not giving up? You seemed happy (Greatly disappointed) He was happy Did you see? "You're not giving up?" (Last week's 1st and 2nd places' subtle bickering) I have to use flour I mean, it's all ready

    Don't worry about it Don't you worry about a thing (Where is Gyu Ikjeom's confidence coming from?)

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