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NUCLEAR Chinese Street Food NOODLE Tour of Chongqing, China – 5 INSANE SPICY + Chinese Noodles!!


– All right, check it out, guys It's Trevor James

We're in Chongqing, China This is the land of Chongqing spicy xiaomian noodles We're on a world noodle tour and today I'm so pumped 'cause we're bringing you for a full-on noodle adventure Let's check it out And this is it

Chongqing, the land of noodles The slurp city You can see we got tons of people here slurping noodles, and today we're gonna be bringing you for five bowls of Chongqing noodles, all in the deep back alleys I'm so pumped for this So make sure to watch all the way until the end because this is gonna be an iconic noodle tour video

And here we are guys, Chongqing, rollin' down, looking for noodles It's a super cool city and very modern It's a huge metropolis There's like 20 million people that live here We're going to a (speaking foreign language) noodle

It's a mixed noodle and it's just up ahead Are you pumped, Ting? It should be good, right? (speaking foreign language) This is an awesome city We are going to one of the most famous xiaomian, Chongqing xiaomian restaurants in the city Xiaomian is next level spicy It's like dan dan noodles but spicier and more numbing

We just found it, guys Oh, here it is And all of these We're gonna get a big bowl Oh, and look at this, guys

This is the total la jiao heaven We've literally got massive bowls Look at this guys La jiao, fresh chili Oh, that's so thick

Oh and we're gonna start a fresh bowl here Pickled mustard greens Oh, soy sauce There's the chili Look at that, that's pure chili oil

Smoky chili oil Oh, beautiful And then we've got a little bit of ground pork, MSG, and you can see there's literally hundreds of bowls here, ready to scoop noodles into pre-made chili in the bottom of the bowl, looking spicy and xiang And there's a little bit of green onion Oh and here's the fried egg

So you can get fried egg with it as well That's what it's all about She's just saying that when you add the egg in with the xiaomian, it's geng xiang de, it's more xiang And here's the noodle stock going right in That's noodle stock and ginger

And then here come the noodles, adding those noodles right on Wow Chongqing xiaomian And then adding a jidan, egg on top And there it is, guys, the bandeng mian zhuang

We're a little early This place is bumpin' and we're gonna sit down right here Ooh Okay, mix it up She's gonna teach us

Wow (laughing) Oh People are so friendly here, guys Mixing it up for us That literally smells so delicious

Smoky chili oil and the rou, the meat That is some of the smokiest noodles I've ever smelled And there's literally just flakes of giant chili in there This is the famous Chongqing xiaomian we came to try and she was telling us to eat it quick You gotta eat it quick otherwise it'll stick together and everyone's just waiting for us to try it

We gotta go, we gotta try it out (upbeat music) (slurping) Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Wow! That's what it's about there, guys Wow That is delicious This is less spicy than it looks

It's xiang It's smoky That rou flavor, that pork flavor is giving it so much juicy fragrance, and let's go for one more Let's just test that out again (slurping) Mmm

Mmm! Mmm And they're telling us to add a little more tang Oh Ooh We've just added the tang in, that's the noodle broth

And there's a little bit of soy bean in there as well Wow, that is a next-level bowl right there, really And that right there was one of the most xiang bowls of noodles I've ever tasted You can see that it's just packed now There's a big line up

We came nice and early to avoid the rush And this is the city of noodles We're exploring a local little neighborhood and right around the corner here, there's a sesame spicy xiaomian Wow It's just a super busy morning market and we are just looking for these noodles

Let's go find them Look at all the meat, guys This is a Sichuan market You come here, you get your spicy, you get your, you get your chilies, you get your meat All the dried chilies you'll ever need

Sichuan peppercorn Oh And all the rou This is it right here, guys Oh

Thank you Here we go Peppercorn We've got mustard greens, chili oil, and then there's the magic right there, the zhimayou Zhimayou, sesame oil

And then noodles and then just add a little stock in Wow So we've just made these delicious bowls of sesame oil, chili oil, mustard greens, sesame, jiang you, soy sauce And we got a (speaking foreign language) Add our own green onions

And she's just added in pea shoots and noodles into that giant cauldron Oh, there's the pea shoots So she's just said I can add as much as I like If I like more, add more So we're gonna add more of these green onions and then we've got the garlic chives over here

And we'll just add a little touch in there as well (laughing) And there is the noodle Wow And that's Ting's bowl And we're gonna add a little more of green onion

(speaking foreign language) Thank you And there it is guys, the zhima xiaomian You can really smell that sesame Look at how much toasted sesame aroma is in there That is a full bowl

It's all about mixing it up (slurping) Mmm Mmm That is smoky with sesame and it's got that hua jiao, peppercorn in it It's definitely just pure noodle, sesame noodles

It's an instant hit of spice Hua jiao, peppercorn, florally, and nutty from sesame (slurping) Mmm What I love about this is the sesame comes from sesame oil and these toasted sesame seeds It's not from a sesame butter

So it's more of a natural sesame flavor instead of like a buttery sesame flavor and it's smoky and it's got hua jiao as well So it's peppercorn, floral, slightly numbing with a bit of a greeny nice vegetal flavor from those pea shoots Wow Bye-bye – Bye-bye

– Bye-bye That was xiang The zhima, the sesame was just toasted And we're going for more, guys We got tons of noodles to eat today

Next up, deep in the alleyway Look at this This place has tons of different Chongqing noodle styles Oh Oh! And look at this

Wow As you can see here, here's the jigong mian That's the chicken noodles, the ones we're gonna order Here's the jiza mian, that's the chicken organ noodles and it's on spicy broth So that's the suan la fen

So this is actually a sweet potato starch noodle in a very spicy broth And then we've got jun changmian, that's a mushroom soup And actually we wanted to try the doufu mian, the silken tofu noodle But seeing that giant cauldron right here of just pure chicken and delicious la jiao and xiangu mushrooms We're definitely gonna have to order that up

It totally looks delicious So this is the total magic station of la jiao chili and Sichuan spices And the noodles just go right in the cauldron And look at all these la jiao chili bowls Chongqing, the land of spicy

So it's fragrant, it's not la And there it is Hoo-hoo We're gonna get an extra big scoop Oh

(laughing) Wow That's beautiful Look at that So you can see, we've added huasheng, peanuts, cong, and there's big chunks of chicken in there We're gonna go try it out guys

And here it is, the jigong It's all about the xiang It's not la, it's not spicy It's xiang And it's got xiangu mushrooms, literally translated as fragrant mushrooms

It's got the noodles of course, and then all of these chunks of chicken This is what Chongqing is about guys, spicy xiangu and big chunks of peanuts in there Wow And there it is Noodles just coated in chili oil

(slurping) Mmm Mmm! Mmm That is delicious Big chunks of chicken with chili oil and peanuts The peanuts actually give it a lot of nuttiness and smokiness and there's definitely a sesame flavor in there as well

And what I'm loving about all the noodles in Chongqing is that so far, they're not too spicy They're just xiang And it looks spicy on camera but it's actually just xiang People are so friendly here Oh, it's delicious

Wow – Bye-bye – Bye-bye We're gonna keep going, guys And next up, we're in a local neighborhood now and we're gonna get something a little different

Right here, there's a jun gan mian place and you can see everyone is slurping away This is the slurp station And I think it's chicken liver noodles Let's take a look Ooh-hoo

Look at that, that is duck liver Oh Watch the action here, guys This is the magic Jiang you, soy sauce, suan, garlic

Oh, MSG Pickled veg Hua jiao, peppercorn And it goes right over the cauldron Okay and we're gonna make a load of jun gan mian right here

First we're gonna throw the noodles in and then look at this, this is all pea shoots going right in So you can see this bowl is definitely, the base isn't spicy It's just got those salted veg and garlic but the pickled chilies are gonna add spice Here we go Oh

Here's the noodles Right over top Look at that That's ginger, that's peppercorn, and that's pickled chili Oh and here they are

That's it there, guys Pickled chili and duck liver And you can see this is a top tan mian in Chongqing And there it is, guys, the jun gan mian Those are pao jiao, pickled chilies but they actually just look like cherry tomatoes

We're gonna see how spicy those are And then there's the ya jun, the duck liver, and we're gonna get a jidan on there as well And we're gonna sit down and have a taste And there it is, guys It smells like sour pickled chilies

And it's full of duck liver Look at that Literally big chunks of duck liver in there That is unique We're just gonna mix it up

Get those pickled chilies all throughout and you can see this is just a busy joint (slurping) Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! That is floral Literally like a spicy numbing flower of noodles That pickled chili there It's a little bit sour, definitely spicy

And the noodles are just covered, a numbing hua jiao, floral deliciousness Late night duck liver noodles in Chongqing They're delicious but I prefer gan ban style I like the dry style These are pretty oily and salty

We're gonna keep going My mouth is just whoo! And next up, guys, we're just exploring We're looking for something extra strong Right up here, there's a famous noodle joint called hei hua mian, literally the black, darkest, richest, chili xiaomian in Chongqing Oh, look at this, guys

So everybody in Chongqing is saying their noodles aren't spicy but these definitely look spicy They look strong Oh and here we go, we're gonna make a bowl Soy, that is garlic We've got chili

That's the magic, the pure chili oil And then a little zhiyou, vegetable oil, and salt right in the bowl Peppercorn, that's numbing this Oh, even more salt This is gonna be powerful and rutabaga and then onion

Oh, beautiful And look at these giant mountain of kongxincai, Chinese kongxin greens And the noodles go in first into the cauldron And then here come the kongxincai, Chinese kongxin greens, they go right in Beautiful

And just look at this magical station here, guys These are all pre-measured bowls of Chinese xiang liao, ready to pour noodles and greens and wandou, yellow peas over the top So we've got chili oil, we've got peppercorn, we've got soy There is green onions in there and a mixture of other secret sauces and also it's gonna be covered in a zha jiang, ground pork sauce as well And we're just boiling up the noodles

Oh and the kongxincai right in Look at that That's the greens Oh and here they come The miantiao

Look at that They're gonna go right on We got it with the wandou Wow There they are

Look at this, guys we're adding the zha jiang, the ground pork Wow And there's the wandou Wow

And you gotta drink this So it's a herbal tea, a Chongqing herbal tea And you can just pour it in and that's gonna go perfect with the noodles And I can also see some tea leaves in there So we're gonna try that and that's gonna wash down really well

And here it is, the heiwa mian Heiwa mian It's all about mixing it up quick Look at that That is so thick, guys

We got a smoky dark chili There's peppercorn you can really smell And it's got the ground pork (speaking foreign language) And these yellow peas on top That is a (speaking foreign language) Oh

That is looking so good And you really gotta eat it quick because you don't want the noodles to stick Let's try it out (slurping) Mmm! Mmm! Oh, wow Mmm! Look at that

It's just coated All the noodles in Chongqing are so xiang Literally, there is an incredible aroma This one is a little more smoky It's actually not spicy

We've tried so many bowls of noodles in Chongqing and the locals are right, they're not actually that spicy They're xiang They're aromatic The chili just has this essence that fills your whole taste buds, your whole mouth with this, this feeling, this xiang chili goodness that you can't get anywhere else Bye-bye

– Bye-bye – Bye-bye! If you guys love these videos, please leave us a comment down below and click that bell button and subscribe, notification button as well So you don't miss any of these street food tours Chongqing has been amazing, so much delicious food And we're continuing on our world noodle tour to create these awesome videos for you

Thanks a lot for watching, guys

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