New Report Exposes TRUTH About Food Stamps, Every Patriot Needs To Read This

For decades, liberals have protected government entitlements like food stamps But, a new report exposes what SNAP is really being used for

Every American needs to know this Most patriots agree that government handouts are overused While it’s nice that our country tries to help the less fortunate, these handouts have created more problems than good Millions of Americans have become dependent on the government for food, shelter, and basic needs Is that really the American way? Food stamps and similar programs cost the taxpayer trillions of dollars

Your hard earned money is being used to infantilize people who should be working for themselves Liberals want it that way They would prefer if most Americans were sucking on big government’s teat That way, we’d all have to obey them Liberals continue to protect food stamps as a needed program for the poor

Yet a new report has come out revealing what’s really going on Over 35,000 stores have been exploiting the system, robbing the US government How much have they stolen? More than $1 billion

And, that’s just over three years More than 35,000 US retailers trafficked more than $1 billion in food stamp benefits a year over a period of three years, a report from the US

Department of Agriculture (USDA) found The USDA report estimated that 35,891 food retailers in the US illegally trafficked the billions worth of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits between the years of 2012 and 2014 “Retailer trafficking of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits occurs primarily when SNAP recipients sell their benefits for cash to food retailers, often at a discount,” the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service said in a summary of the report

The agency added that SNAP benefits are only allowed to be used on food items at authorized retailers and that the use or sale of benefits for any other purpose is illegal [Source: Breitbart] The scam goes like this: SNAP recipients don’t need all the food stamps that they get from the government So, what do they do? They sell the cards to stores (for less than they are worth) for hard cash The stores then cash in the cards to the government, redeeming them for the full value The SNAP recipients get cash to use however they’d like

The store gets free money The taxpayer gets screwed This scheme is so popular, it’s been repeated over and over again across the country Last year alone, four major cases prosecuted stores for this fraud Each store was robbing the government of millions of dollars

Now, we are learning that tens of thousands of stores are doing this — with little repercussions “An estimated $1077 billion in SNAP benefits annually were trafficked and thereby diverted from their intended purpose,” according to the report “Overall, about 15 percent of total SNAP benefits were trafficked; and approximately 11

8 percent of all authorized SNAP stores engaged in trafficking” …The report added that trafficking was more likely to take place in urban areas “The store violation rate rises in accordance with the level of urbanization,” the report said “The most rural areas have the lowest story violation rate of just above 5 percent and the most urban areas have the highest store violation rate of 144 percent

” [Source: Breitbart] Urban areas have higher populations of low-income citizens Thus, you have more people using food stamps Add to that the fact that it’s harder for the government to keep track of all the stores running this scheme The government is incredibly lax when it comes to enforcing entitlement programs The previous administration most likely turned a blind eye to this fraud

Perhaps that’s why we’re only finding out about this now And, even though over 35,000 stores are doing this, only 1,800 have been punished through disqualification Um, how about a few prosecutions? This scam amounts to theft of taxpayer dollars People should be held accountable for that The solution to this problem is obvious: end SNAP

People can’t steal food stamps if they’re not being given out Of course, that’s not likely to happen However, stricter standards can ensure that only those who truly need the program can benefit from it Stores that are trying to fraud the government must be properly prosecuted so that others learn not to follow in their footsteps But, rest assure, liberals will do whatever they can to oppose those changes

It’s as if they want people breaking the law