New Green Bio industry to fight food shortages caused by social problems

aging population and climate change now these are two of the problems that the entire world faces together and these two problems could lead to a shortage of food however local researchers here in Korea say green bio could be the solution unfortunately the industry is currently underfunded and underdeveloped our home u takes us to South Korea's biggest green bio research centre and falses report us the world population continues to rise to demand for food growth in 2050 the minimum amount of food required by people around the world will be 50% more than what was needed in 2012 according to the United Nations currently 25% of fur mobile land on earth has deteriorated to the point that it can no longer produce as much food as before not to mention the natural disasters caused by global warming that are also lowering food production a potential solution to that is what people call green bio green bio uses biotechnology to help facilitate farming and create food resources in this greenhouse scientists are testing chemicals that can prevent pests specially those that are already immune to existing pesticides Green bio also includes coming up with new materials they can be used for farming food produce we have developed a new biomaterial that can kill more barrier trips which is a pest for most crops this new material is biodegradable and thus eco-friendly when spread on soil with this there will be a reduced need for harmful pesticides sprays on farms the global market size of such industry in 2018 is estimated to be around 100 billion us

dollars we're looking at its Marcos eyes only within South Korea it is so small that there hasn't been much data collected 856 million dollars is the total amount of both private and public investment dedicated for the green bio industry in Korea in order to strengthen this industry it is crucial to make a product that can compete in the market and for that continuous investment R&D is necessary recently the government has announced a plan to invest and nurture the green bio industry we expect the importance of green bio to grow bigger as environmental issues such as plastic waste and energy resource depletion have become a social problem in response we are coming up with customized measures and investment for this industry with different sectors of the bio industry strengthened the government believes bio could become a strategic industry to succeed the semiconductor industry in the years to come who knew Arirang news