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My relationship with food after modeling: A realistic What I eat in a day.


WHAT I EAT THROUGHOUT THE DAY Good morning and welcome to my mom's kitchen! I am currently in Nuremberg and wanted to shoot another food diary video I have already made such videos and they were all based on recipes

So if you are looking for really cool recipes, I'll link them in the info box But today I want to make it all a bit freer and just take it with you, Show you what I actually eat every day, or at least today Today is actually a great example day, as we are just back from the States, which means that we spent the whole weekend traveling and on long flights We have to go grocery shopping and almost everything today has to do with food, which is why today I basically blocked most of the day just for that BREAKFAST GREEN TEA + DRIED ORANGE BLOSSOMS + DRIED ROSE FLOWERS NOW THE REAL BREAKFAST GREEK YOGHURT FRUIT WE EAT MUCH FRUIT CHIA SEEDS PASSION FRUIT AND YOGHURT IS SUCH A GREAT COMBI ENJOY YOUR MEAL While I'm having breakfast, I want to talk about my relationship with food, since I have definitely gone through different phases of it

Your relationship with food basically starts with your parents because, as long as you're still young, decide what comes on your plate and what does not, which of course has a huge impact on your preferences As far as I am concerned, I was very lucky, I am convinced that I am so have a good and healthy relationship with food thanks to my mom At first she knew very little about cooking, but then found pleasure in trying out new recipes So she bought this one cooking magazine, I do not remember the title anymore and doubt that it still exists It came out every week or every month, I do not remember, and she always tried at least one new recipe out of it

As a result, I grew up with an incredibly wide range of different foods I have always enjoyed freshly cooked, freshly prepared meals, every day Also in school – I remember exactly how she always prepared us healthy doses of canned food, Totally cute, like Bento boxes, with yoghurt and fruit and freshly made sandwiches or wraps And now a little time jump to start my modeling career Every model on this planet has a strange relationship with food Point Simply because everyone puts the focus on your appearance Everyone is focused on your body and that he must meet a certain standard in order to get jobs

So if you want to do that job, so you want to pay your bills with it, you have to worry about your diet or diet sooner or later Whether that is just a healthy diet or if you do without something Eventually comes the point at which whole meals are dispensed with or you try to omit carbs completely for a week, or for a month, because this is a big job or Fashion Week or whatever

And even though I've never really succumbed to the whole thing so much, I've noticed things like: Can I eat this? or should i eat that? Can I eat so much? Should I pay more attention to my meals? All this leads to a high degree of control over what you eat and food suddenly turns into a huge thing that never stops thinking Many people who have a funny relationship with food probably know that feeling to want to control what you eat and constantly think about what you eat and to constantly think, is that healthy now, is not that healthy ?! I find that over the last few years this whole new fitness and health movement on the one hand, it was really great because it gave many people access to information, who had no access to nutrition education At the same time it has produced a religion-like view of food And by that I mean all those rules that exist, and when you break one of them, you feel like you have sinned So if you leave your religion behind with fast food or processed foods or sweets or chips or whatever, you immediately feel guilty: I did something wrong, I threw everything overboard, I broke off my diet, I did not follow my plan, so now I have to feel guilty and ashamed, and tomorrow I have to do everything right again, because otherwise I have to live with it, So this guilt or shame or whatever you feel

And that's really not healthy! After I stopped modeling full-time, I had a phase where I learned to eat intuitively again and just love my body and really easy to eat, which I finally felt like I have now reached a point where I do not really have any rules There are only two things I have set: 1 Stay away from processed foods So everything that comes packaged, everything you just have to put in the microwave – in fact, I do not even have a microwave – is not necessarily the best choice for you

But, and that's really important, rule # 2 is There is always one exception, with every rule So if you can not go to McDonalds, order anything and just eat, because maybe there is no alternative, maybe you are just hungry, have a long drive ahead of you, no matter what, and you see a McDonald's and you think: I'm hungry, I'm eating there now If you can not eat a burger without feeling guilty about it, you probably do not have a healthy relationship with food I'm not claiming McDonald's food is healthy, But what I mean is that you eat for a healthy relationship should be able to enjoy a burger without feeling bad afterwards For example, I eat at McDonald's every now and then! We sometimes have appointments with customers who live very far away, we are constantly going to Poland, We often travel by car and sometimes we stop at a McDonalds and just eat a cheeseburger


And fries And ice cream And what else do we feel like If you can not do that, you should go inside yourself and see if it might not even help you to build your own healthy relationship with food by enjoying fast food every now and then WHAT IF I REALLY MUST TAKE CARE OF? I would say that this is only true if you should increase or decrease for medical reasons

So if that was healthier for your body, you definitely have to re-educate yourself And this rebuilding should be fun in my eyes! So, if you really have to lose weight, I would do it as much as possible Means: Oh wow, I have this great opportunity to get to know all these new recipes, I can taste new foods and new tastes! And if something tastes funny or boring the first time, then I even consider such a thing as a positive experience in the sense an extension of your food and taste palette and how exciting it is try new things and buy new cookbooks and find new recipes All of this can be a really great experience instead of being scared or overwhelmed In the way, you also develop a really good relationship with food, although you have to actively change your eating habits

ALWAYS UNCERTAIN? WE START FROM THE FORE 1 HOW IMPORTANT COOKING BOOKS ARE Every Monday usually begins with food preparation The most important thing for me is the discovery of new recipes Some of my friends say they just can not cook and that they are shopping are overwhelmed by food and somewhere I can understand that, but the solution is so simple! It all starts with inspiration and you get that reading cookbooks! I still prefer a real book like Pinterest, because I really enjoy browsing actual real book pages If you're a bloody beginner, someone who has tried this whole so-called healthy diet and you feel like you just can not keep up with it and that everything is super complicated then my advice is to start with Jamie's cookbooks

They are super light, to the point, brimming with only practical and helpful info and Spoil alert, even if the words green or nutritious on each side do not All his recipes are really great and healthy Later, you can still get on your toes if you feel safer, but at the beginning makes slower After all the recipes are collected, I write a good old grocery list and go 2 SHOPPING I ALWAYS GO TO DIFFERENT SUPERMARKETS 3

COOKING AND MEAL PREP MOROCCAN INTAKE GRILL CHICKEN WITH ROSEMARY POTATO AND SALAD 31 PREPARING DINNER MARINE THE CHICKEN Pepper, salt, pepper, onion powder, juice of 2 lemons, olive oil, 1 tsp Dijon mustard So easy and works with 64836 dishes MARINATE PUT CHIMNEY IN THE REFRIGERATOR When cooking, I always try to minimize the time in the kitchen by preparing two meals at the same time This time I make an incredible stew, which I have finally completely improvised and prepare the chicken and potatoes for dinner 33

PREPARE 1TOP CUT VEGETABLES (I CUT EVERY VARIETY IN DIFFERENT SIZES) RAN TO THE SPICES literally Coriander seeds, cumin, turmeric, ras el hanout, harissa, salt, pepper The chicken is in the fridge and marinates there until tonight, and while we wait for the chicken we can boil the potatoes The reason I'm already doing this instead of just tonight is: A It saves time, but more important, B: if you let the potatoes cool completely before baking, do they get a lot crunchier and who does not want that ?! So let's simmer and then start preparing the Moroccan stew I always enjoyed snipping all my ingredients and ready right in front of me, because it makes everything go faster and I can focus on what's going on on the stove AS THE FIRST THE ONIONS SLOWLY CARAMELLIZE THEN ADD THE SPICES ADD VEGETABLES AND INCREASE TEMPERATURE GREEN CARBON CUTTING AND READY ADD WATER SO THAT THE SPICES DO NOT BURN ON 3 TINS ​​OF TOMATO, 2 CUPS OF DROPPED CHICKPEAS, ADD 2 CUPS OF WATER (1 CUP MEETS THE VOLUME OF ABOUT 235 ML WATER) THIS MUST COOK AT LEAST 30 MINUTES NOW SO WE CAN EQUALLY START WITH PUTZEN ADD GREEN COAL OTHER 15 MINUTES COOKING That may seem superfluous now, but I would like to mention that you, As soon as your dish is nearly ready, try it before you serve it! And if you do, think of all tastes

If you need more salt, you may need some sugar, to balance the other tastes, is missing a little acidity or sharpness? Take time for this last step and perfect your meal, just to make sure that it does not taste bland afterwards HAVING LUNCH ENJOY YOUR MEAL My type of meal prepping is any type of stew, soup or pasta sauce to cook in large quantities and then freeze at least half of it So I have a freezer full of lots of different dishes, which I can thaw and warm up at any time COOL AND WHAT'S WITH SNACKS? 4


DINNER EACH POTATO WITH A FORK ANDRÜCKEN ADD ROSEMARY MUCH (!) ROSEMARY AND SESAME OLIVE OIL + SALT WELL MIX FIRST THE CHICKEN IN THE OVEN, AFTER 45 MINUTES POTATOES, BOTH OTHER 45 MINUTES BAKE At the end of the day, having a healthy relationship with food means having fun with and having food, to discover new recipes, to try new things, not to worry about food, but to see it as this wonderful and incredible way to nourish his body, that works for you and your life DINNER ENJOYED + AND MUCH ICE CREAM AS NIGHT TABLE

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