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My Husband Tries Kimchi on Random Foods!


– What's up, ninjas? – This is Slice – (laughing) Stop! and Rice! – Today I'm really excited cause this is a idea I've been thinking about for a long time

We are about to put kimchi on a bunch of random food, and I hope I like it – What's not to like about kimchi? – I mean, the smell is quite strong – So here's our kimchi, and this is what Matt's gonna eat it with: Mac and cheese, we got a Big Mac, pizza, and last but not least, Fruity Pebbles! – All of this sounds delicious by itself, but I know I'm gonna regret all of this with this – Alright, so let's start with the mac and cheese – Ooh-hoo-hoo! – I actually used to eat kimchi with my mac and cheese growing up, believe it or not

– Oh, so you think this is gonna be a solid combo? – You'll like this Yeah, I think you'll actually like it Let's get a smell test – Let me get– Can you give me that? – (laughing) – You know, sometimes you have trouble, you gotta hit it with that bing boom bing bop! Whoa! – What? You didn't even open it! – When I hit it with the bing boom, it came out like oooh ah! – (laughing) – That joint smells strong! Oh, that was easy Yo! The fact that I can still smell this, and it's sealed, (strained laughter) – Here, I'll do this part now

Whoa, I'm surprised, this is from a grocery market, and it's actually not bad (distorted laughter) – It's alright – Oh, okay – Cause you got me used to kimchi – That's hot

(sensual music) You like kimchi? – Yeah, girl – (laughing) Alright, so I'm choosing the kimchi for you (kimchi squishing) (soft cheery notes) (laughing) – For real? For real? Are you done, or is you done? – I'm done, I'm done Okay, you gotta take a really big bite – Alright

I gotta do my ritual when I try korean food: Don't make my butt leak Alright, now I can eat it This a big bite? – Yeah, whole thing (dramatic percussion) (chewing sounds) (soft cheery notes) – (laughing) What do you think? (xylophone music) – You know, that's good – Aah! (laughing and clapping) – Good one

I never thought to mix kimchi with my mac and cheese, it tastes nice! – Wow! – I can actually eat that – I'm impressed! My turn I just really want– I have a taste for it, I just want to try it (dramatic percussion) – Mmm! (dramatic music) – Why do you always look mad when you eat? – (laughing) – What are we trying next? – Alright, close your eyes; Open when you hear the boom (booming sound) (dramatic note) – Aaah! – (laughing) I can't vouch for this, I've never tried kimchi with a Big Mac

– It depends, how did they– did they make it look like the picture at least? What the heck? – Why is there a hole in the top of the bun? (laughing) Alright, so, I get to put the kimchi on – Ew! What's wrong with the meat? The only thing real in this sandwich is this kimchi – Alright, so I'm only putting it on one area, okay? (soft cheery notes) Alright! – Don't make my butt faucet – (laughing) Gotta take a big gulmp! – Ew, this joint is so messy Alright

(sniffing) (dramatic percussion) (strained laughter) – (laughing) (alarm blaring) – (distressed noises) – No! I don't have anything, I don't have anything! Here! – (through food) What, spit it out in the tissue? – Here! – Oh god! – Mattie, it can't be that bad – Heh! – What was bad about it? – Whatever that sauce was, mixed with the kimchi– – The McSauce? – The McSauce? What is the McSauce? – I don't know! – I shoulda known The fact that there was a giant fingerprint in my burger – (laughing) Mattie, is it the burger, or the kimchi, what is the– – The mixture! This is a hard EH! Pass! Get it away – It also doesn't help that the Big Mac has been sitting out for like two hours (laughing) – I know, so it wasn't even a fresh Mac! – (laughing) – Next! – We're gonna change up your taste buds a little bit, alright? (cereal shaking) – No, no – Ready? (cereal box slamming) (laughing) – Oh no, you gonna ruin Fruity Pebbles for me! – Fruity Pebbles! – My man Fred Flinstone like "No!" – Alright, I'll get the milk and the bowl for you We're gonna p– – Nope! Nope! Pass the cereal over here– – No! – Watchu doing? – Team milk first! – That is the most backwards thing I ever seen – This is how I did it growing up, all my life – Who taught you? – My family (bag crinkling) – Yo I ain't teaching our son how to pour cereal like that

– No, he's gonna eat it like this! – No, he is not Oh, it smells so good! – Oh yeah? – Damn, that's a lot? Watchu doing?! (cereal stirring) (soft cheery notes) (spoon clacking) – Woo! – (laughing) And then I gotta put more on top – Are you serious? It's already a– (dramatic percussion) (soft cheery notes) – (laughing) – I'm gonna do my ritual I hope my butt's not angry – (laughing) – Alright


(biting) – Oh! – (chewing) (heavy breathing) – Oh my god Are you okay? You have to eat all of it For the sub– Mattie Wait, what's that face? Mattie do you like it?! (soft cheery notes) – (laughing) – Wait, what? – My mind is confused – Do you like it or not?! – (laughing) I don't know

I've never tasted anything like it before It tasted like a old giant Fruity Pebble – What are you talking about?! What about the kimchi on it? – Like, I tasted the kimchi, but the flavors in the Fruity Pebbles were so strong, that the kimchi tasted like salty Fruity Pebble I mean, that's all I can say! It was not that bad! I mean, but if you told me like, "Hey man, for dinner we're gonna have some kimchi Fruity Pebbles!" I probably won't eat it But if I'm being tortured, and the person's like, "I'm gonna feed you Fruity Pebbles with kimchi in it!" I'm gonna act like I hate it, but I'm gonna be like, "That's it? Alright

Please don't!" – (laughing) – But that's not — – Oh my God! – — as bad as I thought it would be! I'm shocked, I though this was gonna be the worst one – Alright, last, but "soy-tainly" not least! – Mm-mm! – (laughing) Your favorite – I know what it is, cause I can smell it from over there – Oh my gosh, you ol' big nose (pizza slamming) (laughing) – This pizza a little cold, like

– It's been sitting out for about three hours (wobbling sound) Alright, so I've actually heard of this combination before, but I've never tried it – Dang! I'm actually excited to eat this

– Yeah, I feel like you'll like it – Whoa, this is the most you've ever added! Why are you doing so much? – Save the best for last You know, it actually doesn't look bad (dramatic percussion) (soft cheery notes) – Actually that smells pretty good with the pepperoni and everything Alright

– Gotta take a really big bite – Alright, I hope my butt forgives me (biting) (dramatic percussion) (yelp) – (laughing) The pizza's too hard Mattie, eat it! Oh, it fell out? (soft cheery notes) Eat it, it's good! You're thinking too much about it, just eat it It's so delicious

I mean it's pizza It's pizza (plate sliding) (sad high-pitched music) Oh my gosh, swallow it! If you can do Fruity Pebbles, you can do pizza (soft cheery notes) (laughing) There's no way it tastes that bad – (grunting) – What? How? – (sighing and chewing) You don't know how to make pizza, man! This is the worst pizza I've ever had in my life, and then the kimchi on top of it, man, it tastes ten times worse, man! – You going in on my pizza? – That pizza tasted like a Lunchable

– Lunchables are good – Yeah, but when you see that pizza, you don't expect it to taste like a Lunchable, and it tasted like nothing was cooked It still tasted like it was in the box! – (laughing) – But it's still not as worse as the Big Mac – So you just have a problem with the foods that you're eating, not really the kimchi? – For some reason, the kimchi is not changing the experience at all – Well, I have something that might change your experience

(sensual music) – What are you talk– eh? Ew, don't you slithering out here like a evil villain And then you had a evil villain laugh as you walked away You're still doing it, stop! – [Glory] (cackling) Close the eyes! – Oh gosh – (laughing) What? – Cause I know what that sound is (soft banging) – (distorted laughing) (slapping) (cheerful music) – Mmm, that smells good, too! – Yeah? (laughing) – (laughing) Yo, I swear, yo, you enjoy torturing me! – I do

(soft cheery notes) – How do you take something that's so beautiful and just destroy it? – It actually looks really aesthetically pleasing – No that does not! (distressed noises) – Alright, you gotta like, literally– – I don't even know if I have any more rituals for this My butt is confused – (laughing) – (distressed grunting) – (laughing) – (distressed laughing) – Ah! Swallow, swallow! – (grunting through food) (soft cheery notes) – (laughing) Here, here, here! – No! – No! Ew, you're gonna make me wanna throw up, stop! – Oh god! Why would you do that to me? (sad music) (rain) Please give me a napkin! – Okay! (tissues dragging) – (wretching) – That literally tasted like a garbage can – (laughing) – It's not funny! – Yes it is, a sweet garbage can? – Cause I, like, I'm so confused right now because that's supposed to be sweet like the Fruity Pebbles, but maybe the milk helped mask– – Maybe it helped disguise it

– I'll whisper something to you – No! – Give me a kiss – Alright alright alright alright! I get it, I get it, I get it! (sensual music) – I just wanna know how much you love me – Your farts are gonna smell like kimchi today – I just wanna know how much you love me

– I love you so much that I prepared you all this food – (heavy breathing) – (laughing) Let us know if there's anything else you guys wanna see Matt eat kimchi with, or something we can do with kimchi, because this is fun! – We've actually done a lot of videos where I try korean food for the first time, so you can definitely see that in the cards up top! And the end screen at the very end Thank y'all, ninjas! And as always, I got the slice! – I got the rice! – Ha ha hahaha! Whoosh!

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