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My Food Story EP.10 ไอศกรีมมะม่วง โฮมเมด|มะม่วงเชอร์เบท|Mongo Sherbet|สูตรทำง่าย ครั้งแรกก็รอด


This is our first ice-cream making Should I eat it? ^^ Mango sorbet This EP will let friends see that To make mango sorbet Not as difficult as thought Use only 2 ingredients And our efforts That does not want it to be an ice flake Please wait and see ^^ Hello, My Food Story today

It's EP Mango Ending Before, we made 2 EP mangoes menu That is, this menu Chicken breast with mango salsa We'll show you a link to the above Try to click to see The other EP is mango smoothie drink Given away 3 popular recipes

I'll put a link to the top as well Can click to see Before going to see how to make ice cream If you don't want to miss every update from us Click Like and subscribe Click the bell to follow us For mango sorbet ice cream The ingredients are just this, that is Mango (Nam Dok Mai) ripe Sweetened condensed milk And whole milk We will put the ratio under the clip as usual Let's start by preparing mangoes first Peeled ripe mangoes And cut into small pieces We use 4 mangoes

Finished cutting, then freeze in the freezer To make the mango texture into ice Let's have a look at the free mango This one, I took it outside for 1 hour Before this, I was so hard Would say that when you see this Would like to take smoothies Drink instead But didn't Intended I'll take the mangoes to separate into pieces To spin first When we spin mango We have to put the mixture of whole milk

And sweetened condensed milk as well So we mixed them outside first We use 160 ml of unsweetened milk As for sweetened condensed milk, we don't have scales So measuring with a spoon Use about 3 tablespoons Would like to recommend to friends Try tasting mango meat first That there is much sweetness Will know how much we will reduce the milk (as you like) Then the sweetened and unsweetened milk To dissolve into a homogeneous one When spinning, put the mango and milk mixed in the blender And then blend it together We only have a small blender

So have to divide the blender into 2 times After blending, pour the ice cream into the box Which we will put in the free channel If your friends share Then stir the cream together first Then put it into the free slot The cream is very beautiful Our intention is to put the mango meat in the ice cream When scooping up, will get the mangoes attached For the beauty and taste of the mangoes too Will gradually see if it will look as if I had hoped Then put it in the free slot first According to the formula, saying that if you don't want the meat to be frozen Then put it in the free slot for about 2-3 hours Then take it out Bye


I'll see you soon Mango sorbet But then we fell asleep zZz Then soaked overnight Wake up in the morning and watch, will cry TT Because our ice cream has turned into ice crystals Quite hard We will fix it by spinning again

Look at whether or not it gets creamy texture And another thing that I think of spinning again Should help the texture become more sticky too We divide the ice cream into 2 parts One part, we took to grind with the machine The other part, I took it to grind like this Therefore found that This is much easier Because with the texture of the ice cream it already has a resolution Enough to grind with the machine It's even tougher and harder to grind

This is the area that is grinded by hand This one is the area from grinding to the machine again It doesn't look much different After this we will take the ice cream back into the freezer Approximately 230 hours This time we will sit and watch

Whether or not to get the creamy texture that we want And then let's see After 230 hours I'll open it together Yeah Success Has a beautiful, creamy texture I'll try to serve it on the scoop Right now we feel we are right Which was used to spin again Therefore get a creamy texture like this Even though it was a little bit of ice Butwe don't have an ice cream blender Homemade ice cream can do this much

We are proud already ^^ But if your friends have techniques That would like to recommend us more Can comment In the text box below We are happy to hear For beauty Decorated with mango meat Or squeeze a little more whipped cream Is like serving from the shop Beautiful Thank you everyone Which has been watched up to now If anyone has not clicked Like Don't forget to click Like and then subscribe To follow us on the next EP as well Provocative with meat ice cream in the end ^^ And see you on the next EP Hello

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