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    Hello, I'm SIO What is the food to eat today? Kimchi fried rice Mountain! Let's go! The food I prepared today is kimchi fried rice

    The special thing is, I'm going to pour some cream over here Then, I'll pour in the cream I'm done! I'm not lying It's really good When I made this food, I put in a very spicy sauce

    This cream makes the food a little less spicy But it's still a little spicy It's delicious It's delicious What? Really good

    I think my cooking has improved a little Actually, I thought this food would be bad Really good Landslide! Guys, I know this food doesn't really taste good But it's really good

    Among the kimchi fried rice that I have eaten so far, I think it will be in the top three Really I think kimchi fried rice and spicy sauce go really well together You guys should try it like me I love it I was eating hard, but the camera went off on the way

    I'm really upset Because I'm upset! I'm going to eat rough It tastes a little bit greasy It's really delicious without cream I think this food is delicious

    The cream is really delicious What? Today's show is over! Actually, my friend from abroad recommended me to cook today's food The food was more delicious than I thought Than I thought Maybe it was more delicious than I thought

    Whether I eat kimchi fried rice or risotto, I felt that way, so it was a little weird But I think it was a good try Then, today's eating show is over here! See you again!

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