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    Luwak coffee Made From Animal Poop – Bali Indonesia Tanah Lot Food Travel Vlog


    yes day later Oh when you say in here again reviewing the coffee there is some fishes here that's quite interesting well yeah so your company produces how many coffee so our company we produce a protein coffee and tea yeah and chocolate also known the coffee even say one of them is slow up copy this is from poo poo from pop pop the animal in a widget sick of regular tea anyone until shake we get two of chocolate nine and eleven so we get pipe of regular coffee we get ginseng copy balaclava vanilla coffee we get coconut chemical and we get local copy moko so we will sub all of them until number thirteen propor tasting AP interesting to buy some product you can have look in our shop will be interesting to buy some give appraisers sadly you can have a look amazing but we put a copy because this one is something special special copy if you would like to try one cup level because 50,000 rupiah indonesian money indonesian okay and then the cup will be regular sized businesses 150 milliliters hot water inside all sorts of wall we supply a disc of turkish coffee filter no normal so what if your to explain the taste how would it taste like that this will be copy but they are more mild and a bit sour sour because of fermented fermented juice valley copy Gora Gora and then this is below aqua this is the purple yea orsa policeman this is covenant amazing you expose amazing fantasy seizes Jonah this is like expression there's more mine because of fermentation yes do you want to try something but can you want one cup of the poop copy 50,000 50,000 rupiah there's no matter I think almost like a million dollars almost like poo American dollar okay so okay guys I'm gonna try the what coffee the wonder the animals food yes I'm gonna pay for it yes okay so I'm gonna try it we're gonna try the Apple coffee oh of course I will give you all of them all see guys this you have to do you don't like the valine is there only one filter but in abilene easier to see them for the culture yes Ilana okay all right so guys what we're gonna be doing right now we're gonna do the coffee tasting in Bali Indonesia as you can see here and where's the 50,000 pounding from the designer or this is a special one it's 50,000 won duster okay this is interested all right so what does it will be stopped from here sir which I may get the number in the bottom so that mean this one one so convinced three four five this way until shake they will be teased or is it will be a little bit sweet because we have sugar honey already so right now we're gonna do is gonna try the mangosteen tea and let's see how this tastes like juice wow that's amazing I don't even like coffee but that is amazing money still TT ot number one and that is the most amazing TV all my brother here as he said this is the most amazing team I don't even like tea or coffee none of them but I like this it tasted exactly like hamburgers exactly as he said laser now as I said the first one so far it tasted exactly like Canberra juice and that's the mangosteen tea unbelievable you guys have to try it okay so we're going straight to the next one the lemongrass tea let's see how this tastes like oh my god it's like lemony oh my god brother this is beautiful it's beautiful yo this is amazing I cannot explain how beautiful this is Bali Indonesia I'm ready in love see the smallest things that I love about traveling is just experiencing things like this that you would never experience anywhere else and that is just it's unbelievable – one of my favorite you forget to start I need to start drinking tea more because this is something I could do like you're doing this every morning brother everyone I could dream this no program brother thank you mmm yo I'm kinda enjoying this you know yo yo yo yo this is bangin let's go better oh um I have to finish this off guys I know guys you have to come here yourself this place when you come to Bali you have to visit it what's the address brother the name of the company I'm a little so as soon as you get to Bali Indonesia ask for this name sorry America and you take you right here John Pan a lot you take you right here and then speak to my brother here what's this that I keep forgetting his name what's your name my name is Maura Maura speak to Maura and he will guide you around amazing the probably the best tour guide I've ever got from this place I do appreciate that teacher ginger tea let's go so I'm gonna be kicking we're gonna try to cheer ginger tea oh no he said something's gonna kick off you should be interesting let's go amazing I like this first enjoy oh so fresh ginger this is good for the body this is good this is very good we shall help even more in I like this I like that my mop was dried nicely even drying on work yo this is amazing okay I wanna taste too much because that got a lot more to taste in 50,000 pounds so okay let's jump in straight into the next one off this one it's lemon tea or they should check this should taste similar to the other one lemongrass on the students let's see what is this the separate taste so this is the lemon lemon tea let's go wah-bah this is amazing another another one I'm blown I am blown away guys this is another one right here how can i sir guys guys how did you start drinking tea I'm gonna stop buying as soon as I get back to London and buy more tea because this right here has made me want to buy more tea because it's taste is so good unbelievable okay so I'm jumping straight to the other one right now it's a raw sylheti let's see how this taste is like that was kind of like bitter but I still find it amazing I still find it amazing so right now we're gonna go straight into number six red ginger whoa this should the throat is always and let's roll let's try this and you know it's really nice Naga okay this is stronger don't know that one is got a different I think it's similar but I think that one had a mover I felt it I felt it more but this one red ginger is a bit milk like a bit milk yes it's delicious it's too delicious we are like whisky after you drink even we come in half yeah spicy spicy I could feel it as well is this it's got that spicy taste into and that's amazing amazing imagine a seven gainsaying I'm getting some coffee let's go for it guys anyone coffee honey he said honeymoon coffee so this does this mean animal coffee like the energy drink because the benefit of using is good for power and a green are also good for a protease here oppose it this is good when you have we go for honeymoon you know guys what I mean so this is a children-friendly but oh you adults out there you know what this is mean this is the honeymoon coffee you drink this coffee right here and it is called their ginseng coffee yeah so let's try it a virus they love kidding joking yeah yeah we call animal Rondon Lulu a coffee very famous in value because Alina's cappuccino yeah I love it I love it I love it I love it so let's go through it this is the honeymoon coffee hopefully it doesn't affect me here in then yeah that's got a strong taste to it yeah Tina it does yes perfect yes yes they get some sugar and milk or DD yeah I like this I like this so let's go straight into another one – Bali Kathy Bali confidence in traditional traditions you know sugar okay guys let's go see in the bottom there will be a little powder powder so right now this is the original Bali coffee or that we're gonna be trying to let's go let's see how this tastes like much better see this is why I don't drink coffee in person because of this but only these the rest are beautiful but this right here even though it's a Bali coffee it's a our I would say it's more not my cup of tea but for the people who love coffee I feel that this is amazing for the people who drink coffee every single day when they go to work this will definitely be for you so for me I'm not a coffee lover but this I'm a love of this but you know that because it's more bitter and yeah let's jump straight into the other one Coco spices cinnamon I love that I love that I love that so this is the hot spices as you can see right there it's got that black the bottom they mixed it with all the other spices let's go and it's like business there I like this I like this so this is sweet more than this my cup of tea I like this one beautiful I like so let's just the strength of the nation vanilla Oh vanilla coffee you like a latte good luck to you okay so this is a vanilla coffee right now guys you guys should be familiar with this yeah so this what they make nothing with I don't know so this text is exactly that latte vanilla coffee amazing and yeah that taste is beautiful let's just go straight into another one there's no waste time number 12 we're going for 11 or 11 sorry Bali Coco ah I hope this doesn't taste like Monaco this one is chocolate chocolate oh so this is a Bally Bally cocoa there we go hot chocolate hot chocolate let's go yeah this is my favorite this is just like it's sweet this is you know I'm a sugar person so anything with sugar I'm all for it doesn't matter what it is anything that goes with sugar I'm going down for it I love this beautiful so let's go for the coconut coffee oh this one's special I love coconut so this this should be special Wow Wow this is unbelievable seriously I cannot explain how beautiful and delicious this taste is out of this world I am Telling You is out of this world it is exactly like toffee exactly Latakia seriously what do i buy this you guys so this is me of this okay be interesting we can amazing yo I like this one this is trophy um well work in London they don't have this toffee version I mean beautiful okay so last but not least mocha coffee there you go chocolate coffee let's go for it mocha coffee mm-hmm light milk I can taste a it's more of a sweet milled like I can't explain advise is good it's good it does the job this is still my cup of tea it does a job not to coffee feel but not like this one here then when I said earlier but it's amazing it's still good so I'm gonna leave this here what's this cassava yeah yeah can I try yes okay so this is cassava come to this and we're gonna try and let's see how it taste is like yeah there you go mmm-hmm for some wood chips amazing okay guys this is the moment you all been waiting for and now I need you guys to like the video like the video this is a 50,000 pound coffee 50,000 rupiah review 50,000 pound rupiah so in London what if you if you like to buy this coffee it will be so so much will be expensive I cannot explain how expensive it is because I don't know the accurate price but it is one of the most expensive coffees in the world so let's go straight to it so guys this is the moment you've been waiting for so this is the new uh coffee the most the famous coffee why people come to this place in general because Valley is the only place in the world where you could get it so so so cheap like I cannot explain and fifty thousand rupiah to print best pop yeah it's not that expensive to be honest and that is very worth it so let's go for it guys really see how it taste is like fifty thousand of course it does yeah I'm gonna take some sugars or which one is this one here I'm gonna add a bit of sugar because I'm a sugar person I'm not over just raw coffee so let's go through it so I'm gonna add some sugar in it even though I know the people who love coffee they're gonna hate me for this I'm putting sugar than 50,000 pounds over 5000 rupiah coffee the gravy because they just like it raw but you know I have to do it because this over I just pour some sorry about this product no problem I just registered server so so let me just say let me just write a bit as you can see there the fifty thousand rupiah coffee hopefully now maybe I need one more I've been tasted let me see okay maybe one more because I'm a sugar person so one more one more will do one more sugar with this it should be interesting so let's see okay that's it I'm on content that should be alright I should be alright for now you just put the sugar on the side mister this Sturridge service there is there stir stir stir finish should be content and let's go guys I like that I love it I love it now it taste is good if you add some cream or middle it'll be even better and the cream milk it in her or it's okay brother it's okay amazing amazing now he takes it like 50,000 rupiah coffee yo now I can see why people actually come here to try this coffee because it's got such a rich rich taste rich taste to it I am is unique to every single one of these right here and I feel like you guys anytime you do come to Bali it's a must is you have to you have to try this because it's something that everyone has to do you know it's one on a lifetime experiences and unbelievable unbelievable oh my god home like that yeah so good I love it I love it brother I love it and the guys I love this give it like just give it a light for this coffee right here give the video a like I want you the guys give her like give it a comment right now what would you want me to do next because this is amazing as you can see right here guys make sure you give it a like subscribe to my channel there you go this is my business card I just gave the guy and make sure you follow all my social medias never forget to pull all my social medias focus focus focus focus focus focus focus there you go guys follow every single one of them

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