List of Foods to eat and avoid on empty stomach | What To Eat & What Not To Eat

foods to eat and avoid on empty stomach eating is good to our health and well-being we eat food to you but you have to know what kind of foods we are consuming if it is good then it will be fine but another important thing is eating right food at wrong time can cause any health problems the main body's healthy eating and avoiding bad foods this means learning how to improve your digestion and to maximize absorption of key nutrients that your body needs foods recommended to eat on empty stomach fresh fruits fruits are treated incredibly as healthy food fruits are rich source of vitamins nutrients fiber and water adding fruits into your diet in proper way allows your digestive system to obtain more powerful benefits through vitamin intake and helps to improve in the addition starting your day with fruits helps you detoxify your system and supplies you with a great deal of physical energy and helps in weight loss and provide energy and focus for other life activities honey honey helps to improve your immune system and digestive system honey can help with lazy bowel syndrome and other stomach issues it also acts as a cleaning agent by ridding the body of harmful viruses and bacteria so by consuming honey with water on empty stomach can help to flush out toxins and also boost your metabolism dried fruits the dried fruits has high concentration of potassium calcium and iron soaked almonds and raisins in water overnight as this increased nutrient absorption they also help to regulate blood sugar levels and curbs feedgrounds presence can also neutralize acids that have harmful effect on your body so by eating a Beaufort's can helps your digestive system and metabolism etc so these foods can be suggested to eat on auntie stomach foods to avoid an empty stomach tomatoes all the tomatoes are packed with nutrients and vitamin C it also contain high levels of tannic acid which increases acidity in stomach and it can lead to gastric ulcers yogurt lactic acid bacteria found in yogurt is rain ineffective due to high acidity of stomach acid so intake of yogurt can be avoided on empty stomach tea and coffee drinking tea and coffee on empty stomach increases acidity which in turn causes heard burn and indigestion throughout the day drinking tea on empty stomach and suffers the secretion of gastric juices and reduces by juice and acid in stomach which helps to overall digestion of foods and essential to process of secreting excess cholesterol from the body alcohol if you drink alcohol in empty stomach it directly travels to bloodstream once alcohol is present in bloodstream it quickly distributes a through entire body and temporarily reduces pulse rate as well as blood pressure it travels through stomach kidneys lungs liver and then trembling so try to avoid intake of alcohol and empty stomach which cause severe health problems bananas bananas are rich in magnesium but eating bananas on empty stomach elevates blood levels of the mineral which could causes cardiac health performance conclusion ensuring our stomach acid levels are normal and healthy protecting our stomach and getting the proper nutrients can significantly influence the rest of our day as well as our long-term health thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos you

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