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    Library Offers "Food for Fines" Program December 2019


    Food for Fines is a program sponsored by the Fairfax County Public Library in partnership with the non profit organization Food for Others, where members of the community can bring in a non perishable food item and get a dollar in fines wiped off their library accounts up to 15 total Our first year in 2018 was so successful, that we are expanding a little bit this year, not only can you bring in non perishable food items, we are also accepting some essential consumable items like toilet paper or diapers for children

    With the Food for Fines program, we provide a list of really necessary items, so things like dry pasta, canned foods, tomato sauce, things that are shelf ready A program like Food for Fines is vitally important, not only for the library but for the whole community The reason we originally kicked off this program, we had read a report that said 84 percent of students in Fairfax County have been hungry at some point during the last month Your public library hopes that you will come and participate in our 2nd Annual Food for Fines program in December of 2019, we had 6 tons of items donated last year, more than 15,000 items and we are hoping to beat that this year with your help and we be will happy to collect it all and give it over to Food for Others, to waive a dollar off of your account for every food item up to 15 dollars max

    We hope you will come and participate and enjoy the holiday season with us, giving to your community

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