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Last Minute Prepper What To Do Now How To Find Food For Stockpile


last minute prepper what to do now how to find food for stockpile prepping long term food storage shelter in place quarantine hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you a last minute prepper prepping for food emergencies concerned the world seems to be in a very dangerous place there are sick people states are being locked down countries are being affected all over the world so if you're a beginning prepper and you've realized that there could be a food shortage stay at home problem how to have enough food how am I going to keep my family safe fed and healthy don't panic try to think of where are locations that you could go that you can still find supplies of food I notice around where I am the stores and the markets are just cleaned out there's mobs there and it's not a safe place to go anytime there's an emergency and there's a crowd strategize where are some other locations that there could still be food and supplies to buy where they haven't been cleaned out by people going to the big-box grocery stores do you have any small maybe ethnic grocery stores or neighborhood markets maybe there is a convenience store near your home with food and supplies you can also go find food to something like a corner drugstore some of those like CVS or Walgreens have a grocery aisle and they even have frozen food in some of the small stores so you can get still some fresh items you may not find the foods that you were searching for that you choose to eat but now is when you start making decisions what can I take home that I can still make a meal feed my family and we'll still be okay have enough food to eat fill your pantry you still need to meal plan for things like breakfast lunch and dinner do they have cereal shelf-stable almond milk maybe you can get some granola bars dried fruits and nuts they also have things like frozen pizzas canned soups packaged noodles there are still options to get food even during these hard crisis times if you can still find some bottled water get that if not look for things like sports drinks and juices if you live in a state where those stores carry alcohol maybe you want to get some of that if you're going to be staying home for quite a while get the things that are important to you it's impossible to find the sanitizing of disinfecting wipes and cleaners that we wanted but maybe you can find baby wipes they can at least help you stay clean look for personal cleansing like makeup removing clothes anything that can help you stay clean going forward so get things that you know can help you sustain yourself at home going forward make sure that you have some way to prepare your food if you have a gas grill make sure that you have fuel for it if you have a charcoal grill or a camping stove make sure you have the propane the charcoal and the fuel that you would need to keep your barbeque or your camping stove going if you can get some extra propane tanks get them now fill them up keep them on hand it's not like you're never going to use it if you ever like to cook outdoors and summer is coming that is never going to go to waste fill up your car with gasoline if you rely on generators things like that make sure you have some extra gasoline on hand that's about the only thing that costs less where I am at this time get some more batteries that fit your flashlights and gear grab some paper plates and trash bags all sizes ones that you can use for giant bags for lots of trash and even grab the tall white kitchen bags in case you need to use them to make a portable emergency toilet I've made some videos on how to use a portable toilet I'll put a link to that video how to use an emergency toilet portable Luggable Loo honey bucket so that you can make sure that you have the supplies and you know how to use a portable toilet should that be an emergency situation that you encounter we may not be able to find the food choices that we want but you can always grab a big bottle of multivitamins to help keep your health as good as it can be make sure you have a stockpile of over-the-counter medicines some first-aid gear and then get to your home and shelter in place it's just the right thing to do at this time and there are lots of other emergencies going forward once this is over that that's also going to be a great idea use up your fresh food first then go through your frozen foods then get into your pantry foods before you start using up your extended food pantry if you have your long term food supply that definitely should be what you want to go to last but remember if you have some rice and beans and you don't have a lot of other food use the rice and beans as like half of your daily calories make a pot of rice a pot of beans and add it to something like soup or sauces so that you have a more filling meal and you can stretch out the foods that you do have it's a great time to be creative and try new things but we need to remember anytime you have the opportunity to get more supplies make sure that you get them we just never know what's around the corner we could all be fine tomorrow but we just don't know and that's why we're Preppers if you enjoyed my video I hope you'll share it with someone else you think would like it learn more at alaskagrannycom and please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel


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