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    La glace, la star de l'été


    – I am greedy, therefore, it is necessarily good! It's very good! – Delicious ! – It's really super good! Cinnamon, I didn't know it, it's super good! – It do well ! – Summer fun! Sorbets or ice creams, each French person consumes 6 liters per year In tubs or cones, 70% is purchased in big surface

    Faced with low-cost industrial products, the ice cream artisans are betting on quality! Ice cream, the ultimate sweet dessert, can even be cook homemade and light! In Deauville, Martine Lambert is an institution! She has been selling homemade ice cream for 30 years It offers around thirty gourmet fragrances, all at based on natural ingredients To choose her perfumes, Martine, like every other week, travels 400 kilometers Here at Rungis, she knows she can find quality ingredients She always asks to taste, because she is very demanding ! – She's not ripe! Yes, a little taste of chewing gum

    When it comes to fruit, Martine is looking for rare pearl – It is fabulous ! Ah, that's good, that! It's a ray of sunshine! I look for a balance between maturity and acidity, that is to say that must already be mature, because that's where we got aroma development, and, just a little bit more acidity, because that's what will give a little exciting to taste Once the truck is full, return to Deauville

    In her laboratory, she makes 50,000 liters of ice, per year; handcrafted, of course This morning, it's mango sorbet with the fruits of the day, according to a very precise recipe! – Syrup at 335% of the weight of the fruit That's the recipe! It's very, very serious, what we fact ! This dosage of sugar syrup will be best for keep the acidity of the mango and reveal all its aroma You will understand, the recipe for mango sorbet is ultra simple: mangoes, sugar and a little water

    We mix everything and we pour into this turbine which goes cool the preparation After 8 minutes, we get this 100% mango sorbet natural Sugar is mandatory, otherwise the sorbet does not would not be smooth At 250 euros, the ball, customers ask again

    – We make the trip to come specially here Not everyone is ready to pay this price, to cool off in summer Industrial ice cream costs a lot less and attract 70% of consumers But not all are created equal in terms of quality Florence Imbert, from the UFC-Que Choisir association, compared 18 varieties of vanilla ice cream

    – The first thing to look at is the list of ingredients We realize that these are not materials first nobles In industrial ice creams, the egg is often replaced by emulsifiers Milk powder, we also find sometimes dyes, especially in the first prizes and in the case of vanilla The label must contain very clear information

    It must be verified that it is a natural flavor vanilla or natural vanilla extract vanilla bean But on the other hand, plain vanilla Mistrust, because it's not real vanilla Another tip? Industrialists add air to the ice cream to make it lighter and creamier Ice scoops will be less caloric, because more light

    Air, a dietary ingredient and above all very profitable In this Parisian restaurant, no ice cream industrial Here everything is homemade and salted Ludovic Ainées now serves astonishing tastes, Roquefort ice cream, beet sorbet, radish sorbet We have a cucumber sorbet today to accompany the dish of the day sorbet with gazo juice

    This evening, we serve it with a mix of prawns So, we chose to put grass sorbet in our dishes to introduce people to original flavors It's texture, it's being able to play with a dish like you could play with a dessert In the presentation, it also allows us to have salty things in large pools Customers who try the experience are won over by the red fruit flavor

    A summer evening, it's not pretty like that, it's surprising We will say already to start Everything starts as planned It's good for eating ice cream original No need to go to a restaurant

    You can also make them yourself Catherine loves to cook for her little girls They even have their favorite scent Melon to mix pizzeria, strawberry, vanilla chocolate and caramel, just talking about it in the eyes that sparkle For a taste, these dough ice creams spread look at a can of condensed milk, sugar and a whole jar of spread

    So, of course, we assume that the ice is not diet The whole is poured into this turbine which cools and incorporates air into the mixture Catherine has invested in a high-end model at 500 euros, but there are machines from 30 euros When you eat a lot of ice cream, you have a lot family, I think after 1 year and a half, we paid off the price of the device And above all, it's so beautiful

    Four years ago, it's nice If you do not have an ice cream maker, it is possible to make ice cream with a simple plain yogurt mixer, sugar and frozen fruit It is very important to take frozen raspberries because it's freezing commodities that will make you get an ice cream It is the ice which will freeze the mixture You can also make this recipe in a light version replacing the sugar with a sweetener

    But the light ice melts faster and we're going to taste now Everyone loves it If last already, Nacéri turbo Wishbone, then we will vote now Haddaoui After only 25 minutes, the ice will the spread is finally ready I invite you to taste, if you want

    These are the The long-awaited chocolate ahead is very Well But it is not as good as the raspberry one Finally, the Chamonix valley to twist your neck prejudices Finally, note that two scoops of ice cream are less calories than a chocolate bread

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