Koreans Try Filipino Food at a Filipino restaurant in Seoul for the First Time! (Sinigang, Pusit…)

Here we come! Today, Well On October, I went to Philippines and I couldn't forget the local foods in PH, So We found the Philippines restaurants And Coach Joongseob have plan to visit PH soon, Yeah, One of the PH Television station invited me, so I will visit the PH soon, Now, the food has come Let me show you first, So this is Well, Normally the Sinigang has shrimp, but this one has pork Is it Korean version? Well, I don't think so I think it has lots of version And the next one, With shrimp, please try The eggplant on it seems like the eggplant, yes Let me try the squid first, Delicious! This is my very first time to try the PH food, For sure, I have to try the others though, Delicious! Well, Most of Korean foods have the spicy taste, But this one is Wonderful combination with rice Cause it's the Garlic rice In this menu, There are the PH words, such as Masarap Eat it first, Nice, Isn't it? Much better with rice This Pusit looks like very smiliar to the Gerry's Grill one What does it taste? Similar Oh is it? Similar, but I do prefer this one For me, This one is better than the Gerry's Grill Based on the Barbaecue sauce, This sauce has spicy taste, you should try Okay, Let me try Squid, Let me try! I am not sure that you guys can see this With barbaecue sauce, and also grilled Oh, Okay It's very soft, but the texture is rough The texture of the squid, yes We are not the professional food youtuber, but And What's next? I tried the Sinigang with shrimp before, and this one has only pork Like Kimchi stew in Korea, the most popular food in PH This one, Porks, and lots of vegetables This soup is like the Soybean Paste Stew with Beef Brisket It must be brand new taste for you I'm so excited What? Now you know why I mentioned the Kimchi stew Oh~ Okay, Let me explain this It's totally different what I expected It looks like the soybean based soup, But when I taste it, taste like the aged kimchi stew Interesting Yeah it is When I try this at first time, I was totally surprised Maybe because of the Shrimp, Isn't it? No, It's same Oh okay The smell is same as the sinigang with pork So nice, I love the PH foods It has pork ( I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS SAYING! ) Anyway, I love this soup And I heared normally people love to eat the Sinigang after drinking! This Sinigang is very smiliar to the local PH Sinigang I can say that Korean can eat without any hesitation Those three dishes, so nice Maybe that's why there is the Ph restaurant in Korea Probably lots of people who wants to try Ph food visit this restaurant Yeah, If I had visited PH, I definitely want this foods It's very smiliar mukbang A few weeks ago, My Girlfriend visted the Boracay She visited the Gerry's Grill, but coudln't eat cause all the menu was out of stock so She told me she really want to try the PH foods People like his girlfriend, I highly recommend this restaurant The taste is very similar to Gerry's Grill And also at the Gerry's Grill Offical Facebook account, they uploaded our video! We just finished! How was it? It's empty! It was my very first time, It's not that familair but nice, delicious Brand new, and also nice For me, I tried those foods before in PH, I can say that the taste in this restaurants, JOVI'S GRILL, is very similar to Local PH food We enjoyed well, We will meet you guys next new contents! BYE~