Japanese Street Food Tour KAMAKURA JAPAN-Amazing Street Food

Look, this What is inside? We are in Kamakura

There used to be the capital of Japan in the past But that was quite a long ago Because I did not take a video of street food for a while, I think I will take it today Because Kamakura is famous for eating Today is 'Sun Kamakura'

It's not too hot or rainy It's in the rainy season It's not even a weekend Because it gets crowded on weekends I do not recommend coming over the weekend Walking along Komachi-dori, If you are interested in shopping and street foods, Here is the place And, it is also recommended to visit the temple

Because Kamakura is famous for it But I am food First I visited the Kamakura croquette Of course, croquette is famous The inside is potato and meat

The most popular of this, beef croquette It seems that it has been more than 10 years But I bought a different one Umeshoshi croquette I'm looking forward to it I am hungry

I never ate Umeshoshi croquette It is passionate Fried! Potatoes firmly, meat here too! You can taste the sourness coming from Umeboshi well Is delicious It is very good at the beginning of street food

Let's go next! next, Omelet! look at this The other thing different from egg yaki is, of course, being stuck in a skewer, There is shit in inside Are you scared of unfamiliar people? I can see my eyes Is delicious Kamakura is famous for shining This is delicious A lot of shrubs are contained

Tamagoyaki is sweet And salty taste too 300 yen Because the shining is high This is the irregular Ibaraki This also contains licking I wonder if there is sesame in it Black sesame white sesame seeds It is feeling that rice is being rolled up in fried tofu I do not know about inarible sushi, do you? I like a lot of people

What is this? Glue This is Tsukudani of Nori Nori is boiled with sweet soy sauce It adds flavor Here is the shirasu above the egg baking I like this way from eggs

What shall I eat next? I ate two How about we go? I am entering the side street The side street is quiet and has a good atmosphere There are few people and it is very beautiful It is hydrangea

Flowers in the rainy season That's beautiful I do not like the rainy season The only thing I like in the rainy season is hydrangea When Japanese travel, I like to eat something quite similar

One of them, dumpling Rice cake attached to a skewer It is rolled in seaweed This is from a dream shop Dango is famous There are various kinds

A little sweet, This is unexpected Because it is usually soy sauce alone, Do you use sweet soy sauce? I liked this slightly burnt taste The mochi is also soft The next dumpling makes me excited I have never seen such a colorful dumpling

I think that this image was hydrangea Because it is the season of hydrangea Purple sweet potato! It is a sweet purple sweet taste This is Matcha Matcha is kneaded in the white bean

delicious Rice cake of this shop is very soft truly This four color dumplings are famous Four kinds of dumplings are stuck in one skewer Is not it amazing? Looks delicious

become happy First things first Cherry Blossoms Now, I feel strange to eat cherry dumplings It's June This is delicious It's cherry

I feel like I got back to spring delicious Cherry blossoms with saltiness next, Sold It is edamame With some kind of green soybeans, It is made in northern Japan delicious Really tasty It is edamame but sweet It may sound strange, but it is really delicious

This is a chestnut I think so Hint of chestnut taste I like a bit more distinct taste It does not shine so much

This is so The last is Matcha This is Kanpato Sweet beans delicious This Matcha is more delicious than other Matcha The taste of Matcha is solid Let's see how tall is inside Mochi in this, it looks delicious This four color dumplings is recommended

If you want to try 4 different flavors, Recommended After the dumplings, My stomach has become full I have not eaten much yet I am looking for a sausage shop I want to eat not sweet

Then it may be hungry again I do not know, but All are homemade I make it here It has never been frozen

Always freshly made He suggested herbs And Chorizo ​​-, it's painful Besides seasonal lemon herbs, I have to come back to eat this again I bought this hot dog Shall I say sausage scissors bread Coco 's nice thing is, It's all homemade Mustard to sausage, then to bread

I never saw such bread It looks like a pita bread I gave skewers, but how do you use it? Do you only eat sausage? Or doing like this? what about Do you want to eat this? This is so juicy! Juicy and rich in flavor Two sausages, the taste is completely different This is white sausage mustard! Mustard is wonderful! With spicy hot, But it is not too painful

I also have onions, Mustard is very delicious I will eat this red sausage as it is I like this red one Wonder if it is chorizo A bit spicy Abundance of taste delicious White sausage On the outside, white is more soft Soft as a pillow Is delicious However, chorizo ​​is more delicious

I sell various kinds of sausage sandwiches Because they are all homemade, I think that everything is delicious delicious Next is ICHIBANYA I sell this baked goods Familiar to Japanese people This Normally the inside is Asuki

But it is different To this, Shigeru! It is a famous Shirasu of Kamakura I will put a check on everything Pizza and so on, Burgers and so on anything look What's goin inside? What? There are plenty of shining inside! Looks delicious Outer clothing, This is a pie cloth It is quite different because ordinary baking is like pancake Very cumbersome It has become many layers, The inside is salty

Because the shrub is being salted If you like shirring, I like this If you do not like fish, you can not do it delicious! Steven of my cousin, sorry He can not fish

This, to you (lol) delicious It is a grilled squid From Kamakura Soshin In a place I got a little sideways While watching the hat, Opposite that side There was a shop selling pottery Eel with squid, Scallops, I thought that this was the most photogenic 400 yen Very big squid I like squid

Is delicious I do not have to chew A hard squid is a bit delicious I guess it's Teriyaki sauce It is not a strong taste, it feels lightly painted

Feeling brushed And the taste of the cuttlefish will soak Beautiful In Kamakura, there are no other things like this Everyone who does not eat squid, Try eating once I'm full

I can not eat any more It's only dessert Let's find ice cream On the way to a sausage shop, There were a lot of ice shops A variety of tastes

Matcha or honey I do not feel like powdered tea today Because I always eat Matcha Let's find something interesting taste! Ice cream shop on the side of the dumpling shop I will hurry to eat this It melted

Ramune and tofu taste It is a strawberry Eat eat It melted! Fresh! Ramune ice This is unexpected I thought that carbonic acid is a feeling of repelling

This is creamy, It was a taste of ramune Lamune float feeling A faint strawberry Like strawberry milk I drank it when I was a child

If you like that, I like this Eat this I will talk later When you finish eating I ate plenty I usually eat ten, but, Muri today

I guess I have to come back to film Kamakura part 2 Everyone What do you think? Please do high evaluation! Those who have not had the street food movie yet, Please click (i) above I have a playlist There are plenty of street food Until next time, Have a nice day! goodbye!