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    It's my first time trying famous Chicago food and uhhhh… (Portillo's, Schaumburg IL)


    yo Natalia Natchan here Don't call me "red" or some sht like that ok so you guys know I live in Chicago now, right? what? some of you dont know which means some of you aren't even following my instagram!? ok i quit i quit youtube I quit the internet UH YEAH RIGHT AS IF so right now I'm waiting for my friend but my friend Reina my gyaru friend Reina I'm waiting for her but uhhh today we're gonna be eating some famous Chicago food at a famous restaurant they have a lot of different locations but it's famous in Chicago It's so famous that I was watching this cartoon on netflix the other day and it was even showed in the cartoon because it's so well known in chicago It's place called Portillos but today Reina will be representing Chicago and we'll have her explain for us so let us wait loook the line is crazy this is crazy wow wow look at that it goes until there here she is! Reina! today Reina is representing Chicago she's gonna help us out So I haven't been here I guess it's like a diner? like dennys? oh btw LOOK AT THIS it's snowing bro it's only November November its so cute This place is so cute I don't think I've actually seen any place this cute in America so we order here and then sit? they have hot dogs, burgers stuff like that It's like what you would call American Food we sat at a cute table ISN'T THIS SO AMERICAN AMERICAN its so AMERICAN OMG WAIT LOOK AT REINAS HAIR WITH THIS it's like AMERICAAAA AMIRITE? i guess they've been calling out our number but we've been talking so we didn't even hear lol tadaaaa what is it what is it wait what is that cake doing there HEY YOU you got cake?! yayyy it's my tea my tea omg i love your outfit today this is so american looking WHY WONT U FOCUS you moody @ss btch looook it's so American reina told me that if you leave these for about an hour the bottom of th ebag is just oil oil oil its so cute this is a small SMALL its about the same size as my head about my head (ill put this here for reina) what size are the fries we got? waittt so you're saying that a Large fry is the same as a small drink? what does this mean!? omg its big this is like the perfect drunk food reina got the spicy kind and me i got the "sweet" one it's just beef and peppers i guess its dipped in au jus we dont have enough napkins!! time to eat wait the meat is falling already here i go its like meat from gyuudon! its SO good its so good!! no i cant with this i put way too much wait hold up i cant i cant i can't its good In case you guys were curious, I'm gonna show you the price the fries wereabout 250 yen the cake was about 300 yen omg its so cheap the italian beef is 620 yen and all together is about 3000 yen should we throw it at her? should I? should i? should i? and now we are at the mall wait what no we're not not yet we're going to the mall now but omg i think there's something in my teeth at the mall the mall around this area they have a portillos pop up shop and it's "instagrammable" so we wanna go there me and Reina omg helppp i gotta peeee for real im gonna die bro hold up im so serious for real where did she go where is Reina i gotta pee LOOK ITS AMERICA So apparently this mall is really popular with tourists we had a gyarusa meetup here recently its so quiet right? besides my voice anyway like i was thinking that compared to tokyo's malls its so quiet here OUCH DUDE REINA WHY ARE WE HERE WHY is it- OH focus focus- WAIT wait focus focus focus focus TADA it wouldn't focus so now im just showing you this way!! portillos experience look look its the one from a second ago its so big! its huge oh its the one we didn't try chicago style couch wait what- is that- its a REAL DOG she said "bark bark" but wait no he doesn't speak Japanese bark he's a Chicago dog how much is one? FOCUS focus!! FO-CUS this is American "Small Size" right, because it's the same as me I'm small super small I'm Also an Ame4rican Small wait theresCHEESE it doesn't look that great are we stealing them? are we stealing them? this is so cute come on do it do it get up

    do it come on slowpoke SLOWPOKE this place is dangerous!! they said you gotta watch naruto wait WHAT THE PINK WONT COME OUT i HATE this okay i guess I'll use purple WAIT NO THE PURPLE IS BAD TOO? THIS IS HUGE whats she doin whats she doin titties? FINALLY THE TIME HAS COME LETS DO IT HEY Do you know about this? its called a cheeseburger okay guys so me and Chicago representive Reina here just finished eating at portillos and we ate and ate at portillos and then we came to portillos pop up shop but it was fun okay guys so if you ever come to Chicago please make sure to check out Portillos if you enjoyed this video, make sure to like, and subscribe please! (and hit the bell button YEET) this was Natalia Natchan and Reina and Natalia Natchan and Reina and Tony!

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