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    Italian People Taste Test Trader Joe's Italian Food


    – Man, that's really oily – Oh my God

    No (upbeat folk music) – Ciao, my name is Ludovico – Buongiorno, sono Valentino – I'm Davinia – Hey how's it going, I'm Massimiliano

    – And today we're trying Italian food from Trader Joe's (upbeat folk music) – Oh my God Who cooked this? It's kind of offensive But it's okay, we can try this – They look overcooked already

    – Yeah, they look very overcooked – I mean, this is like, you know, bad memories from childhood when you went to, like, the school and they did like overcooked Mess No, I can't But I mean, the sauce, it's nice, right? – Best to add some flavor

    – I don't know, there's not that much flavor to it– – There is no flavor at all (speaking in Italian) – They didn't get anything right with this dish Missing salt, the way it was cooked It is overcooked Not enough sauce

    Sticky in the mouth – Amen, that's horrible – Nope (laughs) I am not gonna eat that again – I wouldn't eat this again, I'm sorry

    – I would rather make it myself or have my mom make it, to be honest – My grandmother would scream at this – La pizzetta from Trader Joe's, I can tell – Oh my God, pizza Oh, can I try, can I go? – Yeah

    (playful music) – Is it good, I don't know? – I can tell also that this is a frozen type that you have to put in– – 100% – Yeah, put it, I can tell 'cause it looks kinda plasticy And I'm hungry, I didn't eat breakfast Oh dear, it's sticking on the plate, that's not good – I think it's raw

    Davinia, would you like to taste the first bite? So if you pass out, I know I'm not gonna eat it – It's missing a little bit of salt – And the crust is not crunch It's very soft – But, I would eat this

    – Cheers – Saluti – Okay, it's not that bad – It's okay – It needs a little more oregano

    Yeah, the consistency of the crust is, a little soft – The dough is not that bad Like you can tell it was frozen before, but it's actually pretty good – Yeah it's not bad Would be nice for– – From one to 10

    – Five – Six – Five It's good for kids' birthdays – The mozzarella tastes good, the tomato sauce is good

    It need a little bit more salt, a little bit more crunchiness, but overall, it's a pass (bell ringing) – So obviously this is not comparable to the pizza that we are used to in Italy But, you know, if you're watching Games of Thrones or you're Netflix and chill and you need a little bite and you wanna think you're eating Italian, that's a good compromise – It's a snack, a good snack – Italians don't eat frozen pizza

    We eat it fresh, from scratch, hand-made, that's the answer – Good job – Case closed – Polpetta! Oh my God, no – Is that beef? – I think it reminds me of a sausage, so that's definitely not the kind of meat you put in a meatball

    – Man, it's really oily Juicy, as we say, here in the land of the free (laughs) – In the south, we used to make polpetta smaller because they have to fit with the ragu They have to fit with the tomato sauce So this is already a little, this is like Lady and the Tramp meatballs, that's why

    – It smells like Burger King meat – Smells like cardboard, and I never even ate cardboard – It's a little spicy, not spicy but it has I think pepper in it It's not bad I think it lacks of cheese because when you make meatballs, you put cheese

    – Now that the flavor is more in my mouth, it tastes more like cardboard, no? Or plastic? – It tastes like plastic It tastes very oily and it doesn't even taste like a good oil It tastes like– – Like fry pan – Yeah, but like the old fry pan oil – Yeah

    – Doesn't taste like meat – No I would not eat it again I'm still trying to figure out what I'm eating 'Cause it's like, I cannot even figure out the taste

    – This is probably for an American standard, but from an Italian point of view, I wouldn't eat them again – It's like a quick, fast meal, fast thing that you just pop in the microwave if you're hungry and it's 12 am, but it's not a true Italian meatball polpetta, so Trader Joe's, good try I'm sorry but next time

    Did I already say that it tasted like cardboard? – Yes, you did – Okay, I just wanna make sure – I was expecting bad, and that's what I got – I don't like this restaurant – But, the pizza was good, so one point to Trader Joe

    – Sure – And that's it, 'cause only pizza was good – What I was expecting, knowing Trader Joe's was a surprise, a little more surprise from them So, apart from pizza, which was, you know, good, the rest was a little disappointing – The rest was (whining)

    – Sure – Look man, the pizzetta were bad, but they weren't that bad The portetta were surprisingly horrible For me they were horrible, I thought they would have been better, honestly – Yeah, they were horrible

    They didn't taste like meat at all – Yeah, they tasted like cardboard – The pasta was the worst – I would say, let's stick to like vegetables and chips at Trader Joe's, and like the Italian, maybe let's get it somewhere else – I wouldn't go for Trader Joe's for this

    I would go for Trader Joe's for any other things Fruit, vegetable, water – Fiji water – Fiji water Olive oil, they have a good Sicilian olive oil

    – Yeah, they do – It's not a filter olive oil It's very dark color and you really taste the olives – Absolutely, I agree – Not like my grandma, for sure

    But still good – The wine is good If you are 21 and over We are open-minded, Trader Joe's We love you

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