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    Is Colombian Food Good? Amazing Colombian Food in Medellin


    What's going on everybody it is time to eat so I'm at this restaurant here I'm actually the only one here I've been I just got here about 10 minutes ago and Ordered my food and everything but it's about 4 o'clock

    So it's right before Dinner and right after lunch so you don't see too many people Eating at this at this time, so but I didn't eat anything all day So I want to go ahead and get some food in me So this restaurant was recommended to me by friends So we're gonna stop here and see if it's any good meaning plantains right now And I have some Luna juice So and if you guys saw my video about the fruit market I was eating Lulu So this is the actual juice from what I was eating All right, let's try this Lulu juice Wow, that is really good It's almost like a lemonade but just a different flavor kind of eliminate you can see it's Looks kind of like a lemonade but very sweet and very refreshing really good And this is what water So you can order with water you can order with milk

    I prefer to go in the water But a very very good very good drink So let's go ahead and check out everything i'm ordering i'm agresa a paisa so a Colombian style hamburger, so we'll see if that tastes like Glasses Okay, so the hamburgers here, it looks really good You have the cheese the hamburger meat, but then you also have chicharrón inside and Sausage and beans and Avocado so you have a lot of different things To make it more about Colombian style Hamburger, so we're gonna go ahead and take a taste here and see what this what this tastes like Okay, if you can look at that if you can see all the stuff in this this burger Let's get a taster I'm impressed This is a very good burger The best burger I've had on this trip will have eaten a couple not a lopper you become so really good I'm gonna go ahead and finish this up And I'll let you guys know what the total of everything is and my overall experience at this restaurant Oh Yeah, one thing I didn't mention there's egg in here too

    So you can see there's egg So you have egg egg in there as well So it's pretty good So Friday All right, so just finish the meal really good I would give it about an 8 out of 10 the it was just the flavors there were too many flavors going on though when it came to the chicharrón and The sausage so I had to take both those out and then everything else was good together But just those in there it was just too much stuff going on but Colombian style he had the sausage teacher own the beans so they kind of gave it a My damn paisa kind of feels so really good highly recommend it If you're in this area, I will post a link in the description So you guys can check it out If you like this video, please Give me a thumbs up

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