INDIAN FOOD MUKBANG EATING SHOW: Chicken Masala/Garlic Naan/Paneer Cheese

Hi Hello everyone I'm Eunice This is the second time I eat beat broadcast Today I will eat Indian food I eat so I want to take my favorite Indian food This Indian rice fried cabbage Indian Masala chicken India bean curd cheese Now pour the cabbage meal tray rice Probably eat half Cabbage friends I like fried cabbage India All fell tray Opening the lid Then there garlic naan I love garlic naan Every time with the package into the food to eat scones I was hot because Joe camera ah spent a long time Now put all the food Well I can open eat them 🙂 Very hungry Eat cabbage and rice blended together to eat Add some curry sauce Good to eat Indian Masala chicken is pickled chicken nuggets I would point boneless chicken pieces are easier to eat I love to eat garlic naan friends As well as part of the cooking chicken There cabbage Multi some sauce Now eat this tofu cheese Stir in rice and eat Then eat scones into the same package Small tear point hee Multi some sauce These are the points I would usually Indian cuisine Indian Masala chicken rice cabbage tofu cheese scones All I will point When eating Indian food when ah Do not worry about dirty hands to eat the heart Indians are so eat ah Very comfortable to enjoy their food more than good: D Hee hee it back to tofu cheese In fact, ah meal like this I want to be healthy meal Because there are many Cornish cheese protein ah So I think it is very healthy So you can eat more and it is my favorite food: D We turn to cheese It looks a bit like tofu cheese Chinese tofu However, a detailed approach to fermented milk, please refer to Google Ha When I eat my food when I would take turns to eat all the vegetables together So that you can eat the same food all the time If the first dish eat eating another road feel very light taste For me it So I have to eat the same time Cook The last morsel of food it The rest of the meal when I eat dinner (finished) I do not waste this is the way to eat sowing I will measure their heart how much ready to eat portion sizes Do not waste food as much as possible While enjoying the satisfaction of my favorite food I love Indian food There are other points I usually would take Indian meal I can share videos How to eat what point So here see it next movie! 🙂 Thanks for watching Eat good food 🙂

Source: Youtube