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    If you love bacon this is the perfect video for you By the end of this video I'm gonna be showing you how to make the most incredible bacon you've ever seen in your life

    And the best part is you're going to be able to share with your family members to have an amazing party This is the candy bacon experiment So let's do it! The first thing we need to do is to cure our own pork belly so that it becomes bacon I previously made a step-by-step video on how to make your own bacon at home If you think it's hard to do you are mistaken

    it is easy, simple and only takes a few days But actual physical work it only takes an hour Once you are done you are left with some incredible bacon that is way superior than you can buy in any store If you have not seen my homemade bacon video before make sure you check it out in the description down below later on The great thing about making homemade bacon is that you can cut it in any thickness that you like

    For my very first version I'm gonna be using these cuts and they are half an inch thick and about 3 inches in length And what I like to call bacon on a stick These are so great that you can even find it in Disney World But since they just came out of my smoker they are still hot, in order to put them on a stick they must be chilled first And the best thing to do is to vacuum pack them and let them chill in the refrigerator

    If you decide not to make your bacon at home you can also buy them But I recommend you making your own bacon at home at least once However if you are in a hurry store-bought ones will work just fine Now that they have been properly chilled it is time to make some candy bacon If you're gonna use store-bought bacon I recommend center-cut it will give you the most amount of meat and it's perfect for this application

    Keep in mind that you want it thick Too thin is not gonna give you a good end product And the first thing to do is to put them on bamboo skewer It is pretty straightforward the only thing you gotta remember is to stick it right in the center To make a candy mix is pretty easy, throw in one and a half cups of brown sugar and one tablespoon of cinnamon then mix it well and your candy mix is done

    And that is as easy as it gets It is important for me to tell you that this is a very sticky business As you can see my tray here has a double layer of aluminium foil and on top of that some parchment paper This will save you hours of cleanup I would say it is not an option it is a requirement

    When laying them down next to each other make sure they don't touch because if they do they'll stick to each other and they'll never come off Trust me I've learned that the hard way The strips however if you're not laying them one on top of the other it's okay to touch Always try not to overcrowd it, it is best to use an additional pan The next step is to put the candy mix right on top

    You want that sugar to slowly melt, and as it does just add more For me the perfect amount is five times, that will give you a nice glossy caramel finish I'm also going to be dipping some of them in chocolate In order to do that you have to temper it and the best method to use is sous vide this will ensure you perfection every time After throwing them in the bag all there's left to do is vacuum seal them

    The next step is to throw them in the bag and get them ready for the water bath I set my sous vide machine to 122 degrees Fahrenheit It will melt the chocolate almost instantaneously After five minutes I threw in some ice and brought the temperature down to 82 degrees You want to hold the temperature there for five minutes then bring it right back up to 90 degrees

    That will give you a perfect working temperature for chocolate And just because we're going all out I'm also going to be doing a bacon donut burger that should be kryptonite for my nephew Angel But now that we have everything ready I am going to be cooking everything at 275 degrees Fahrenheit in indirect heat Once I've reached the color that I'm looking for I'll be taking it out and finishing it out But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to make some amazing candy bacon

    So let's do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful What do you think Angel? I've never seen anybody cut a donut in half like that Alright what's your favorite thing though

    What do you mean? What's your favorite thing to eat? Steak! Right that's right I mean like dessert wise after Doughnuts Exactly so I'm thinking of you and then what's your favorite thing to eat out of pork Bacon

    Well there you go Bacon and doughnuts I have no idea if it's gonna be good if it's gonna be terrible, hey but I know he likes doughnuts I like anybody likes Donuts don't they? I think you might be fair to say that after today's video we might be a sugar high, yeah? Yeah I think so Alright enough talking they want to see us try Yeah I'll go for the candy bacon

    I'm excited to find out you ready for it? Let's go for it Cheers buddy Cheers! That is the sweetest bacon I've ever had in my life That's so good Is the most unhealthy thing in the world? It is! Ok yea I agree

    That's why it's so good! Oh lord I've never had bacon that tastes like it's candy Never mmm I can eat the whole thing I want to but I know I shouldn't So I'm like like super conflicted right now

    Let's try the thicker one and we're gonna let you know This is how they sell it in Disney World if you've never been there this is exactly how they sell it Angel The bottom part where the sugar was laying and was cooking is a little bit darker and then the other side is a little bit more lighter and we're gonna find out if it's a good and nice combination I know it looks burned but it is not burnt Cheers everybody

    Cheers Not overly sweet Salty, smoky, this is the way to go This is bacon That one didn't taste so much like bacon that one tasted really, really sweet

    Yeah this one you're like oh yeah that's bacon Mm-hmm It was awesome I like this one more I like this one ten times more, ten times more This one here as you guys saw it 100% homemade bacon everybody this one here is not

    Are you ready for the donuts Oh shall we go for the chocolate? Let's go for the the chocolate let's go for the chocolate all right sounds good I think I don't know Hershey chocolates with candy bacon this is justThis is that bacon? like this? Yes With chocolate on it? Correct

    It might be a heart attack on a stick right here That's a goo, that's a good name for it Yeah Heart attack stick Heart attack on a stick

    Cheers everybody we'll let you know Oh I like that! What happen Angel, you got stuck? I don't know how you like it, but I like that Time out Time out? What happened Angel? You do you needed some napkins? It's a little messy? A little! Okay I know sounds weird because it's chocolate bacon and candy baked on top this is it's perfect for a gift As long as it doesn't melt in your car, yeah

    Yes be careful because it might melt I feel the sugar You feel sugar coming inside of you? I feel the sugar running through my veins like huh The last one it's messy it's a donut and it's all nice and sticky I am curious to find out how it's gonna taste Cheers buddy this is the real heart attack right here

    If you don't see me on the next video this is why I'll be in the hospital Sugar high Alright everybody cheers! That's, that's amazing Guga's candy shop is a sucess! Oh my God

    It's extremely sweet it's so good! it is delicious Oh boy you know this is that type of food that I feel guilty eating too much You know I mean? It's like you should not eat too much of this After all that? Which one is your favorite? Pick one

    The donut The donut The donut Angel picks the donut I will pick the chocolate everybody the chocolate and bacon is absolutely amazing You really liked that one huh? I like that one

    This one is very good too if you don't like it too sweet this one here the regular one beats this one for sure That is the most balanced one Yeah This one Not too sweet, it has smokiness, saltiness

    The candied bacon itself is extremely, extremely sweet Yeah and I'm talking about this one here everybody You almost done with the donut I guess you really like the donut Anyway guys these are the results and it's super fun to make it for the family

    It's easy to make, it's not a big deal and you can get a big impact, and I hope you guys give this for the holidays or any time of the year it's perfect Agree? I think it's an awesome centerpiece that's something that people don't expect at a party Nope you put this on a table and you just tell me wait try it if you want Exactly and it's like intriguing Exactly I agree with you

    And also if you don't have a grill at home you can make it on the oven on everybody, it's just as good But I like that little smoky flavor from the charcoal and you can feel it you could feel it that it was some charcoal in there anyway guys these Anyway guys these are the results I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up If you're not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos Remember if you're interested in anything I use everything is always in the description down below

    Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the next one Take care everybody

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