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– Whoa, so cool! (Italian mandolin music) – There are 110 pepperoni slices on this pizza Oh, workout, huh? – Oh my gosh! – It's humongous! (group) laughs (orchestra fanfare) – Whoo, welcome back to Making it Big, the show where I make giant food for my friends and special guests, today, I've invited in Hannah Williams, she's one of our earliest Tasty producers, and makes really fun and awesome videos with her family on, "Mom in Progress

" Let's go meet her and see what she wants to eat today? Hi Hannah! – Hey Alvin! – How's it going? _ Good, how are you? – Good, for the people that don't know you, what do you do? – You better know me, no, I'm just kidding (laughs), I do a show on Buzzfeed called, "Mom in Progress" It stars my family, it's like a family vlogging show A lot of it is giving the kids a little bit of control and just seeing what happens Like, I let the kids meal plan our week, which I feel like, in hindsight, I should not have given them seven full days (laughs) It was just junk the whole time, but I was very proud that we completed it and I stuck to my word

– Sounds like you guys do a lot of stuff around food I'd love to make a giant food for you today, is there anything that you have in mind that you'd like me to make for you? – How would you feel about doing something for the kids? – Oh yeah, that's awesome, yeah – I know for a fact that if they were to be presented with a giant pizza, their heads would probably explode – Okay, so I've made a giant pizza episode It wasn't a whole pizza, it was a three foot slice and to be honest, I don't think it was as big as I could have, I was kind of proud of it, but I think that there are ways that we can make the pizza a lot bigger than the video that I made, so

– Bigger than three feet? I don't know how you're gonna fit it in an oven – We might have to go find another oven – If you maybe want to ask Wyatt and Jackson what their favorite toppings are, I want to customize it so they get the pizza of their dreams All right, let's do it Hannah – 1, 2, 3 break

– For the kids! (funky music) – So, we are at this place called Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria, they make this giant 54 inch pizza, they've got this huge oven and I think they're a great fit to make this giant pizza for Wyatt and Jackson I spoke with the owner, his names Tiko, he's super cool and he agreed to let me come in, try and make a giant pizza with him I'm very excited to make this, so let's go check it out – (Italian piano music) – Hey man! – What's going on? – How's it going Tiko? Thank you for the apron and the shirt, it looks really cool Tell me about the pizza we're gonna make today

– So, what we got here is the Giant Sicilian, it's 54 by 54 inches, weighs about 50 pounds, so you got 40 pounds of dough, about five pounds of cheese, five pounds of sauce It's actually the "Guinness Book of Records" for the largest deliverable pizza – Really, wow And what is this? – This is the screen that the pizza's gonna go on – Oh, this is like the pan? – Yeah, exactly

– Okay, see at home, my pan is like this big What's the first thing that we gotta do? – The first thing, we gotta make the dough – Okay – So, let's go– – Over here, all right? – over here, let's get the dough going – So, I see a very large mixer

What do we do, how do we make this dough? – So, we gotta get the flour, – Okay – [Tiko] Open this bag up – And, I see that this has your guys' pizzeria on it, a custom blend? – Yeah, this is custom blend – [Alvin] Ahh, okay, secret flour blend – We're gonna pour this in

– [Alvin] Are you allowed to tell me at least some of the ingredients in here? – Well, I mean, there's your typical yeast and flour and sugar and a few other little ingredients – Oh, special something? – [Tiko] Yeah, something special – I like that Oh, this is heavy – [Tiko] Dump that in there

– Wow, that's a lot of dough, man! – Perfect, yeah – [Alvin] Does that look good? – [Tiko] Perfect, perfect, now we gotta get the bucket of ice and water – Ice water, okay Why do you use ice? – To keep it fresh longer – [Alvin] Got it

– You gotta make sure it's the right amount too, so right to the line – The second amount, okay? – Now we're gonna add some water to it – This is probably another what, 25, 30 pounds of water basically, and ice? This is a workout To make this pizza is not easy, you gotta really get into it – You want to dump it in there? – [Alvin] Yeah, I gotta do some work, I don't want you to do this

That's a full mixer – [Tiko] Just the exact – Just the perfect amount, wow, that's crazy Do I just press start? – [Tiko] Yeah – Thank you

– [Tiko] This will take about 25 to 30 minutes – [Alvin] Okay, because of the ice too, right? – [Tiko] Yeah, exactly – That's really cool, good work Tiko (jazzy music) – [Tiko] All right, now we got the dough, it's ready to go – [Alvin] Okay

– This is where we open the pizza up So, you want to get some flour on it so it doesn't stick, some on the table so it doesn't get stuck to the table – Oh, okay, so I can try it? – Yeah, oh sorry – Don't worry about it – Oh God, I'm so sorry– – Don't worry (laughs)

– So, now we're gonna bring the dough – All right, cool How many pounds of dough is that? – [Tiko] This is 40 pounds – [Alvin] 40 pounds of dough, wow – [Tiko] Ready? – [Alvin] Yeah (groans)

Nice, and what do you mean by opening the dough? – So, we're gonna have to slowly start pushing it to get it closer to the size of the pizza So you wanna just push like that, kind of like massaging it – Are you good at giving massages? – No, but I love receiving one (both laughing) – [Alvin] Are you trying to go from inside out? Where do you start, at the edges? – [Tiko] Yeah, you wanna go inside first – How am I doing so far? – Perfect

– Am I messing it up? – Nope, doing great So, what we're gonna do, get our hands down under, like this, pretty much, we'll hold it like this We'll take it over on to that screen – All right Whoa so cool! Okay, so we're trying to stretch it

– So, what you can do, if you get it to one edge, you want to wrap it – Wrap it around– Oh – Just so it stays – Like putting on a fitted bed sheet – Yeah, exactly

Stretch it this way, like this – Can you show me that again? – Yeah, from the sides – From the sides – Yeah, stretch it more like that Perfect, yeah (jazz music) – That's pretty stretched out, right? It's looking good? I was okay here? – Yeah, perfect, everything's perfect here

– He said, "Perfect," thank you What is the next step? – Next thing, we gotta poke holes in it – Ooh, what does that mean? – No running with this – Wow, this is like a torture device Okay, so what is the process like? – You just gotta roll up and down, so what we're gonna do is roll up like this

– Can I try? It looks like graham crackers – Perfect, perfect All right, now we got the pizza sauce here – Oh, interesting See, I would usually think that a pizza this big would need a lot, but I guess you found the right balance of sauce to crust

– Exactly, so what we're gonna do, we're gonna grab this, we're gonna spread it throughout the dough and then we'll just spread it– – Ah, that's why the gloves on – Exactly, you want to put some? – [Alvin] I can try – Start with the edges and then we'll work our way in – Oh boy – [Tiko] There you go

– [Alvin] Is that okay? – Yeah, there's no right or wrong, you just want to get it around – There's no right or wrong, I like this guy (relaxing flute music) – And then, since we got our gloves, what we're going to do is just spread it out nice and– – [Alvin] Oh, nice and evenly, kind of like that, right? – Exactly, just got to leave a little crust there – Okay, got it – [Tiko] This is the fun part

– This is the fun part, right, get your hands all in there Kind of feels like when you know, finger paint as a kid – Yeah, exactly – How did you guys develop this pizza? – It started with the Big Mama pizza, which is the 28 inch and then we went, okay, we gotta do something more unique Then, we noticed that the size of the oven is about 55 inches, so we're like hey, let's see how far we can push this

– Were you just bored one night or like I want to see what the biggest pizza I can make? – It's something unique, something that kids love It's more easier when you're catering, instead of getting like, 10, 15 different pizzas, you just get one huge one This looks perfect, yeah, once we got most of everything covered All right, next is the cheese – That's a lot of cheese

– It's a mixture of mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, parmigiana cheese – [Alvin] Oh wow – So, we're gonna do same thing with the pizza sauce, we're gonna grab it, spread it out throughout like this Just, we're gonna go all around the edges – Oh boy, here we go


– [Tiko] Perfect – This is a little shaky – Don't worry about it, doesn't have to be perfect, we're gonna spread it out anyway – [Alvin] Just grab it with your hands, okay – Yeah, we'll grab it and just sprinkle it

– And how much cheese is this? – This is five pounds – Five pounds of cheese? And, the same thing, we're kind of spreading it out and making it even? – [Tiko] Exactly – How much do you guys get this requested to be made? – We do about seven a month, I would say? – Wow, that's a lot of work – We also have a challenge for this, so it's eight people, two hours to finish it – Two hours, the whole thing? – The whole thing and you get a thousand dollars

– How many people have finished it? – We've had a few people do it actually, in December, the record was four people in 34 minutes, I believe – Did you get cavemen, like, were these giants? – [Tiko] Perfect, that looks great – [Alvin] This looks good? – [Tiko] Yup – [Alvin] Nice – All right, so what toppings are we doing? – Ah, so the kids, they sent over a little video

– [Hannah] What's your favorite food, Jackson? – Mine is pizza – [Hannah] What's your's Wyatt? – Pepperoni – [Hannah] What are your favorite toppings? – Pepperoni, olives, ham – Or just regular cheese pizza – [Hannah] Wyatt, enough with the–, no, I saw that (laughs), no, oh my God (laughs)

(beep) – So, I was maybe thinking we could, because this is a square, would it be possible to almost like, have four quadrants of toppings? – Yeah, we'll do a quarter cheese, a quarter pep, a quarter olives– – That's great – Ham, perfect (upbeat music) All right, so we got the ingredients, we got the pepperoni, the olives and the sliced hams Speaking of which, sliced hams, I remember when I first started working in the restaurant, I didn't know how to cut that well – Okay

– So I'd cut like really slow, so I'll be just y'know taking my time, making sure everything was okay And then my boss would come by, so I would cover and just start making all these noises (knife rapidly knocking on board) so he thought I was a professional cutter (laughs) – Did it work? – Of course! – He was like, – I'm here – Tiko's the best guy we got in house – Yeah – Maybe let's start with the pepperoni, is there like a strategy for how to arrange it? – At least every slice should have two slices of pepperoni

– I like that, for sure And each one is about maybe quarter inch apart – [Tiko] Exactly – So, I've seen a lot of pizzas where it starts out far, and then toppings become close, because the cheese and the sauce – Yeah, that is actually from a lot of cheese

You put too much cheese, it starts melting, so it moves everything around – So, not only are you thinking about how much sauce you put, but how much cheese you put affects the way the toppings move That's big brain level, that's 3000 IQ How many calories do you think this entire pizza is? – I have no idea, at least over a thousand for sure

– Oh, I think a little over a thousand Yeah, I think the cheese alone might be over a thousand Sorry, I think I'm a little slow – No, don't worry, you want me get started on the olive? It looks perfect – If you get started on the olives, that'd be great

Yeah, I think by the time you finish that, I'll be done with this layer – I'm just gonna make it rain some more olives – Oh yeah, make it, I like the way this guy talks Oh, he beat me, I can't even finish this before he's there Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11

There are 110 pepperoni slices on this pizza – And that's just a quarter – That is a lot And that's just a quarter, the whole thing would've had 440 pepperoni slices What is the next step? – Into the oven

– Into the oven, okay Talk to me about how do you bake a 50 pound, 54 inch sliced pizza How is that different than just a normal slice – Well, it takes much longer and instead of just being able to turn it around in the oven, we're going to have to take it completely out, turn around and then we'll put it back in – Oh my God

– You wanna grab this side, I'll grab this side – Let's do this – We go – Oh, this is heavy, we got it (Alvin groans) – [Tiko] Bring that up there

– Wow, this is amazing – [Tiko] There you go – [Alvin] Oh, so it kind of hangs out – [Tiko] It's got to hang out – [Alvin] Cause the oven generally isn't big enough

– We cook it, take it out, flip it, put the other side in – Cool, yeah, look at that, it's like a whole field of pizza, like farm of ham here, you got a farm of olives, we got the city of pepperoni back there This is really cool Okay, so this cooks for how long? – We're giving it about 15 minutes and then we'll turn it around – All right, well, I guess we'll see you guys in 15 minutes

– [Tiko] So now, we're going to take it out, try to cook the other quarter of it – Sure – You got it? – Oh, man – Set it on this table here – Oh, this is so heavy

– Turn it this way and we'll put this side in You got it, – Yeah, it's good – Let's go – Oh man, this is a workout – Yeah, there we go

(Alvin exhales loudly) – I don't know how you do it, oh my God – Now, we're gonna do about another 15 more, – Another 15? – 10, 15 minutes, we'll turn it another quarter – We're gonna check it, all right, well, cool! (laughs) All right, turn number two – [Tiko] Got it? – Yup, got it, oh, looks amazing I understand why you have to cook it a bit at a time

– Yeah, we'll get this side in – Ah, Superman, wow! Workout, huh, the work? – So I put some foil on the crust, just to keep it from burning – [Alvin] Something this large, you never know, right? – Let's go – Oh, this is hot! Yeah, here we go, we're pro's now – Yeah (laughs)

– Cool, 15 minutes, we'll be back Look at this box, (laughs) whoa, nice! Oh my God, how do we get our pizza in here? – So, we're gonna have to take it out and slide it off – Oh, directly So this is like the toughest part, right? – This is, yeah – [Alvin] I feel you

I got this, got this last one So, slowly, out again – You got it? – Yup – So, we're gonna just tilt it a little bit until we get the edge, some room we can grab on from the edge – Whoa! – Perfect, now we just pull this out

– Whoo! – Nice – Good job Nice work, that was crazy – This gotta go inside So, we deliver this on top of our smart car

– You put the pizza on top of a car? Like when you're going on a ski trip and you like wrap the– – Exactly You want to check it out? – Let's do it! – All right, you got it, let's go – I feel like I'm in a "Mario Party" game – And up into– – Ah, a shoulder press, all right, nice So, that's it, okay, well ah

– No gym today, huh? – No we don't need to go to the gym, but would you mind driving this back to the Buzzfeed headquarters? – Not at all – All right cool, I will meet you there – Sounds good – All right, see you later Tiko, thank you – You're welcome

(orchestra fanfare) (bubbly music) – Whoo, alrighty, oh, it fits, nice! We're back at Buzzfeed, thank you Tiko for driving it all the way over I'm very excited to have the kids try it out I hope you had fun, thank you for letting me into your kitchen – Thank you guys – I'm very excited

– [Hannah] No peeking – I'm not – Okay, cover your eyes – Almost there – Keep 'em covered

– On the count of three guys, I want you guys to open your eyes, ready? One, two, three, take a look (orchestra fanfare) – Oh my gosh! – Oh my gosh! (all laughing) – Look how big it is – [Alvin] It's a big pizza, isn't it? – It's humongous! – Yeah (laughing) You guys want to see the inside? – Yeah! – All right, I'll take the lid off, one, two, three, here you go – Oh my

– Oh my gosh, this is so amazing! (Wyatt screaming) – Thank you, thank you, thank you again, this is so nice! (laughs) – What do you think? – So nice! – So nice, thank you, I'm glad – He said, "This is my best day ever" – You guys guess how many pounds this entire pizza is – A 100 million – A 100 million, that's very close

– How many people do you think it would take to finish it? – Just me – Jackson's going to finish this entire pizza, guys – Thank you! – Big thank you! – Hey, Wyatt, which slice do you want? – Ah, there – Oh, you're going to make me reach all the way over there, okay? – [Hannah] Oh my gosh – Here you go Wyatt, here's your pizza

– What do you say Wyatt? – Thank you – [Alvin] Of course – Can I have cheese pizza? – Of course you can have cheese pizza Here you go, Mr Jackson

– Thank you – Hold that up next to your face, let me see, that is longer than your face Is this the best pizza you've ever had? – This is better than New York pizza – Whoa, fighting words Cheers

– Cheers – Oh, this is good – Oh my gosh, this is really good – Celebrate good times, come on! (upbeat music) – Wow, amazing – You've got some tomato sauce on your elbow there

(Hannah laughs) – Thank you for making the pizza! (Alvin humming) – Thank you for coming, keep up the good work in school, okay? – Listen to your mom – Listen to your mom – I love you guys so much, I know how much you love pizza! (laughs) – Well, thas is it, that's, thas is it? Okay, sorry, I'll do that again (beep) Well, this is it That was the season finale for season two of Tasty's, "Making it Big

" I hope you guys had as much fun as me Thank you for all the support so far, your ideas are always appreciated, keep sending them, keep them coming We always are making great and awesome things for awesome people Until next time, peace (upbeat funky music)

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