Hurricane Florence: Applying for Disaster Food Stamps in NC (ASL)

Hurricane Florence has affected many homes in North Carolina People who are not consumers of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is like food stamps or EBT card can apply for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP which is like a temporary disaster food stamps)

If you are current consumer of SNAP (food stamps), you would not need to apply for DSNAP Please see another video to learn more about how you can replace the food you have lost If you don't have SNAP, you can apply for DSNAP in person Must apply in person When you apply, you must meet one of the three probable situations

First, your home has been damaged by Hurricane Florence or you had other loss or disaster-related expenses For example: You had to buy supplies to prepare for storm like batteries, wood, and food After flooding and/or tornado, you may have lost your vehicle, had to pay for tree service to cut down trees that fell on your home or yard, clean up flooding in your home and more Or secondly, you've lost income because you couldn't work, or your check didn't arrive in time Last and third option is your food got spoiled due to power outage or flooding

These are the options that you may be eligible for DSNAP Currently 27 counties are available to accept applications for DSNAP To find out where they're located for you to apply, please go to NC Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) There is a website you can check it out Other counties may be added in later Just keep checking from time to time to see if your county has been added to the list

They will start taking in applications this Friday, September 28th and will continue for 8 days until Saturday, October 6th Some of these locations will be closed on Sunday The website will tell you their hours for each day You must show up in person if you want to apply for DSNAP You will need to bring your ID card

You might be given the Disaster EBT card on the same day after you apply for it The card will be activated the next day because your information will be added to the system You will be asked about your income, even after taxes The application will also ask you if you have disaster-related expenses You can complete and print the form ahead of time then bring it to the location to be interviewed

There are applications available in English and Spanish To learn more about applying for DSNAP, check out the link If you have any questions, please contact the nearest DSDHH Regional Center The list with contact information for the 7 regional centers will be shown at the end of this video