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How to make TURKEY AND COURGETTE BURGER | Fiona's Food for Life


In today's video I'm going to show you one of my really popular 20-minute meals Turkey and courgette burgers on a bed of kale and fennel with roasted beetroot hummus I'm Fiona Welcome to Fiona's Food for Life Another one of my really popular 20-minute meals so that as soon as you come in the door you want your dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes: is turkey burgers I serve them on a bed of kale and fennel and top it with a lovely roast beetroot hummus really simple to make so, first of all, you got your minced turkey Then into that, I'm going to put some grated courgette Then I'm going to add in 2 cloves of garlic So 2 cloves of garlic in Then, I'm going to add in some chopped scallions or spring onions Now we're going to chop these quite small because you don't want a big chunk of these in your burger so first of all, we slice them like this and then we're going to gather them together and just chop them up into smaller pieces Okay, so there we have our chopped scallions And I'm gonna pop in an egg And then we're going to use some chopped herbs One of the ways I tend to store herbs to keep them for a little bit longer is wrap them in cold wet kitchen paper And then if you put them entirely in a sealed plastic bag Then they will keep for that little bit longer and then every couple of days you can replace the paper So I'm going to use about two tablespoons of chopped coriander So with coriander, you can chop the stalk if you've got the thicker stalk bits down the end I'll just chop them separately I'll just slice these up first And then we'll chop all the herbs together So I tend to gather them together slice down And then you're going to pivot hold your hand over this part of the knife And then you're going to go up and down nice and close together And then if you use the back of the knife to bring it together So there we have our chopped coriander I always find that if you use lots of fresh herbs in dishes that's where you're going to make something that really could be quite bland like the minced turkey into something that tastes really really good I'm going to add some chopped mint into that as well

Now with the mint I won't use the stalks just the leaves Mint could be quite easy to grow in the garden Just try to make sure that you keep it in a pot because it will take over So we're going to chop this up nice and fine, same method again hold at the top, pivot, up and down nice and close together to keep your knife sharp, you're just using the back of the knife to gather it together Okay, so we're gonna pop in our mint so herbs are one way to make quite a bland ingredient like the turkey nice and fresh The other way is spices So I'm going to add in some cumin and a little bit of cayenne The cayenne to give it a little bit of a kick and then the cumin is going to give it a really good flavor And then I'm going to add in some pepper and salt I'm gonna heat up some oil in the pan I'm using a coconut oil today You could use a rapeseed oil or an olive oil So we're going to get the pan nice and hot we're going to mix this together with our hands Then we're going to pop it onto the pan Seal it on the pan and give it a little bit of color and then I'm going to pop it on the tray That is lined then we're going to pop into the oven So they will continue to cook in the oven and then while they're cooking in the oven I can cook off the kale and the fennel that's going to go underneath the nice burgers So you just mix it all really well together Then I like to serve about three burgers per person so I would tend to make the burgers about that size And pop them onto the heat Once you've handled the raw meat make sure you wash your hands really well So once it starts to get a bit of color on one side, we're going to turn them over I'll leave them to cook on that side for another minute or two and then I'm going to pop them onto the tray here Getting them ready to go into the oven So now I'm going to pop these burgers onto the tray They are still raw in the middle


Don't worry They're going to cook for about another 6 minutes in the oven Clean off the pan a little bit, pop on another bit of coconut oil and then I'm going to fry off the second batch Now you can pop the burgers into the oven for about 5 to 7 minutes depending on the size So now I'm going to cook the vegetables that are going to go underneath the burgers So first of all, I've got four handfuls of kale So this recipe will cover four people So you've got your kale Just going to put a little bit of warm water I'm going to put the lid on so that will allow it to kinda steam fry for a minute or two while I prepare the fennel So this is fennel You've got the nice herb fennel at the top I'm going to pull off some of those and I'm going to reserve them for a garnish later on We're going to chop the fennel Remove the core Fennel gives a nice licorice taste and I find it is a vegetable we seldom use but it works really well with this So now I'm going to add the fennel and a little bit of lemon juice to try and help keep the green colour of the kale add in our lemon juice And a little bit of chili flakes be careful these can be quite hot so you don't add too much So I'm gonna pop the lid on and steam fry that for about 4 minutes while the burgers are still cooking in the oven The only real way to tell if they're fully cooked is to cut into one of them So I'm gonna cut into the largest one and just check and see what it looks like inside There we go To me, all the meat is white now, there's no kind of opaqueness, so they're cooked I'm happy with that So to serve it up I'm going to put So we have here the stir-fried kale and fennel and this would be enough for four people So serving it on a platter here then we're going to pop on our burgers That will do for now then I'm going to put some of the roast beetroot hummus So there is – this is the only thing that isn't done within the 20 minutes you need to prepare this in advance But there is a recipe on my channel for making the roast beetroot hummus So look at the beautiful vibrant color that you get with that So I've top each of the burgers with the roast beetroot hummus then I'm going to put a little bit of the fennel herb, which I just took from the top of the vegetable And then we're going to top it with some toasted pine nuts I just roasted those in the oven for about 6 minutes And there you have your meal in 20 minutes your turkey burgers with your beetroot hummus served on kale and fennel I hope you enjoyed today's video on the 20-minute meal Turkey and courgette burgers Please like and comment below and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel So you can check out videos like the roast beetroot hummus we used today or another meal like chicken with mustard and mushroom Thanks for watching

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