How To Make Fast Food Healthier – No Sweat: EP1

Hey guys, it's Tyen, I'm a fitness trainer and bodybuilder This is a health and fitness show for everyone

Whether you're a fitness fanatic, struggling with discipline or maybe you're just plain lazy Today we're talking about fast food Now let's face it we all have our cravings and sometimes we just want to indulge So I'm gonna show you how you can eat healthier at fast food restaurants without feeling too guilty A great tip is to ask for your burgers protein-style

That means instead of burger bun, it's wrapped in lettuce instead You would also ask for more vegetables to make your meal just a bit healthier But will fast food restaurant accommodate my special request? Let's find out So I just came from McDonald's where I ordered my double cheeseburger protein-style with extra veggies So when I ordered the lady was really confused so she went to go and asked her manager to take my order

The manager said okay but there still seemed to be quite a lot of confusion So it definitely looks very small compared to a normal sized burger There are two patties here with cheese, also has lettuce and oh wow, this is really messy So they did give me extra veggies because in a double cheeseburger they normally just add pickles and ketchup Well, it is still protein-style to be fair but my expectation was that the patty kinda be enveloped in a big lettuce but I suppose they only have you know, chopped lettuce and not the big lettuce

It is a bit difficult to eat It still does taste like a cheeseburger It's still really tasty because the beef patties are really tasty along with the cheese and a bit of the crunch from the lettuce But I'd say that as you can see, it's not the easiest burger to eat But also because I'm also a very messy easter so I think some people can eat it a lot more gracefully than me

So I ordered the grilled chicken burger protein-style from Burger King When I place my order, at first the guy looked at me strange He didn't really understand what protein-style meant so he asked me if I wanted extra beef And I said no I just don't want the burger with a burger bun, I just want it wrapped in a lettuce and immediately he said no cannot I asked like oh is it possible I cannot eat the bread you know I'm on a diet he went and talk to the person who's doing the burger and then he came back and said okay can

So let's see what it looks likethis is my protein-style chicken burger It has grilled chicken patty, a piece of tomato and four pieces of lettuce

I think I might as well order a chicken salad So in general it seems that there are not many people who make these kinds of protein-style requests for their burgers If you are going to be ordering it in this manner then be prepared for there to be a lot of confusion However, to be fair, I only tried this with two fast food chains so if you guys know of any other chains that do protein-style burgers, do let me know If you're really craving the taste of fried chicken, one thing you can do is to ask for your chicken without the skin

There's actually a lot of fat in chicken skin and it's deep-fried in crumbs and batter You're looking at quite a lot of extra carbs as well So I just came out of Popeyes where I ordered chicken breast and drumstick, no chicken skin When I was ordering the guy at first, he looked at me so strange and he said that he couldn't because all the chicken is actually pre-fried So he actually uses the food tong and actually helped me to take the skin off the deep-fried chicken and I would say he did a pretty good job

Both him and his manager said that they've never heard of anyone asking for chicken with no skin before In fact, some people even ask for more chicken skin I don't think that taking out the chicken skin makes it much less enjoyable because if you have your chicken like this you still have a bit of moistness and some crunch from the breadcrumbs but you don't have too much fat from the chicken skin So I just came from KFC, the guy behind the counter took the food tongs and he very skillfully took out the skin from the chicken and on the other side we still have a bit of chicken skin but it is mostly the crumbs So I know to some of you, the chicken skin is the best part and why would you eat chicken without the chicken skin? If removing the skin is too much for you then maybe what you could do is to get chicken skin on one and don't get chicken skin on the other

Make it a compromise and take these baby steps because cutting out the chicken skin really helps to cut the calories in your meal So in summary, you know, every little step counts Next up is pizza and you can have healthier pizza if you opt for less sauce, less cheese and have it on a thin crust instead of a regular crust Right now I'm gonna call Pizza Hut Could I please order one regular Hawaiian pizza with thin crust, less cheese and less sauce maybe about half of it? Okay

Neela Okay I will leave a customer compliment for you Okay, thank you for accommodating my request That was actually pretty easy It kinda seemed like she's had this request before she just went oh okay normal

So my Pizza Hut delivery has arrived Here is my thin crust Hawaiian pizza with less sauce and less cheese And for comparison's sake, I also ordered a regular Hawaiian pizza with regular crust and the normal amount of sauce and cheese There's definitely quite a significant difference between the regular crust and the thin crust pizza which is great because by ordering thin crust you're gonna be cutting down on your carbs which means less sugar because carbs get processed into sugar in our bodies So for my thin crust pizza, I also asked for half the amount of sauce and cheese

But looking at it from just the surface level I can't really tell much of a difference so I'm gonna start off with the thin crust pizza first And now I'm gonna try the regular version So in term of the amount of cheese and sauce, there isn't a significantly less in the thin crust pizza I suppose the lady knew that I was trying to be healthier in ordering less sauce and less cheese so she kinda did it across the board But in terms of enjoyment level, I actually enjoyed the thin crust pizza a lot more than the thick crust pizza because I can actually taste more of the sauce and more of the cheese

With the regular crust pizza, I can taste a lot more bread so I can't really enjoy the sauce and the cheese as much as I would on a thin crust pizza By ordering less cheese and sauce you're actually cutting on fat and sodium Sodium does cause you to have a lot of bloating and a lot of water retention making you feel really uncomfortable which is why you might feel quite uncomfortable and lethargic after you eat fast food This is my order from Domino's Pizza The thin crust is really very thin as compared to the regular crust pizza

It's also very obvious that the thin crust has less sauce and less cheese so they did fulfil my order When I said less cheese they took it very very literally There's almost no cheese here, it's just a thin layer of cheese but I must say it's still really yummy because you still get the sweetness from the sauce So in terms of my enjoyment level if I would give this a 10 I would have to give this about a 6 But I would say though, the amount of calories that you are saving from the pizza is a lot because the crust is so thin, the carbs are maybe a quarter of the carbs that you'd get from the regular pizza

Ultimately pizza is pizza so it's really hard to come by bad pizza and if you didn't compare them side by side the difference isn't really that obvious So yeah, I think you guys should definitely give this a try So here are a few more tips So one tip is to eat your burgers open-faced and what that means is to just take out the top of your bun, remove it, don't eat it and immediately you cut your carbs by almost half I actually do this quite a lot because it not only immediately remove the calories from the extra carbs but you actually get a lot more enjoyment just eating your burgers without the extra bread because you can taste the sauce, you can taste the meat and the cheese a lot better

So to make your burger even healthier you could actually scrape off some or most of the sauce Sauce is just a lot of sugar and mostly fat It didn't seem like a lot when I first opened the burger but it's actually quite a heaping teaspoon of tartar sauce that I got from this filet-o-fish alone And I'm gonna actually show you guys just how much sauce and how many calories you save just by removing the sauce This is my weighing scale, I take it around with me wherever I go

Aiyo battery low So there are about 12g of tartar sauce in my burger That's about 50 to 60 calories

Now it might not seem like a lot but it actually takes about 10 minutes of running and I'm not talking about you know jogging I mean like really like long-term running for 10 minutes straight in order for you to burn those 60 calories So honestly taking out the sauce doesn't compromise the flavour all that much I actually think I might prefer eating it this way because with the tartar sauce it gets a bit too creamy and too sweet but without the top bun, without the tartar sauce, you can really taste the tenderness of the filet-o-fish burger and you still get the tastiness from the residue sauce So another one of my personal favourite tips is the napkin method and what it is is that you use a piece of paper napkin to dab off any excess oil from your food

Oil-blot it like how you would oil-blot your face As you can see I am removing all the excess oil from the surface And by doing this you save about 40 calories per slice of pizza and imagine if you had three slices of pizza That's about 120 calories and 120 calories is about 20 minutes running on a treadmill This method works on all other types of oily and fried foods Yeah, this is a very easy and okay it looks a bit strange but great way to save your calories

Unless you really really love oily food I don't think that the enjoyment level really reduces that much by using this method to dab off the oil So I actually use this method quite a lot and I'm gonna tell you guys a pretty funny but quite embarrassing story So last year I went out with this guy and it was our very first date and we went to this really classy like high-end restaurant and when we got to ordering I actually ordered my meat with less salt and less oil so when the food came, it looked really oily and greasy and I don't really like super greasy food I thought I could salvage the situation so I went to the toilet and I actually went to get those paper towels that you use to wipe your hands after you wash your hands And I came back to my table and I sit there and I sheepishly started dabbing my fish in front of him

I think he just thought that it was umit was a bit bizarre and a bit extreme so you know there wasthere was no date number 2 So we come to the end of this episode, I hope you found these tips useful and at the end of the day I can give you all these tips but if you really love your fast food in its true and original form, it's fine but if you're gonna indulge just make sure you do it in moderation If you like this video please remember to give it a thumbs up and also to click the subscribe button and also the little bell so you can get a notification every single time we post a new video Or you can download the Clicknetwork app to watch all our videos before they hit YouTube

So that's all, for now, I'll see you in the next video Take care guys, bye!