How To Make Biang Biang Noodles | Xi'an Famous Foods

We're gonna try to make our hand-ripped noodles In front of you, there's pieces of dill

I'll move this down right now And these rollers So first step is we're just gonna take a piece here This is just regular dough that we shaped into these slabs And we're gonna put it vertically as such

There we go And we're just gonna roll it flat, not too flat, but just even it out I already blew it! That's okay, that's okay We can, we can make it work (audience laughing) And then we just take it and turn it horizontally, like such

Uh huh And the purpose of the roller is also just to make sure that when we're pulling noodles it's even So we're just gonna indent it Yes, blew that too We're gonna take these two ends

We're not gonna pinch 'em too hard and we're just gonna pull at first The dough's gonna be elastic enough for that and then let's try not to hit each other but we're just gonna slap it up and down (slapping) It's in the wrist and also a little bit in the arms (audience laughing) Woop, whoa, and I'm losing a little bit control Pretty good, pretty good

(audience laughing) Yeah, yeah So we're just gonna put it down Let's take it in the middle, like string cheese, and just rip it apart like this and then you could slap it a little bit (audience laughing) And in it goes into the boiling water (slap) There you go! (audience laughing) And then you got two

Take this, take this, thank you This is a combined effort We're gonna wait for our collective dish to be boiled It just takes two minutes So we're just finishing up the noodles and we're just gonna cover with aromatics

We got some green onion, scallions, here Some freshly ground red pepper Nice And we're just gonna put that on top And we're gonna put a little crushed garlic, freshly ground, freshly crushed right on top

With the addition of heated oil, we're gonna sear the spices, make it even more fragrant What kind of oil is that? That's just regular vegetable oil This is a very simple dish and it's gonna generate a lot of smoke So if you have a smoke alarm at home, you gotta close that door Heads up, you will have a truck in front of your house if you're in New York City and try that

Now we're just gonna mix it up Beautiful You guys smell that, right? And then does it get finished with that beautiful, silky sauce over there? Oh that's already added actually Oh, it's already in there It's already in here

We want to do that before the aromatics so we could get a nice focus on that Alright so, I'm just gonna plate this (audience clapping) So Jason, they're holding up a card that says you have a cookbook coming out? Oh yes! We have a few restaurants in New York City We provide all of our secret recipes that our fans really love Oh, wow! In our cookbook So you can really eat it there and make it home! Yeah, exactly (audience clapping)