How to clone yourself / cheat your food flatlay | Photoshop | #paulpayasalad

Hi guys! welcome back to my channel if you haven't checked my latest video go back to my Chanel and don't forget to subscribe Today we are at my local cafe

We live just around the corner And I'm going to teach you guys how to double yourself in the photo Look how cute the cafe is I'm in LOVE with this wall OK first thing first, the tripod Here is the setup you can use any tripod and put it anywhere you want but I'll choose this one because of the wall, of course

Since I'm going to do it for Instagram I do it in vertical It's going to be one of myself sitting there, and another one of me standing there and I'll show you guys how to combine As you can see here I have the photos of me standing and sitting The sun glasses that I'm wearing and the prescription one they are from Oscar Wylee thank you so much Oscar Wylee for the eye test You can see the legs of this frame are very flexible They also have a promo where you can buy one prescription and one sunnie at the discounted price SO check it out Back on my computer I'm going to edit the images first because I've shot everything underexposed I’m speeding through the colour grade process Because this clip is more about photoshop The idea is that to make the images brighter and more vibrant, and most importantly the 2 images need to have the same brightness

I might make another video about my editing style in Lightroom later The easy way to put it in photoshop is click and drag to the icon once you have the first image you can drag the second image on top of that using tripod is a safest way to do this but I will use auto-align anyway because I think the tripod have moved a bit here when we import an image into the Photoshop It shows up as a smart object auto-align won't work on smart object you need to rasterise the smart object layer by right click > rasterise There are 3 types of object in Photoshop Raster, smart and vector

This guy explained it better than me so if you want to know more about the difference watch the first 3 minutes of his video Now we can select both layers, Choose Edit > Auto-align layers choose Auto and then Ok at the moment everything is in exactly the same place the next step is masking masking is our best friend because you can choose to show or delete something without actually deleting it Layer masks use values of grey to assign levels of transparency to specific areas of a layer So white uses to show Black uses to delete as you can see

In this case I paint black to be able to see through the layer (below) We don't have to be so precise because using tripod already helped a lot just don't forget about the shadow When cropping for Instagram I use 5:4 ratio Don't forget to uncheck the Delete Cropped Image so that we can recrop or recompose later As simple as that now it's pretty much done Just a bit of final touch I like to make sure that everything is perfectly align and you can see the final image on my Insta Now onto the next one I like the table at this place a lot So we're going to do a flatly here Let's go inside Ok guys this kind of table is very good In this tutorial I will double the coffee

Have like as many code as you want but this one I'm going to do about 5 Ok let's go For flatly I like to use my aperture around 4 Do you see the f? f should be 4 or more for if you want everything in the flatly to be crisp Ok I end up using the coins to mark the spot of the coffee I think these should be enough

Let's see in the Photoshop then like a previous one I colour grade first and then sometimes I flip (the image) around sometimes it looks better Sometimes not Make sure that all images are in the same tone and brightness Then choose the one with the wider background to be the base layer by importing it first before importing the rest of the photos Because after we use auto-align the software will try to match everything it's easier if the biggest one is at the bottom Now I take it back that the table was good

it's not easy at all because the tiles look distorted in different angles You can decrease the opacity to see the position of the cups Since the tiles are very hard to work with I’m going to use lasso tool to mask very precisely Some people use pen tool but I just like lasso Remember that the white means show and black means gone? So we have to inverse the selection by go to Select > Inverse You can paint it (the mask) black but using fill tool is faster Now the goal is to use mimic the shadow by using 'Layer Style' Double click on the layer that you want and add drop shadow

Try using the same colour as you see in other shadows which most of the time is not black Instead of guessing the angel and distance I prefer click and drag the shadow itself Try different size and spread We will eventually have more than one shadow to replicate the nature of the shadow where multiple light sources cast multiple shadows Before that I will cleanup the mask a bit first and do the same thing on to the other layer You can copy and paste the layer style by right click on the layer

There is no right and wrong way to make the shadow Just make sure it's as natural as you can In this case I make 3 small shadows in layer style Then add another big one by duplicating all the layers that I want to cast shadow and merge them before adding a big drop shadow in layer style Then I mask out the sides of the shadows

For final touch I just paint some part of the shadow to make it more realistic Try different layer style like Multiply or Overlay and ensure that the tiles are aligned symmetrically with you hope you guys That’s it! Hope you like guys like my very first tutorial! Let me know what you want to see more in the comment below Don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll you soon you