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How a Food Stylist Cooks Tacos at Home | #StayHome and Make Carnitas Tacos #WithMe


Hey guys, I want to show you guys how I style tacos at home obviously with some really really great ingredients and I'm gonna show you some food stylist tips also first thing I want to get all of my Toppings and ingredients for my tacos ready to go So I like to do a wedge of red onion it just is a really pretty shape this like half of onion when you do like a wedge or What do you call that I keep the top stem Intact and I keep the bottom root intact

I'm gonna just trim off that very end of the onion root but still leaving it so it's still gonna all be attached and then I'm gonna just take my knife and Go long ways this way to get that shape So like this is not going to come apart It's just gonna kind of fan which is just really cool and really pretty I'm gonna take those red onions Slices and I'm gonna put them in One of my prep containers my museum floss container And I'm just gonna add some red wine vinegar to it this is something that I do a lot when I food style the red wine vinegar just Enhances the color of the red onions, so I added a little water to that to just to dilute it a little bit So we're gonna let that sit I have these really nice like pink and then like purple Multicolored radishes so also when I'm thinking about my toppings for my taco my ingredients for the inside I'm thinking about different shapes and how things are gonna look together And so now I'm gonna do the radishes in a thin disc thin enough that it's like Translucent which is like really cool when you put your radishes and cold water They'll actually Bend and I don't want my radishes to Bend I want them to stay flat So the best thing to do is when you prep them if they're gonna sit for a little bit maybe you're making a taco bar or something or you're like me and you're prepping things out and you're talking to somebody and There's a lot of you know time in between what's going on

Just cover them with a damp paper towel That's all you need to do I was just kind of in the mood for a nine a salsa e Taco, but I do want to make a sauce so I'm kind of making like a crema so I'm gonna do some sour cream and then I'm also gonna do mayonnaise that's probably About the same amount I think there might be a little bit more sour cream then mayonnaise So we'll say like a third a cup of each I have an open container of chipotles in adobo sauce and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take the adobo sauce and pour it into my sour cream mayonnaise mixture I'm not gonna use the whole Chipotle's they're very very spicy and I am a wuss and it has this really nice like pinkish terracotta color which is lovely, so Talking about shapes of things that are gonna be inside of my taco I think I'm gonna do a chopped Avocado if you've watched my thing selling videos before I do share a couple hacks about how to keep avocados Fresh and not turn brown and cut my avocado in half with the skin So on it and then I'm gonna peel the skin off The avocado it's super simple and then I just do like three slices go back and forth with my knife and do little chunks and then Gently break those chunks up and then take my women

Oh, yeah This is gonna be good see-through containers So I don't have to tilt it so you can just see it like that One of my favorite things to do for food selling tacos is to char the tortillas Unfortunately with an electric stove you can't do that so I'm gonna show you guys a little trick that I have for charring tacos when you don't have gas a torch Y'all know I love quite a fire right? So I just want to get it a little Around the edges Obviously I'm kind of flexing right now You can totally toast these and let's do it No big deal But this is pretty fun chard Beautiful texture it smells so good too

So I just have like some pork shoulder th at I slow roasted for like a whole day And then I crisped it up in the skillet So now I have all the pieces that I need to build my tacos And I've got a little photo setup going on back here played my taco tortillas out Place where I'm pretty much where they're gonna be I'm gonna shoot this overhead with my Camera phone so I'm gonna kind of be standing up and down to style them as I go But we're gonna start with the carnitas so I have some really nice like bigger pieces like so that show a really nice texture and then I have some small pieces, so I'm just going to Put them kind of randomly Obviously the crispy like really golden Part of the carnitas that got toasted in the skillet is the part that's like really appetizing And that's the part you want to see and I'm definitely like not Being super serious about keeping this clean I think tacos are pretty messy anyway, and it's just really nice to Sometimes style a messy environment Versus it being like super clean and perfect and so now I'm gonna do my other toppings I'm gonna start with my red onion because it's kind of like the biggest thing other than the the Carnitas that I'm gonna put on the taco I'm like kind of intertwining it with the With the pork I'm not just like laying it on top


I'm like Incorporating it together It's just like such a nice color I don't know that I showed you guys since I took it out of the red wine vinegar But it's like now it's sort of like a pinky color instead of like a dark purple Now, we're gonna do that It should That's the same sort of thing Sometimes it's hard to do the whole random bit thing, but Just got to embrace it

That's me Giving myself a pep talk So now I think I'm gonna do my Avocado, these are gonna Reese he's hopefully gonna see take a really pretty picture but the point is to eat it and Make it look nice So I'm gonna do my coat eat and this not cotija queso fresco queso fresco Cotija is also like a Mexican crumbling cheese That's not what this is So I do want to kind of keep it in bigger pieces to start probably about like that pick It does kind of like look like feta and have that same sort of texture But it's really creamy and mild and it's so good on tacos

So I'm gonna kind of be like Random with the sauce I want to get it on there and I want to see it But I also don't want it to like cover anything up I'm gonna do cilantro on top of the tacos, and I'm just gonna take pieces off of the stick off the whole stem I think this is really pretty to do with cilantro so you can see the whole leaf and basically to keep the cilantro fresh I just wrapped it in a damp paper towel I was pretty specific with the ingredients that I used in my chocolates today But I just wanna let you guys know if you didn't already know Use whatever you have tacos are so versatile and you can literally do Anything with them and make them super delicious with any kind of stuff you have in your refrigerator It doesn't even have to be like Mexican or tex-mex themed on that I'm gonna add our lemon wedges lime lime wedges, okay I'm almost ready to take this final beauty shot I'm gonna show you guys what it looks like before I do that so you can see it in action Here

They are And so this is the angle that I'm gonna take the photo It'll almost look exactly like that Not great So like there's all my stuff my set mess if you will and then there is my beauty food and they pretty

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