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    Houston Food Bank and Catholic Charities open superfood distribution site in Richmond


    we’ve got even hotter conditions coming up later this week we’ll detail that plus your 4th of July forecast in minutes, Eric, thanks so much is we head into the summer months, we know they’re still a great need in the Houston area to provide meals for families >> So we want to let you know the Houston food bank is once again answering that call by opening up this new food distribution super site in Richmond channel two’s Vincent crivelli has a preview

    Yeah good afternoon This is all happening because of the Houston food bank Catholic charities partnership Let me show you guys what’s going on today’s the first day the Super site opened for food distribution there are literally thousands of pounds of food here now dozens of cars are already lined up in around the corner waiting for food distribution going for the site will be open on Tuesdays from 11 o’clock in the morning until 5 in the evening organizers say they have the capacity to feed 1500 families >> That you can see by all the cars in the proximity people are coming from many miles away They’re hungry

    They need help the pandemic has just made worse all of the existing issues with low income families and it’s created new pockets of need new areas of need because of people who lost jobs related >> retail restaurants, et cetera, closing down and Ballard says each family will leave with up to 60 pounds of

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