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    Homemade vs. Fast Food: Chicken Sandwich • Tasty


    – I'm the LeBron James of this (beep) (organ music) (pop music) Hey, what's up? I'm Nichi

    I'm a Tasty producer and seems like everybody's obsessed with the fried chicken sandwich But I think that there's a fried chicken sandwich that's super underrated It's the friend chicken biscuit You have a thick flavorful piece of fried chicken on top of a warm, buttery, flaky biscuit It's absolutely delicious

    But sometimes I don't want to want in line for hours just to get a breakfast sandwich So I'm gonna make my own version, and see how homemade stacks against fast food (pop music) (glove snaps) (glove snaps) All right, so we're gonna start with seasoning our chicken in just something very simple, just salt and pepper Make sure you get both sides I like a nice flavorful piece of chicken

    We're using chicken thighs They are really juicy and kind of thick cuts of chicken So if you maybe overcook it a little bit, you're not gonna notice as much So I'm gonna load our chicken into the bag where we're gonna pour our marinade First thing, I'm gonna add buttermilk here

    Next, I'm gonna be adding pickle juice So this might seem weird, but it adds a really, really nice tang to the chicken This smells delicious Okay, so make sure you wanna spread out all of those flavors and get your chicken completely coated in your marinade here We're gonna let it sit overnight

    See you guys tomorrow So it's time to make the biscuit of our fried chicken biscuit, my favorite part We're gonna start with adding flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt So we're gonna whisk our dry ingredients together to make sure that they are fully incorporated We're gonna add our cold butter into our fully incorporated dry mixture here

    And then I'm just going to toss this together so that the butter's fully coated And then I'm gonna use a pastry blender to cut this up If you don't have a pastry blender, a fork is totally fine I wouldn't recommend using your hands because if you don't use it quick enough, your butter is gonna get too warm And that's not exactly what we're looking for

    We're gonna cut this about pea size The bigger your butter is, the flakier your biscuit is gonna be So once you get to a sandy texture here, you're pretty much done And then you can go ahead and incorporate your buttermilk Make sure you pour it slowly because when you pour it slowly you can make sure that the dough gets, kinda, wet evenly without having to overwork it

    And work smarter, not harder people Cool, I'm just gonna incorporate this in And just make sure all of our dough is nice and hydrated Great So this looks perfect

    Nice shaggy texture, which is exactly what we're looking for So now I think I'm ready to start forming my biscuits To get started, I'm gonna sprinkle some flour out on the surface where our dough is gonna go to prevent it from sticking Then, we're gonna dump the dough right on top of that My favorite part

    Let's make a mess You just wanna kind of bring this together and form it before you start rolling it Just kinda turn the dough into one big blob, if you will You want to work it just to the point where it starts to come together A good biscuit dough you don't want to overwork it so that it stays tender when we're cooking

    Great So I think she's just about come together here So we're gonna put a little bit more flour on the surface before we roll it out Make sure you put some flour on your rolling pin as well 'cause it's gonna help with sticking So we're looking to get this about an inch thick, and I think we're about good

    I'm gonna use a three inch cookie cutter to cut the biscuits Now, make sure you dip this in the flour 'cause remember you don't want it to stick And then we're just gonna cut out six biscuits Look how perfect this is Like I'm so excited to make these

    So if you're losing your dough a little bit, just bring it back to its shape and then roll it out to about an inch again and keep cutting your biscuits So these biscuits are looking absolutely perfect Before I put them in the oven, I'm gonna brush the tops of them with butter And then we're gonna add some flaky sea salt to them as well So our biscuits are done

    All we need to do is put them in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 to 15 minutes, and then we can get started on our chicken Now, it's time to make the breading for my chicken I am going to combine some flour, baking powder, which is great to make sure that you're chicken is really crunchy and stays crunchy We've got some onion powder and some garlic powder and then of course some salt We're gonna whisk all of our dry ingredients together

    Make sure it's all nice and incorporated We're gonna add our buttermilk in but only a little bit at a time 'cause it's gonna make sure that this mixture here flakes up And what happens then is you're gonna get some really nice pockets of crunch on your chicken when you fry it And this is what it's supposed to look like, nice and clumpy And now we're ready to dip our chicken in

    So a normal dredge is usually when you go from flour to egg to flour and then directly to frying But we're not gonna do that here We're gonna do a little bit of an untraditional method, which is we're gonna take our chicken here that's already been marinading, already nice and wet, and that's gonna serve as kind of the binding that the egg would serve as Make sure that you press it in to make sure that it sticks As you can see, we've got these extra little flakes here, and they're gonna get nice and crispy when you fry it

    That's exactly what we want All right, so now we're ready to fry our chicken We've got our oil here heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit And we are going to start frying our chicken in batches All right, so when you're putting it in, just make sure you put it in away from you

    The sound of chicken frying is like one of the greatest sounds known to man (oil bubbles) So I can already see my chicken is kinda starting to get nice and gold We're gonna let this go for five to seven minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit So I'm just gonna use this spider here to kinda push the chicken around and make sure that it's cooking evenly, and they're not getting kinda clumped together All right, these are looking absolutely beautiful

    I'm gonna take it out And remember I said we wanna make sure that our internal temperature is at 165 degrees so I'm gonna use my little gadget here to make sure that we are perfectly at 165, which we are So we're gonna go ahead and take the rest of our chicken out Wow, look at this Look how perfectly, like, just golden this is

    Looking absolutely beautiful You got those nice crunchy pieces on the top I'm gonna hit these pieces with a little more salt while they're still hot Just a little bit All right

    This is looking absolutely beautiful Pretty excited We got super, perfectly crispy, golden brown chicken over here And over here, we got some thick homemade, flaky biscuits So when we bring these things together, just (bomb explodes) explosion in your mouth

    We're just gonna cut our biscuit in half Now, I'm gonna brush one side with butter And then, we're gonna put a piece of chicken on it And go for a medium size And then we're gonna close it on top here

    And guys, that's a chicken biscuit And it looks gorgeous You can add other toppings to this, pickles, mayo, slaw Guess it depends on when you want to have it How about we see how it stacks up against the competition, uh? We are here with my friend, David

    He is going to be a taste tester And I've got two chicken biscuit sandwiches for you – Looking at these, my first glance, I'm thinking like it reminds me of like Good Burger Like this was the, you know, a regular chicken patty, and they sprinkle this one with something magical and kinda made it twice in size They put a little piehay (fire sparks) right there

    A little pieyah I want on the top I like that I'm gonna go ahead and get into it Let's see Let's try this one out first

    – [Nichi] It's a good crunch I can hear it (food crunches) – I gotta say it's good It was definitely crispy like you said Kinda has like a that crunch you want in the biscuit, but it was still soft

    The chicken was good It had that, like, a something familiar taste, but I can't even really put it together quite yet I'm interested to see what's going on with the big boy though – [Nichi] Okay, all right, well, let's see what's up with the big boy – Want them to go ahead

    See if I could – That's a good crunch That's a great bite (food crunches) – This is what I want when I want like a chicken biscuit Like this one was good, you know? It has like that crispy, kinda crunchy flavor, light, airy biscuit

    But when I bit into this one, I could almost feel the extra butter that I would put in all my recipes that I'm not supposed to – So, I'm glad to hear that this one's your favorite 'cause this one's actually from Chick-Fil-A – Wow, so that's really good I mean This is like really good This one (bell dings) I do have to say is just a little bit better like they're both amazing

    But this one just takes the cake for me – So worth staying in as opposed to like driving out– – Oh yeah, we're staying in for sure I'm actually gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to do a little bit more market research – Oh, word – I hope, you know, this goes well

    – Yeah, seems, seems likely Thanks, David Well, there you guys have it Our homemade fried chicken biscuit in a blind taste test wins out against the fast food fried chicken biscuit Fast food's really great in a pinch, but if you've got a little bit of extra time, I really recommend you guys trying this out

    It's absolutely delicious If there are any other fast foods you want us to try, make sure you leave it in the comment below And we will see you guys next time – [Announcer] Oh yes (pop music)

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