Höhle der Löwen: Das steckt hinter der “Darguner Soße” , Nächster Food-Deal für Frank Thelen

Cave of the Lions: This is behind the "Darguner sauce", next food deal for Frank Thelen: This is how YFood today! Jürgen Hartwig and Wolfgang Streblow want to convince tonight in "The Cave of the Lions" with their apple vinegar dressing "Darguner sauce" Will a lion bite? This bizarre performance will definitely go down in the "Cave of the Lions" story! Disguised as monks, "Klostervogt" Jürgen Hartwig and "Brother" Wolfgang Streblow present their "Darguner sauce"

The wine-refined apple vinegar dressing comes from the monastery of Dargun in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern So healthy is the "Darguner sauce" But then they reveal their secret! The two founders are not real monks They have only leased a small shop on the property There they sell, among other things her miracle cure that promotes digestion and well-being

"We have developed a new product, which adapts to the present time," says Jürgen Hartwig The product is available in two different varieties in the shop and in the online shop (wwwklosterladen-dargunde) for 500 Euro

For 20,000 euros, they offer the lion 20 percent of their company , Georg Kofler takes care of Zoff But after their talk, it bangs huge between investors "When you came in here I thought: Oh dear, now comes the church in 'The Cave of the Lions'," reveals Georg Kofler "What do you have against it now? I think that's interesting," asks Dagmar Wöhrl irritated

"I think the church is already infinitely rich, too rich to invest a penny in the church," continues Georg "They get paid by the state That's a pretty cheap PR Most of what the church does is funded by the taxpayer "Dagmar tries to save the situation – and gives a few words of praise to the founders:" I regret a bit that you are not monks

I always admire the convent brothers and sisters when they set up their own business "Will she make the deal with the would-be monks? More on this tonight at 20:15 pm at Vox Next food deal for Frank Thelen: That's the way YFood is today ! Eating found for Frank Thelen (43)! In the eleventh episode of the inventors show The Cave of the Lions, Benjamin Kremer (28) and Noel Bollmann (25) introduced YFood – a drink that replaces a complete meal while remaining healthy In search of a strong partner at their side, the two founders convinced three hungry cats of their liquid food alternative

For a cash injection in the amount of 200,000 euros, finally secured their desired investor Frank 20 percent of the company shares But how did the young company continue after the broadcast? "Since Frank Thelen came on board with us, we have literally exploded in growth," said Benjamin and Noel in conversation with Promiflash about their new business partner His expertise and his network in the trade have opened the right doors for them In the meantime, the two-person team has grown to a close to 20-strong troop "We serve online customers in over 25 European countries, are present in nearly 5,000 supermarkets and are heading for the € 10 million sales mark," they proudly announced

In 2019, they even want to take the step across the pond and sell their ready-to-drink meal in the US as well For Frank, the entrepreneurs mainly chose: "It's important to us that it's not just about monetary support, but we can also benefit from the know-how and network of an investor, "they revealed He was one hundred percent the case In his food start-up family, they were received with open arms from the beginning Zickereien in the lionesses: Dagmar Wöhrl is loud!

At this pitch, the lionesses roared! In the current issue of The Cave of the Lions, things got hot: Founder Ralph Ecks introduced investors to his invention CAPS Air – a special clothes hanger capsule system with integrated fragrance, which should act against moths in the wardrobe The deal closed the hamburger finally with Ralf Dümmel (51) But the product also made an impression on the other TV lions – there was even a loud exchange of words between Judith Williams (46) and Dagmar Wöhrl (64) ! The two women entrepreneurs were divided over the use of the suspension devices "These are not straps for women

These are as temples as women actually use them less Women have narrower stirrups, "Dagmar said, revealing her view of the CAPS Air product, but Judith disagreed with her – she always interrupted her juror colleague to express her appreciation for the product That was Dagmar sometime enough! Loudly she gave Judith to understand: "Let me finish it!" But among the "The Cave of the Lions" stars, it's not uncommon for the tone to get a little rougher Especially if the financiers are fighting for great ideas with their colleagues

Especially between Ralf Dümmel and Judith it came in the past season often to disagreements For TV Lions: These founders were cut from the show The disappointment of these founders is deep! Benedikt Bergner and Reinhard Blech presented their start-up Studyflix in the TV-format The Cave of the Lions With their free e-learning platform for students, the two tried to convince the investors Their pitch was recorded, the post completed and even announced for today's broadcast

But then came the shock for the two Augsburgers: The production company simply deleted them from the TV format ! Benedikt and Reinhard were surprised by the sender's e-mail just days before the planned broadcast "We were devastated and close to tears That was the biggest shock since we became entrepreneurs, "Benedikt revealed in a conversation with Promiflash The Studyflix guys had firmly reckoned with the TV appearance

"We have received positive feedback from all the lions across the bank Frank Thelen, for example, has said that e-learning is very close to his heart and he likes it, what we do "For the founders, the project was not only a matter of the heart – they also put a lot of money into optimizing their platform to cope with the anticipated user rush They can only speculate about the reasons for the DHDL exit "We help students pass their exams, and we help companies with skills shortages Education is an important topic for Germany, but probably not interesting enough for the program, "Benedikt continued

A Vox spokesman commented on the dpa case as follows: "It is one of the basic television principles that TV productions are recording more and more film material than can be broadcast at the end" This "Cave of the Lions" pair has two inventions These two founders have even had their brainwave twice! As imaginative as Monika Steidl (54) and Markus Kubitschek (46) was probably not at The Cave of the Lions, although the investors in the show regularly cool innovations and imaginative amateur tinkerers get to see

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