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Good morning guys Welcome to the second day of our trip

We just left the hotel and we will be walking towards Jodogahawa beach It is almost in front of the hotel There is a good view of it from our rooms We had not noticed until we had to leave That's why I didn't enjoy it very much I heard the same thing happened to Victor

So now we'll go see her Only Norm woke up to see the sunrise It was good? Was it worth waking up ? Thinking about it now, it was like Let! It is my content What do you do? | It is a nice walk to the beach

A lot of forest It is a beautiful forest | It is A little cold Surely it won't be like that on the beach, because it was sunny

I will regret wearing this black sweatshirt The beach was really close It was a 3 minute walk and we arrived Look how blue the water is! It turns blue when you're closer It can be seen through

| Shit, I wish we could swim In fact it is garbage Trash really Completely crap The last time I came was

How old am I? It must have been about 14 years ago It looks better than I remember Maybe we came on a cloudy day or something

Can you swim here? | I do not know There is only one way to know | Look, it's the perfect beach for swimming Look at the water Not the perfect place to swim? I don't know if you can

It is uncommon in Japan to have sites that seem ideal for anything like this It may not be possible, unfortunately I'll find out later and tell them Look how clear the water is! There is an information board and apparently it was a swimming area, where we were For some reason nobody is swimming and it is a warm day

The water looks great If we had known, we would have brought swimsuits But for future reference, you can swim there Great We are going to our next destination

We are in Jodogahama and we will drive to Michinoekitaro for lunch We arrived at Michinoeki We will walk to see what there is in terms of restaurants Even if there are no restaurants, you can find packaged food and replacement desserts This is what they have: restaurants and food stores

There is a peasant market with local products and seafood Fast food They have everything

And a Dog Run, in case they come on a trip with their dog We enter the peasant market seeing that they have There is a lot of food they can take on the road, such as onigiri, mochi, desserts But most of all there are fresh vegetables and sea food What is this? | It looks

It says it's a donut I believe it It looks very unhealthy

| Look at this dango I think I flew the drone over there And this is where I won See that That is the cave I wanted to go to

"The museum abroad where your attractive body goes to the Sanriku area" It kills me | Let's look at the soba store They have soba and udon And hot dogs on a stick

Fried chicken A udon with shrimp tempura | We have thin and thick udon

| With the thick udon, please And we go again We go to the cliffs I am excited to go | It will be cute

| They look beautiful | The entire coast of Tohoku is beautiful | It is I can't beat that you can swim there Next year we will return to go swimming

Insurance | We can make a barbecue | Yes, we can do that As we travel north, the leaves begin to change color Norm said that if we had started the trip two weeks later all the leaves They would have a beautiful red color

It would look great If you can take a road trip in Japan, try it in the fall, when the leaves change color As you can see, there is a lot of green here and that is why it would be beautiful if it were so now | Or bring canned paint and do it yourself | Great idea from Chris

The road to reach the cliffs is scary It is a small mountain road Our vehicle is so big that we are on the edge and that is a cliff Hopefully Norm is a good driver | I have driven through worse sites with larger vehicles

We should be fine, unless a car comes in the opposite direction It is a railway bridge We survived the mountain road and almost reached the coast Norm teaches men in the area what a drone is He seems happy to do it

Its beautiful I don't know if everything will be seen It seems that men are here to dry kelp, a type of seaweed, in the sun It doesn't get cooler I concluded that Iwate Prefecture has beautiful beaches

Everyone should come in the summer I don't know why it is not a more popular tourist destination in the summer Its beautiful Norm will try to fly it over there | I will not do it! | Is that the cave? | Bored! There is a cave there but you have to wait for the waves to retract and then run

God! Shit! Ok I'll try- I reached the midpoint Sharla, what will we do? | Run to the cave! | Yes, there is a cave but the water arrives and arrives We hope to pass, before the water reaches us I can reach halfway | No, it has to be until the end

Now now! We arrived! Chris's turn No, that was at the worst time! What do you do!? What an effort! Why didn't you wait? | Terrible moment I made it awful If someone was going to soak in salt water, we knew it would be Chris We will leave Iwate Prefecture to go to Aomori We will arrive in about three hours So we will arrive for dinner

We will eat something There is an area of ​​night stands where Chris has gone and says it's great So we'll eat there Hi, I'm Chris Broad and I'm from the movie "I'm an idiot and I couldn't get there " Look My invaluable shoes The only expensive thing I have ever bought And they are ruined

Look at the rocks The moral of the story is: do not miscalculate time as an idiot Welcome to Hachinohe We rest in the hotel but we came to the center and we will see a Yatai-mura It is an alley with food booths where to eat and drink

It looks exciting | But before that, I want to challenge you to this free game | Free game? | Yes, you have to hit him as many times as you can Okay | I love this thing

It was close | Shit! The winner! Loser, loser! | I can't feel the arms! It's great! That stinks It is broken, the game is broken Here begins Mirokuyokucho, the night food district of Hachinohe Goes far, I would say a kilometer

Reach the street and continue There are dozens of bars and places like that, a great atmosphere I love An excellent place to eat and drink and have a great time Come on! Mirokuyokocho, mirokuyokocho, mirokuyokocho,

It's hard to say It was hard to tell the one in the taxi where we wanted to go It is a tongue twister

Which one did you visit? Is it until the end? I am looking for a store that makes the local dish of the area: senbei yiru or rice biscuit soup It's very interesting, I'm intrigued I will walk until I find one There is right in this place Apple liquor on the rocks

The lady who runs the store is great I recognized his face because it appears in the video of Chris, from this site | Really? | One of a few years ago It was like: "You are the one in the video" He was excited to see that he had returned

Yes, very kind Great All other customers are very friendly too

Yes, very cozy Sharla said she looked full and didn't know if to enter, but they asked us to enter It is very pink here | I ordered apple liquor on the rocks It smells delicious

Aomori is famous for her apples so I figured it would be my night drink Health! It tastes very good The senbei-jiru is ready! Famous Hachinohe dish Thank you! I think I found senbei Thanks for the food! The senbei is made of wheat

| It is rich and gummy | Historically, rice could not be grown in this area So they sowed wheat, millet, buckwheat, The weather was very cold here | Its very good The senbei is taffy In fact Yes, it tastes like mochi I expected it to be soft because that would happen with a biscuit in soup But it's not like that It is gummy and dense

It's delicious I will not lie: you had not convinced me I thought, why not? | It's delicious See you later, it was nice to meet you! Have a good night Ok guys, I'll say goodbye now and see you tomorrow for the rest of the trip

Goodbye and thanks for watching! SEE OTHER EPISODES OF THIS TRIP HERE!

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