Hẻm Gems: At Madam Oyster, Two Brothers Prove that Taiwanese Food Is More Than Just Milk Tea

Our restaurant has a history of more than 10 years in Saigon I only started to run the place about two years ago

Hi everyone, my name is Ch'iao Sung Most of our customers are Taiwanese and local Chinese, in fact some local Vietnamese also love our Taiwanese cuisine "Bác Đen" means "black uncle" in Chinese Because we strive to create a very local brand, using high quality tea grown in Vietnam Our best seller is the o-a-chian (oyster omelette)

It's a famous street snack in Taiwan Here in our restaurant, we treat it as a main dish and many people enjoy it Our Vietnamese customers love the oyster omelette They love dishes that are covered with sauce Beyond the omelette, they love mapo tofu which goes well with rice

They love dishes that comes with a lot of sauce 'Black Uncle' is a heavily-tanned tea farmer meticulously growing tea on the hilly terraces It combines toppings popular among Vietnamese people with Taiwanese flavor and character for a unique local experience Our Vietnamese customers love certain toppings so we introduced a combo series: with any combo tea, customers get to select 3 toppings

One choice of topping from each category: pearls, puddings and jellies We have as many as 18 topping choices Most of our condiments, including soy sauce, shacha (sa tế), pepper, salt and spices, are imported from Taiwan With this, we can reproduce local Taiwanese flavors and we can be unique when compared to other restaurants For example, soy sauce from Vietnam and Taiwan are both soy sauce but the main flavor is completely different

That's the reason why we've always insisted on using Taiwanese condiments

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