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Heavy Machinery take WWE travel package purchasers on a food tour in Chicago


We've got beans right here We're having some beans in here with the WWE universe, my pals, and my honey

>> [LAUGH] >> Yes, muwah, here we go [MUSIC] >> Travel package fans >> Big package >> They have a passion >> Basically just going around tasting food

[CROSSTALK] Hanging out with our people >> Yes >> These are our kinda people >> I purchased a travel package because I though it was the best bang for my buck I got multiple shows and I got to spend more time with the superstars


>> What you are looking at right here is the belly of Otis full of Chicago's best tacos [MUSIC] I think we really purchased it because we've been lifelong WWE fans, watching Ray come out with Dominique and watching father and son, I lost my mind >> Survior Series weekend we had a blast I cannot wait for the next Just wanna tell you that >> [APPLAUSE]

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