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    Halal Mala in Singapore | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 34


    Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs! J: I am Jereld H: And I am Hafeez Today we're going to be eating: Mala Mala? Bro, got halal mala meh? J: Have! H: Don't have! I show you! Come! So now we're at Da Jie Niang Dou Fu How do I pronounce it again? Not only do they have your Mala Xiang Guo, you also have chicken char siew rice Chicken char siew rice? Ya this one not pork Ah then I don't want ah! Also, different types of Yong Tau Fu So for this case we also got the Hakka sauce and the Ampang What do those mean? H: What are the bases for these sauces? J: I don't really know eh Looks like they have everything! What do they not have ah here? Pork! So Hafeez, are you excited for your first time ever in your life, trying mala? To be honest when I am looking at this bowl of Mala noodles and the ingredients, the first thing that comes to mind is the 'Ghost Pepper' challenge that we did so I hope it doesn't turn out to be as bad or as spicy The prices are charged according to the number of items It goes for $0

    80 per piece, and as for the different kinds of meat right, it is $300 per 100 grams So in this case we got the 2nd tier spiciness level they have 4 here H: And this is number 2? J: Ya number 2 only It already looks like it is so spicy already H: Wa this is like Lou Hei is it? J: Ya ya ya As I am mixing this around right I can see there is actually quite a lot of chilli Do you know what chilli it is? H: The dark dark red colour one J: It is like a dried chilli lor Oh it is the dried chilli okay Wa this is very nice eh H: Wa I like the flavour of it, It is not a normal kind of spiciness I've eaten or used to So usually like Mala right, the 'Ma' stands for like numbing Like in Chengdu or like in China right, I think Mala comes from Chengdu right? I am not so sure Don't ask the Malay man I have no idea So like the 'Ma' stands for like a numbing kind of chilli or like peppercorn Ah now that you mention it So you feel a bit tingly, a bit numbing And then there is also the spicy part which is all your chilli H: I know I am eating spicy food, when my scalp starts to tingle J: My hair also itchy J: Okay let's try the other ingredients man H: Okay Let's go for the beef So usually I get pork belly as one of my ingredients So like the fat will melt and mix with everything but then I don't notice any lack of flavour eh You can say it is comparable to the normal Mala that you tasted ah? I wouldn't notice eh Let's try the what's this ah? The tau Tau Kia This is damn good Isn't tau pok the TAU POK! As I was saying, my tongue is getting tau pok right now by all the flavours Maybe because the tau pok itself absorbs most of the chilli and the flavours in this mala dish So when I bit into it, I would compare it to be very juicy That's why very spicy suddenly Do you all prefer rice with your Mala or Maggie Mee? Oh you eat rice with Mala also? So sometimes you can don't get Maggie Mee, or don't get any staple food So they just eat these ingredients with the rice Since this is the first time I am trying Mala, the taste is surprisingly quite nice because usually when my friends eat, or when they dapao and I am sitting beside them I can actually smell the fragrance of the different chilli and stuff so I thought the flavour would be like much stronger or overwhelming but when I eat it, it balances out very well I would say but the spiciness level is just nice, H: and J: Wa just nice ah? H: Oh s***! J: I already sweating already H: Look at Jereld! He's sweating like mad Actually I am trying to control also, I can feel beads of perspiration forming on my nose Actually right, one nice thing about this place is that because it is a Yong Tau Fu place, so they actually have like bunch of other ingredients also like stuff that I don't usually see at normal Mala restaurant H: Are those tears or sweat? There seems to be quite a lot of Malay customers that come by, so it is quite interesting like given how this is, I would classify this as a very Chinese dish, a lot of Malays still come and enjoy it, and after eating it, I realise why they do Because Mala is only 1 letter away from Malay Why though? Why? This being my first time having Mala right, I have 2 words for you man "I'M SOLD" It is really damn good, in terms of the spiciness, in terms of the flavour, in terms of the variety of ingredients you can pick from It is really something I look forward to eating again But the only thing that is stopping me is because the location is far away from where I am (live)

    This is at Clementi, but good news for those of you who are studying at I would think that it is relatively near your schools So if you have the time, you have a group of friends to either have lunch or dinner with, I would suggest and recommend to come to this place and try the mala here because it is, very good So what you tried is Mala Xiang Guo, which is like a dry stir-fried version H: Oh s*** means there is a wet version I would say soup, not wet version The opposite of dry is wet ma, where got the opposite of dry is soup? Your shirt is soup ah? No right? Your shirt is wet right You don't make fun of me okay! So for our next location we are at Jin Jin Shang J: You know? H: Okay I think it is called Jin Shang Yi Pin So it is a hotpot buffet, they have a ton of different soup bases, and also a lot of different dishes that we can try Actually this place reminds me a bit of Hai Di Lao J: Have you tried Hai Di Lao before? H: *laughs* Oh wait no no he cannot try right? J: Sorry sorry sorry H: That's why I burst

    But one thing special about this place is that instead like a group sharing hotpot right, you have your own individual pot J: And then also you have like a BBQ thing H: Which we will show you guys later but for now let's go to the back and check out the spread So here we got your Seafood, we got your different types of fish balls we got marinated meat for your BBQ And now over here we have potato noodles, different kinds of tofus and vegetables We got different kinds of drinks like softs drinks and coffee and we also have different kinds of condiments and sauces Lastly we got your ice cream station So now we're back with our dishes already, Hafeez, you are having what soup? I am having the 中辣 (medium) level of spiciness while Jereld on the other hand is having the 小辣 (small) level of spiciness J: Actually you never try hotpot before right? H: Yup so this is my first time trying the hotpot and at the same time it is also Mala so it is 2 totally new things for me happening at once So what you want to do is to take the raw meat, then you put inside and then the soup will cook the meat So that's how hotpot works You think I five year old is it? Give it a little stir J: Yours looks dangerous H: Mine looks dangerous Look at this man legit it is like dangerously red So Jereld, good luck, remember to blow As compared to the 小辣 (small) one the 中辣 (medium) one there is a really big difference in terms of the chilli flavour, the numbness and everything Even after I have swallowed the soup like a good 30 seconds ago, I can still feel it It is like stuck there I think I need help Wa kena, this one really kena legit For me, the must-have ingredients are like your tau kee, to dip in the soup is damn shiok and then your shabu shabu like beef, even mutton also Oh enoki mushroom, but you don't like right H: So it is like a staple thing to put inside your Mala J: For me I always get that ah Try the tau kee man Since we already put some inside our hotpot just now J: Not me la only you H: Oh you didn't put for yours? because like you're not supposed to you motherf******* Look at mine Try new one try new one So how you eat this right is you really just dip for maybe 5-10 seconds then like it will soak up all the soup already then just eat from there H: You do it first, let me see J: Okay help me count ah 10 seconds okay come bring up For those of you who wants to know how long 10 second lasts, you can follow the template that we have Wa I like it eh, I think the timing of the 10 seconds is just nice It is cooked, but I can still taste a bit of like a little bit of crunchiness So it is not too soggy Wa this is spicy So the soup right you're not really supposed to drink it Most people just use it to cook J: All the Mala flavours are onto your dishes H: Makes sense makes sense I think because if I were to or anyone were to drink this soup, it would be just terrible news I am really surprised at how fast this piece of meat is able to be cooked Like you mentioned, 20 seconds and you are able to get this texture the flavour is also enough to be absorbed into the meat

    I think the quality of the meat is also quite good because there is a good amount of fat lining the whole meat, so it is not tough when you eat it Whoa Jereld you didn't tell me about this ingredient that you put in your hotpot ah Can you just show me what it is? H: Can eat ah? J: Can! You try! J: Do you have a thick one already? H: No mine is the thin one But just a side note, thin or fat, you are still beautiful H: Now what is this noodle called again? J: Sweet potato noodle It is very different the usual Maggie Mee or like yellow noodles I have eaten I think it has been in our pot for quite some time but the texture and taste of it is still very QQ it is not too soggy H: Is it? J: What is QQ? So do we take the fat f*** now? J: Wa I prefer the thick one H: I prefer the thin one because the thick one ah once it is inside the mouth then it just like it tries to evade every part of your teeth It is really very hard to chew, but Wait how does the noodle act like again? I imagine it inside to be like woaah wooaaaahhh Tissue tissue! Bro my chin is here for damn long already Bodoh eh my shirt bodoh! For those of you who think you are picky eaters don't worry as we have shown to you just now there is a lot of ingredients that you can choose from On top of that, there is also dessert and drinks stations So personally for me, despite having burnt my tongue a couple of times I think I had a good experience Apart from the hotpot, as you can see there is also this huge grill infront of us So just now we already brought you to the spread and there is like marinated meats, seafood, vegetable and other things You can also use this grill to also cook the different ingredients However, it is an additional charge of $490 So Hafeez how is your stomach feeling? Firstly I am damn full but at the same time my stomach is feeling a little bit warm also from all the Mala What about you? I think I will get lau sai later So you tried the 2 different types of Mala right, which one you prefer eh? The one at Dajie Yong Tau Fu especially, the variety of ingredients that they had, the spiciness that I could really taste, and the fragrance of the Mala itself right, it really is up there for me As for the Mala hotpot one, it is not really to my liking If you have a big group of friends then like especially since you all can have your own individual pot, and then you all really can choose the soup that you want choose all the ingredients that you want And then plus they got like a bunch of other ingredients like ice cream H: The ice cream though J: The ice cream though Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, if you like this video, do catch more over there and don't forget to like, share and subscribe! Toilet toilet toilet toilet toilet toilet

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