Grind LARGE NUTRICIOUS FISH FOOD for Dumbo Mosaic Guppies

How's it going everyone I raise guppies in outdoor fish tubs

I'll be showing three different types of food I feed these guppies and how I prepare the food But first, let me show you the three strains that I raise The blue ones are male double mosaic guppies and the yellow and red ones are male neon micarrif guppies Here's the third strain that I'm raising Dumbo ear Santa Claus guppies

These are males and females I feed the guppies three different kinds of food Each of these fish foods have slightly different ingredients which gives the guppies a wider range of nutrients This first one is called tetra color tropical flakes This is a very common fish food which can easily be crushed between your fingers and the guppies have an easy time eating it

The second type of food is Tetra Pro Tropical Color Crisp This food is pretty large and is very hard These female guppies have a difficult time eating this tropical crisp The third type of food I feed them is Hikari Tropical Vibra bites These male guppies also struggle to eat this food

The food will soften up as it stays in the water But, the guppies want to eat now To make it easier for the guppies to eat, I use a coffee grinder to grind up their food I'm pouring some tropical crisp into the coffee grinder Putting the cap on

Give it a few pulses That's all you need, you don't want it too fine Taking off the cover and there it is Much easier for the guppies to eat I transfer the food into an old fish food container

This container should keep the food fresh for a while I'm repeating the process for the Hikari tropical vibra bites The ground vibra bites should be small enough for the guppies to eat I've never tried it, but I suppose you could use a pepper grinder to grind the food up Also, there's a knob up on the top where you can control how coarse you want it

There's the ground fish food and let's take a look at the juvenile Dumbo mosaic Guppies eating Here's the flakes The flakes are really easy to crush between your fingers and these juvenile dumbo ear Santa Claus Guppies have an easy time eating I hope this video was helpful and thanks for watching