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hello all of you and you This is my office Today we meet in a relatively special space Hanoi food channel has been developing for nearly 5 months However, there is not any information, or any video to introduce to you the content and development strategy of Hanoi food channel Especially, Hanoi Food now has a lot of new audiences who still don't have much access to their videos And some old viewers also asked the question: Do not know the next time, the development strategy of Hanoi food channel is like? in terms of video content, as well as the scope of my shooting because in fact there are so many YouTube channels As it grows to a certain extent, the channel will add content or expand its reach Today, I made this video to officially announce it to you future videos, that I do will only revolve around the cuisine of Hanoi to introduce to you The second one, the places, the food bars that I recommend to you mostly from the audience of Hanoi food introduced and I also have to consult to see if the restaurant meets the criteria for posting on your food channel Some of you also ask about your personal information then I would like to say: My name is Nguyen Dang Khoa DK Nguyen is Dang Khoa Nguyen This name existed before I did Youtube Some people ask me: Now I'm doing part-time or full-time Youtube I would like to answer, now I do Youtube is full time I started doing Youtube from February 2019 starting with Duong Ha Canal After that, I changed the channel name to DK Nguyen, which is my name and this channel is now running in parallel with Hanoi food channel However, my resources focus almost 90% on Hanoi food to improve the quality on this channel That is why, why you care about me but watch DK Nguyen channel I saw that the video quality is not as good as the Hanoi food channel I hope you understand Previously, I went through a lot of work: The word job is: typewriter salesman, then sales supervisor, This is the job I do the most time, it takes about 7 years then I moved on to work like: data analysis commercial development specialist , The last job, most recently, was commercial training for managers in a foreign company However, Youtube came to me as a predestined opportunity and very right time When I do Youtube, I feel like I'm passionate right away because it fits a lot of the skills that I have from previous jobs That's a brief introduction about Hanoi food channel as well as myself Thank you for your support during this time See you in the next videos Hope you guys continue to support me so I can be more motivated to make more videos and more videos Now, hello and see you again That is me, adventure in the old company and me now Please support your pursuit of passion


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