Food Trucks!

Hey, gang Once upon a time, food trucks meant a bologna sandwich in a pickup

Well, times have changed! Food Trucks have become a gourmet experience and a part of Americana Here’s the good news: Food Trucks are on OUR Campus this weekend! Saturday Night, Sunday Morning I want to give you an invitation Make a plan, bring some friends with you, enjoy worship, and then after worship visit the Food Trucks You’ve got a whole menu to choose from

You can eat in Genesis We’ve just renovated it It’s comfortable and convenient It’s a wonderful time to make some friends, enjoy worship, have some good food It’s a great opportunity

Check back – we’re going to list all the trucks that are coming, so you’ll know the menu options before you get here It’s an exciting time to serve the Lord and to reach out to our community with the Good News of Jesus, and we can do it with some good food! I’ll see you this weekend