Food project : Kimbab

Hello everyone Today we will present the Food project Our menu is: Kim bub Okay everyone is ready It's show time the ingredients Crab / sausage Japanese rice chicken Seaweed Carrot / cucumber History of food Production of algae in Gyeongsang Province and Giallar Reported in the book

In the 15th century Like doing Gyeongsang-do Jiriji And Sinjeung Dongguk Yeoji Seungnam Eat with rice folded in algae The food is long Yeoryyang Sesigi It was Joseon's book in 1819 It describes the so-called food Bokssam There are two opposite versions of history

Is the original version With the new version of Kimbab Some resources It says it comes from norimaki Style of sushi japan Imported into Korea during the Japanese occupation Other sources say that Food has been developed from local traditions From the folk tradition called "Baba" Which comes from the word roll

Kim is from Banchan How-to This is the time of cooking We start to cook But we did not shoot this video LOL Preparing raw materials And we'll leave it to our friends

Waiting from the preparation of raw vegetables Put the rice into the seaweed And the crab sausage we prepared Put them in the rice On the algae And next It's time to roll

!!!! This is our Kim Bib We hope you like our videos And hope you enjoy it Thank you for watching Bystand