Food Governance Conference

[Music] Good nutrition is critical to population health and to sustainable development But globally, over two billion people are overweight or living with obesity, and over 827 million are suffering from malnutrition Our research helps develop strategic approaches to policy and law to improve nutrition

We aim to reduce the burden on health care systems globally, and also to contribute to planetary health by addressing all forms of malnutrition through sustainable food systems In 2016, we launched the Food Governance Conference to create opportunities for collaboration at every level Education is the key to shifting and changing our food values and the way that we treat food We need to become food citizens and be responsible for valuing food In order to change the trends, we have to work together

It’s a fundamental right for every individual in the world It’s a legal entitlement, and also a social and economic issue because we have serious inequality in the world This is an exchange of experiences, of results, of research We’re taking a multi-disciplinary approach to understand not only how people make decisions about what they eat and how food affects their bodies but also thinking about the macro processes that influence what food is available [Music]