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FOOD ART CHALLENGE #2!! Dogs Pick Our Funny Mystery Ingredients & How To Make Star Wars Art


– Here is the big reveal! – [Both] Three, two, one (air whooshing) – We've got puppies because you challenged us to do the ultimate food art challenge, with these puppies who are going to pick our food ingredients

My guys name is Fluffy! – [Devan] And mines Puffy! – Ready buddy? He's ready to go man, all right here we go – So is mine dude – Let's do it bro, let's go for it! – [Collins] I'm making an edible Pennywise, so Fluffy's gonna be choosing all the different food ingredients – [Devan] And since I'm making an edible Frankenstein, Puffy's gonna be choosing all my foods Oh, avocado Green just like Frankenstein – [Collins] Pineapple! Nice, that could be perfect for Penywise's brain

– [Devan] Oh, flour nice – [Collins] Agar Agar, okay solid – [Devan] Little handshake, nice to meet you – [Collins] He looks very comfortable right now – [Devan] Yeah

Oh no, he wants to get away – [Collins] My man Fluffy, picking the berries! – [Devan] I'm actually surprised he chose seaweed – [Collins] Yes, honeycomb! – [Devan] Oh sweet, carrots! Oh he's got it, he's got a hold, he's tryna grab it There's no saving that chicken now, he's gone, two clouds have ambushed him Oh, looks like Puffy's a little chemist, he chose calcium lactate and sodium alginate

– Yogurt all right He's so adorable Oh, he's ready to go – [Both] Oh yeah! – [Devan] Oh, mozzarella cheese! – [Collins] Oh, man he got the pretzels – [Devan] How am I gonna use purple cabbage? – [Collins] Isobel, perfect! – [Devan] The puppies have picked our ingredients, and now I'm making Frankenstein's brain! – Wait, tip it right in! – [Both] Three, two, one

(splash) – [Both] Whoa! – What's going, what was that? – Yes, now I've just gotta get it out – [Collins] What is this? – This is calcium lactate and sodium alginate Do you have a ladder? Can you pick me up? – A ladder? Yes okay sure, here we go – Just, just pick me up – There you go okay, I'm sorry you're so heavy

– Put me down, put me down – Okay I'm sorry (laughter) – First of all, let's see if we can pull out the bowl! – [Devan] Hold on, hold on, Collins this is mine! – I'm helping – This is my thing! – I'm trying to help though – This is mine Are you trying to help me? It looks like you're trying to sabotage my art

– Dude it looks like a jelly! – [Devan] I know! – Oh! Oh, I can feel it forming! – [Collins] That's like a jelly fish! It's like a jelly fish! – Yes! – [Collins] Gonna be freezing this and then smashing it with liquid nitrogen! (celebration) – [Devan] Our table looks so cool! – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – [Devan] Wow! – [Collins] I have never seen this much sodium alginate, and calcium and whatever this stuff is in one man! – Yo! – Wow! – Look at that bro! – [Devan] Wow! – This is definitely not Spongebob's home anymore – [Devan] No it is not! – [Collins] Now it's time to smash the pineapple and turn it into Pennywise's brains but here's the thing, this hammer's too small, I'm gonna have to use, the yeet hammer! – The what? – The yeet hammer! – Where did that come from? – This came outta nowhere Devan, no one saw – what! the yeet hammer coming, not even you! And especially not you guys but don't worry we've got a blast shield set up for ya (charging up) – [Both] Three, two, one (laser) (glass smashing) – Oh my gosh! (laser) (glass smashing) – [Devan] Wow! – [Collins] It was obliterated! – [Both] The yeet hammer is amazing! Oh my gosh! (dog barking) – Now it's come the time for me to harvest some honey so check this out some full – [Devan] Whoa! Dude! – [Collins] Holy cow! – [Devan] Look at the ball I made! – Can I feel it, can I touch it? – Yes you can! – I want to caress it's outer shell! – Behold, Frankenstein's brain! Massaging the brain – [Collins] It looks like a giant blueberry – And it's probably gonna taste even better than a blueberry

All right, now it's time to find out what's inside Frankenstein's brain! – [Both] Three, two – Wait wait three second like challenge! – We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds You ready? Here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one, done! Three, two, one – [Collins] Is it breaking? – [Devan] Not yet, not yet! It's super solid man! – I'm going to a weak point, three, two, one Oh, this is so bizarre! – Oh! Has it popped yet? – No! I'm just digging it – [Both] Oh! – [Devan] Whoa! – [Collins] It's just juice, oh my gosh! This is so satisfying! – [Devan] Dude! This is awesome! – [Collins] Wait so where are the brains though? – What do you mean, this is his brains, he's got no brain

– [Collins] What if that's like the brain juice? – [Devan] Exactly, it just turned to mush in there! – I think I've figured out the perfect way to harvest the honey right here So check this out, just gonna take my hand, and gather all the honey This is gonna perfect for Pennywise's brain juice Wait, wait, wait, what is that? – I'm making his hair! – [Collins] Wait, wait, wait, is that Keyper Kelp? – Yes, it's my own brand of kelp, dude I'm starting my own business – But who's buying it? – Well, me

– You're buying your own kelp? – Yes – [Collins] All right here we go, you're gonna take it like this, and check this out, here we go, we're gonna go straight through, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collins] Just gonna push through Oh! Look at it man! They're like little meteorites, (explosions) hitting into the honey, The honey's like a planet Here we go, I'm just gonna squeeze like this here we go, three, two, one

Oh, look at that! Yo, this honey is so satisfying, and especially when I add it to Pennywise's brain, oh it's gonna be delicious What is going on? – Dude, where is the end of this? – What is going? – Where's the end? – Hey, hey, hey, You've gotta relax bro, you've gotta chill! – It just doesn't, it just ended! – Devan, chill! I've got a yeet hammer! – Whoa, whoa, it ended! – [Collins] Now I'm just gonna squeeze out some of the honey here, continue to harvest it Oh! Look at this man! It's called the good thumb, here we go, just like this! – [Devan] Okay – [Collins] Let's good thumb it down! Here we go like that, there we go Bam! – It works! – [Both] It's now the good thumb! – As opposed to the bad thumb

(buzzer) (snipping) All right here we go, time to really squeeze it up, here we go, three, two, one Oh! It is so satisfying Devan! Oh! I love it! – I'm totally listening to you! – [Collins] Looks like ad alien creature from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, I'm kind of freaked out a little bit Hello and welcome to Yeet News – We've got Devan – Yeet, yeet, yeet, – over here who many people – yeet, yeet, yeet – don't know is actually – yeet, yeet, yeet, – a professional kelp sculptor – yeet, yeet, yeet, – Devan, what's it like – yeet, yeet, yeet, – to sculpt kelp? – yeet, yeet, yeet, – yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet, yeet! – Fascinating, back to you Patricia! – Yeet! – All right, next I've gotta transfer all of this over here into my bowl, all the honey, here we go! (excitement) – This is so much fun dude! – All right, now it's time to boil the honey, add some agar agar, and create this crazy substance – [Devan] For his hair color I need to straighten out these kelp noodles

– I've got my melted honey and agar agar, so here we go, gonna tip it over in three, – [Both] two, one – The high pour! – Oh! – Oh! – Dude! – It got whisked, prematurely! – That was close! – That was great! That was an engineering feat of genius Devan, see the way it flipped forward, flipped back, didn't spill one drop! – You know actually, for your track record, that was actually pretty good – That was pretty fantastic, what do you guys think? – [Devan] Uh, bro, I think they missed it – [Collins] Yeah I think you're right We've got the whisk right here, so again, (power music) I'm gonna, (popping) demonstrate, my power stance – Collins, Collins! – and my whisking! – I have some options, for this sifting

Which one should I use? (heavy guitar music) – Why don't you tell me? – All right, I'm gonna use this thing – A wiffle ball? – Yes – Let me see it – Is this a wiffle ball? – I donno Pitch it to me dog

– Okay – Nothing like whisk, – All right, – wiffle ball whiskin' – you ready? – baseball, yes! – Here you go! – [Both] Three, two, one! (popping) – Ow! Time for me to whisk up some honey! – [Devan] This is not working at all, wait Collins what're you doing? All right well hopefully this thing works out for Frankenstein's hair! – All right here we go, high knees, high knees and (whisking) – Oh! – Yeah man! – All right here we go, – Yeah! – That, is how ya whisk! – [Devan] I think I used the wrong bowl You know, I don't know what bowl I'm supposed, (glass smashing) (laughing) – Did you just break that? Seriously! What is even the point of what you're doing? (air whooshing) – All right the glass is all cleaned up and now I've got my fluffed up honey right here, and this is going to be the perfect insulation for the inside of Pennywise's head Gotto kinda, shake like this – I did not, – give it a little, – see you do that! – have to take a hand, put a hand on one side – That's amazing! – Here we go – Yup! – Just with one hand Devan

– Oh okay, just one – Just got to give it a little little back and forth, little jiggle – Yup, yup, totally in sync Dude, you ready for this? I'm making the hair for Frankenstein bro! – Oh, that's actually pretty cool – All right, well here we go

It's time to take the color right now and Devan, without looking, – What? – What color do you think this is? – Uh, green – You're wrong Uh, this just in, Devan key is not a psychic! Youtuber Devan key, who claimed to be a psychic for many years is not a psychic! – I, never did that! – Yeah, sorry reports say he never actually claimed to be, okay, sorry – Yeah no I never did that – If we can cut, back to you Patricia, quickly, quickly cut! (beep) – [Collins] So here we go just gonna add some drips on here so here it goes gonna go for some drips – [Devan] This is not how I intended it

– And thank you guys for choosing the best ingredients (dog barking) for me, I really think that I'm gonna be winning this I don't wanna say that you intentionally chose wack hair for him, but I mean, you may have intentionally sabotaged – [Devan] I know! What are you guys doing man? All right here you go Oh, oh! – [Collins] To finish of my honey cloud, just gonna scrape off the excess color with a pineapple right now and this is gonna add such a sweet flavor to the inside of Pennywise's brains – [Man] Twenty minutes later

– The honey clouds are done, and these things look insane, – Whoa! – and the craziest thing, they feel like an absolute cloud! – This is like cloud slime dude, but solid! And I'm making popping bobas (popping) – [Collins] What like Boba Fett? (laser) – [Devan] Yes, like in The Mandalorian – [Collins] All right well right now, time to take my jiggly honey clouds and drop them right now into the powder, – Okay – the powder islands open Here we go, three, – [Both] Two, one

(food hits powder) – [Both] Oh! (food hits powder in slow mo) – Yes! You got it on you, but not on me – Here we go, bam! (slapping powdered food) – You know what, I'm just going to leave you to this, – All right – I'm just gonna grab something, I'll be back (slapping powdered food) (coughing) – [Collins] We've cleaned up all the powder and now it's time for the final part of Pennywise's delicious brain, so I'm going to be smashing a whole bunch of berries All right here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one

– Let's see this here we go – Okay, okay, – Boom, boom, boom, boom – Yup, yup, yup, yup – Oh my gosh! – Yup! – The berry seeds, they are everywhere! – All over my face! – Holy cow! I got hit in the head! You got hit in the head! – I know! – We got impaled with berries! Boom! Holy cow I lost the hammer, all right here we go, Boom! I lost another hammer! Luckily, we've got a baseball bat, – Oh, luckily we do – [Collins] Look at that, oh man! – [Devan] You got it in my bowl for my boba

– It was a very effective method to collect the juice in a nice little, nice little sample of juice right here – Collins – What? – What? – All in all that went a lot better than it could've – [Devan] All right, finished up the boba, this is gonna be perfect for Frankenstein's brain cell! – [Collins] Luckily I was able to collect all the berry juice, I've heated it up, mixed in a whole bunch of agar agar, and now it is time to cool it down on some dry ice – [Devan] All right time to pour in my mozzarella

– [Collins] I'm gonna dump this dry ice out over like this – [Devan] Oh, wow, okay! – [Collins] So here we go, are you ready? – Yup – [Collins] Do not try this at home! – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collins] I'm just gonna go very slowly on top – [Both] Whoa! – [Collins] Holy cow! – [Devan] Whoa! – [Collins] Look at that! – [Devan] What! – [Collins] Beat that bro, Pennywise's brain is on another level, I'm going to win for sure! Wow! All right well bam, there we go, berry juice is now cooling down, cooling down of course in the inside of an igloo – [Devan] I'm gonna use cheese as the edible glue for Frankenstein's brain, (dog barking) and I can see the puppies are getting very excited about this cheese

All right, I'm making a nice little dog treat balloon, with this mozzarella cheese right here – And I've collected all the dry ice juice here in a siphon, that's what this thing's called, so here we go! – [Devan] Just gotta shape it like this here – [Collins] Just give it a quick smack! – You do it (smack) – I smacked it! – [Devan] I'm gonna make a balloon out of mozzarella cheese – [Collins] All right, well as you do that I'm gonna see if I can take this here

(dramatic orchestral music) Whoa, whoa, whoa! – I just blew a whole in it – See if I can just shoot it out like this – [Both] Oh! – [Devan] Dude! – [Collins] Yo! – Oh no, my cheese is past it's prime man – [Collins] It's not an Optimus Prime cheese anymore – It was never – it has now – an Optimus Prime

– become a frisbee So yeet! (crashing) – [Devan] Okay, so apparently I've gotta step up my game because your Pennywise is gonna be lookin' awesome Oh, its working dude! – [Collins] Holy cow, – [Devan] Look at it! – that little bubble! – [Both] Oh! It popped, Man! – Well as you do that Devan, I've got this drill right here, I've put a head massager on, and this is how I'm hoping to make Pennywise's hair – Hello, what? – Got an ice-mold right in here – [Devan] Three, two, one – [Collins] You know what, I'm just gonna dip it in like this, all right! And then, here we go, – [Devan] Oh dear, oh dear

– [Collins] just gonna start – [Devan] Oh dear! – [Collins] spinning it slowly – [Both] Oh! – What! – Yo – Oh my gosh, I wasn't expecting that at all man! – Oh, yes, here we go, I got it, I got it, I got it – Is it working? – Yes! You're very focused on this thing – [Collins] Whoa! Here we go let's see this

– [Both] Oh! – [Devan] Collins! – [Collins] I'm actually Spider-man! Look it, I've like spider webbed myself bro – And they're edible too! – Look at that man! – Can I eat it, can I eat it? – Yeah you can try eating some spider webs right now, see they're biodegradable spider webs here man! – Whoa! – Who knew, all you need is a power drill and a head massager to become a superhero man? This is legit! This hair is coming out and it's coming out nicely man! – [Devan] That is looking good man! – It's a big chunk of hair right here dude! – Wow! – Holy cow, could you imagine finding this in your drain? All of us enjoy lovely luscious hair like this – It doesn't make me wanna eat it – That's the whole thing about Pennywise, you don't wanna eat Pennywise cause he's goal's scare you! – [Devan] All right, for my next thing, I'm making Frankenstein's brain tubes! Now, all I need is to just pour this in – [Collins] Whoa! – Yes! Look at that! Look at that! – Look at that! – [Collins] it's not going in

– [Devan] It's not going in – I think I should squeeze it Devan, cause my hands, (laser) yup, they're made for squeezing! So here we go, woohoo! – Oh, yeah! – [Collins] There we go, just thought I would just give it a quick little squeeze like that It didn't do anything – I don't think that worked All right, filled up some tubes, now it's time to blow the noodles out from the tube

Here we go, three, two, one (blows) – [Both] Oh! (celebration) – Three, two, one (machine blows) No! – Are you kidding me? – It got all over me – You just, blasted me in the, there we go! And now you're red just like me! (squeals) – Got some balloons here and now it's time to stick them in some liquid nitrogen! (dog barks) – [Collins] Now tell me you aren't a visionary, at first, I had no idea how I could use balloons for Pennywise, but now I think I can actually use it for his forehead So here we go – Well before you do that I have my Frankenstein head right here

– That's actually exactly Frankenstein's head Devan – What, no it's gonna take a ton of work what are you talking about? – No, no, I mean that can looks exactly like Frankenstein's head We're gonna move the liquid nitrogen very carefully! – [Devan] You're really serious about this – Oh I'm very serious And here's the thing Devan, seet! We're gonna be moving Frankenstein's head right here, and Devan, – It's just a can? – grab my finger

– What, okay? – Grab my finger, and pull the lever – What lever? – The lever Devan – What? – Pull the lever! – When did that get there? – Here we go, – Okay – on the count of three, ready? – [Both] All right, three, two, one (electric shock) whoa! – Here we go Devan, – Okay

– I'm bringing him to life, – Okay – here we go! (slap) (pop) – Hey dudes it's me – [Both] He's alive! – Oh my gosh! Wait so, – No way! – how do you feel right now? – I donno, I'm still pretty new to this (knocking) Yo, Franky! Where'd he go man? You pulled the lever? – Yeah dude, it was getting weird pull the lever! – You didn't think – You just pulled the lever – that was weird? – on your bean Frank! – He doesn't even really have a brain yet

– Without any further-a-do, it's time to drop a balloon into the liquid nitrogen Do not try this at home! So here we go, are you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one Oh! – It's just bouncing! – It's floating! Here we go, just gonna push it in Oh my gosh! Look at it, it's deflating! Now freezing the balloon will make it perfect for Pennywise's forehead Look at it bro! – What, I got avocados! – Look at it here we go, we'll place that right over here like this! – Oh, – Look at this! – so close to the avocados! – [Collins] Look at it man! – [Devan] No! – [Collins] Holy cow! – [Devan] It's refilling up! It has a mind of it's own! – [Collins] This thing is alive right now man! Oh my gosh! – Flip it over, flip it over, flip it over! (balloon popping) (screaming) – [Collins] That's a lot of avocado's, you're making quick work of it

What're you doing that for? – [Devan] This is for Frankenstein's head dude! This is Rapid Rise, instant yeast! – That's Rapid Rise? – [Collins] You've gotta have – [Devan] Yes! – [Collins] the instant yeast Well I gotta say I was hopin the liquid nitrogen would help me out, but unfortunately it popped the balloons, it ruined the integrity, so now, we're gonna take this bottle of water, and then gonna fill it up So here we go are you ready? Three, two, one I'm just gonna squeeze like that So here we go just gonna have to do a couple, couple powerful squeezes, so here we go, power up! (powering up) Perfect! All right there we go, tied off the balloon, and this thing is looking fantastic

– You can't do this with guac! – Why is it so hard? – Because this is Frankenstein's head! All right, now I'm gonna add this into the can – Look at my balloon man, you fling it like this (laughter) (excitement) – [Devan] All right, filled this thing up, now I've gotta pop it in the oven! – I'm gonna place this right over here, and we gotta wait a second for that to finish, don't we? – Yup! – [Man] Twenty minutes later – All right just popping this thing outta here just like this! – [Collins] Holy cow! So that's what the avocado bread looks like? – Yes! – [Collins] I've got some boiling how ice-mold here, we're gonna pour it on the balloon – Boom, yup! – What! – Oh! – All right here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one

– [Collins] Just gonna go for a very soft pour over here like this! – [Devan] Oh! That looks awesome! – [Collins] So this right here is Pennywise's fourhead! All right here we go, just gonna pout a little bit more on Oh my gosh! It's so satisfying! – [Devan] Wow! – I'm telling you Devan, you have no idea, how awesome my Pennywise is gonna be! Boom, okay ice-mold is done! – Now I've just gotta core the center of it out like this! This is a perfect cavity for his brain – When I start putting it all together, my Pennywise is gonna be on another level Yo these monsters are getting very close to being done, but there's still one more big thing we gotta add to them – I'm making the dye for Frankenstein's skin, and you might be wondering why it's purple, and that is because it's about to change

– Please hold this open for a second, all right here we go, just gonna place a pretzel on the inside This pretzels gonna act as the front of Pennywise's face All right Devan, here I'm just gonna suck up some of this good juice like this – [Both] Three, two, one (syringe sputters) – Oh it had the squeach

– [Devan] So I got some vinegar right here and we're gonna pour this in What are you doing, and how did you blow that up? – I've gotta mix up my pretzel up in here hermano – Okay, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collins] Let's see, is it going in – [Devan] Pour it in

Yup! – [Both] Whoa! – All right, just gonna fill up the rest of it! Yes! (balloon popping) – [Both] Whoa! – No way! (slow mo) – Are you kidding me dude? (laughter) Look at you! Look at this! – It hit the pineapple – Look at that! – I'm sorry! – For the first time, I was unscathed – Yeah, I act like a giant blast shield! – [Collins] Now we gotta coat the pretzel in a whole bunch of yogurt that way it's perfect for the front of Pennywise's face! – All right now, it's time to turn this thing green! – [Both] Three, two, one – [Devan] It's supposed – [Collins] Keep going! – [Devan] to be a dark green, – [Collins] Keep going! – [Devan] look at that! – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – We've got all the elements, and now it's time to compile them into the ultimate edible art sculpture! All right, status update, – I'm still single! – It's been about two full days, yeah, Devan is still single and so am I, so yeah! (high fiving) It's been two full days of working on our art pieces, and this is all we've come up with! I've had a whole bunch of friends help me out with this thing, which was very nice! – [Devan] I'm gonna pop my Frankenstein head on there, this is still a work in progress – [Collins] All right, while you do that I'm gonna paint the mouth with some edible paint over here

All right, so we've just gotta keep putting these things together man, no other way then forward if you know what I mean – Sure – You can't go backwards We've got the finished monsters, and these are the most incredible art pieces we've ever made on the channel ever and I've gotta level with you guys this wasn't all me, I had to get some friends together, took about a week, all ten of us put this thing together – I have to say, I'm not even mad, that thing looks amazing! – [Collins] Before we reveal, It's time to find out who the puppies think created the better art piece

Dude look and they're so excited, they're so excited to pick the art piece, so here's the thing guys, Frankenstein, or Pennywise okay? So here we go, Fluffy, I want you to, just focus right here – [Devan] I think they like their toy – [Collins] Right over here, so which one do you like? Are you gonna go Pennywise, Frankenstein, Pennywise, oh man – [Devan] That's a leaf! And you know leaves are green, and Frankenstein's green – [Collins] But that's a dinosaur and dinosaurs are like a scary monster like Pennywise is, that is green, I don't think this is very conclusive, so I don't think they have a clear opinion, so you know, let's just do the reveal

We put a tone of work into this, so here is the big reveal! – [Both] Three, two, oh! – Five second subscribe challenge, we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, you ready? Here we go! – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you could do that comment down below Keyper Squad, right now! – [Both] Three, two, one ta-da! What! (excitement) We got the edible monsters and now its time to find out how they taste, as well as reveal their secret surprises! I gotta say mine, the hair, is just freaking me out! It looks so weird! – Dude, your whole one is freaking me out! – I'm gonna have nightmares about this thing! – And as mine was drying it got a little cracked but I actually think it helped the aesthetic you know – I donno man, he needs some moisturizer bro we gotta lotion this man up – But that's not the point man he's Frankenstein, he's made from all these different pieces you know – All right, it kinda helps it out So which one do we want to eat first? – [Devan] Oh man, it's such a toss up, they're both so amazing, I donno, I think lets eat mine first

– All right, so we'll eat your Frankenstein first then we'll come down to Pennywise – And mine has a very special surprise in the top of his head, yeah that's right it was hollow, so I was able to but his brain in there and some other fun stuff, you ready for this? – Wait, so you're just gonna peel back the top of his head? – Yes, I'm just gonna peel open his head and you'll see – What? – I was already kinda creeped out by your guy but knowing he has a hollow head I'm like lowkey scared that he's gonna like jump out at me – Boo! – Hey! You can't do that, you can't do that Whew, I need to walk that one off, holy cow, okay

– [Devan] I'm just gonna peel off the top of his head – Yo be gentle, you gotta be gentle! His neck is like, (grunting) – I built this monster, I know how it works – Whoa! (revealing orchestral music) – No looking! (screeching) Don't look in, it's a surprise Now I've just gotta take one of these things and drop it in to see the activation, you ready? – When you drop it in, is it just gonna like, shoot out top like a volcano or what's gonna happen? – It very well might do that, he might come to life, he might jump at you, you know, who knows – The last part, what? – His eyes might glow you know, a lot of things could happen! You ready for this? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, lets, – No you gotta come close – No I think, let's, – You've gotta come more this way

– Okay, oh man all right! – [Both] Three, two, one – Drop it in! – [Both] Whoa! – [Collins] His brains are bubbling bro! What on earth! – Beat that! It doesn't smell so great though – Man, his brains are stinky Whew! Sharp! Yep Very tangy, goes to the back of the throat

– Holy cow So we're just gonna scoop out some of his brains – [Devan] Yes we are! – [Both] Oh! – Man it's just dripping, it's all gloopy! – That's some good stuff! (disgust) I'm gonna take an ear right here, look at that! – Oh that's kinda cool, okay And then I'm gonna take one of these bolts – You know what, you've got a bolt, I'm gonna try get some of this eye here, let's just scoop in here like this

(screaming) All right boom yeah, here we go, we've got an eye on top of it all! – Should I go for his nose do you think? – Go for it Devan, It's very rare you get to eat a monster I gotta say, there was a lot of elements that went in to making this, like first of all, that is the most amount of sodium alginate, poured in the calcium lactate that I have ever seen – [Devan] And the brain was the best! – [Collins] I know and when you popped it too! – I can't wait to see how the popping boba tastes as well, I wonder if it's gonna be different than the other stuff – [Both] All right here we go, three, two, oh hold on! – We just launched some brand new merch so if you click the top link in the description right now, we've got a whole bunch of crazy new designs so get yours before it all sells out, click that link right now and lets se how this tastes! – [Both] Three, two, one (celebration) (yelling) – That is terrible

– That is so bad but I kind of admit it's probably what brains would taste like For realism, your monster gets an A+, but in terms of taste, Worst thing we've tasted yet! – [Devan] It's so bad! – [Collins] Now it's time to taste my Pennywise, and I really hope, it tastes better than yours The first thing we're gonna do is break open the forehead Devan, it's very domesque Sorry Pennywise! (hammer clinking) – Oh! – That's a hard head! He's resilient okay hold on – He's wearing a hard hat! – Holy cow! – [Devan] That is harder than I expected

– Actually really this is disturbing – Is it working, is it working? – [Both] Oh! (explosion) – In my eyes! In my eyes! Oh my gosh, it's the entire ambrosia salad! – [Devan] He's like ten time more disturbing than he was before Oh my goodness! – Yeah, I did not pop the head off enough! – [Devan] What have you done? – [Collins] I'm sorry! – [Devan] This is terrifying! – [Collins] Now it's time to see how the inside of Pennywise's head tastes, just remember Devan , it's vegan! We did A whole bunch of crazy stuff, I smashed a pineapple with liquid nitrogen, and a yeet hammer! That was a first, we've never done that before, we then made some delicious whipped juice full, that is probably going to be the best tasting part of this whole thing, and of course, we cannot forget the pretzel in the balloon – Can I take more of him? I wanna take off like the ears – [Collins] Yeah you might wanna take off a little bit of the hair over here

All right here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one, oh wait! – If you wanna win a fifteen minute video call with Devan and I, then text the word "PET" to 81800 right now, so pause the video, text the word pet to 81800, you'll automatically be entered in to win, and let's see how this tastes! – [Both] All right here we go! Three, two, one Whoa! – Yeah (clapping) (excitement) That was absolutely delicious, he may look terrifying but he tastes delicious, so comment down below, who is your favorite movie character you would love to see us make an art sculpture out of and if you wanna see another video, click right over here, you've got five seconds, here we go! – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – Love you, Bye!

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