We've just arrived to Mänttä from Tampere by bus An event called "Food and Art" is starting here today As the name suggests, this event combines food and art Mänttä is known as an art town There's also "kuvataideviikot" art event going on here So you can find pretty cool pieces of art around Mänttä As soon as we arrived here we came across this street art piece called "100 +++ trees" This one piece of art sure has a huge list of hashtags We are in the heart of the town of Mänttä At Serlachius Gustaf museum We loaned bikes from here You can loan these for free which is very cool It's very convenient to bike around here We're now going to take "lemmenpolku" path to Gösta museum Your thoughts of lemmenpolku path? 2,5/5 Let's not take this path any further It's very muddy Yeah, let's follow the road for the rest of the journey We just arrived to the other Serlachius museum, Gösta, by bikes This is the festival area for the food and art event French Food Market has just begun here We're very hungry so I sure hope they have something besides salad dressing to sell there We shall see, but there are other restaurants here as well So I'm sure we'll find something to eat here And, of course, there is the amazing museum here, which we're going to see And then we're going to return here in the evening to have dinner Welcome! Could I get you some meal tickets? The Finns like milk chocolate Then we have blackcurrant here And millet And now that we have international guests here And especially since Mr Michel Bras is here He has been my idol since I was a student So I wanted to do a French chocolate So this one has hazelnut and pear with caramelized flavors Pretty cool Sounds delicious This is absolutely delicious Luckily they have other things besides salad dressings here at the French Food Market Wonderful dishes I got this salad They didn't actually have vegetarian choices on the menu but they still made me them when I asked I love it Let's try Oh yes It has goat cheese creme Very nice And then I have vegetables and mushroom here Delicious And a little bit of champagne Everyone who loves food would definitely be satisfied with this French Food Market It says here "acrylic on canvas" That is amazing So amazing Think about it This guy paints canvas to look like wood These could fool even a carpenter Your thoughts of Mäntylinna It's like you're at your grandma's but your grandma is an interior designer Exactly! And rubber ducks! A quick visit here at apartment hotel Mäntylinna (Pine Castle Apartments) A little bit of sparkling wine A little bit of mascara And now let's return to Gösta since we're having a pop-up dinner there at Olo pop-up I'm sure there are some lovely treats there Let's go This is absolutely delicious It's a whole different scenario at our home kitchen at Olo You have many friends around you, everything is familiar You know what to find and where even with your eyes closed This is more challenging When the week is over there are many lovely memories But now there is some surviving to do You'll remember why you started doing this in the first place Besides being beautiful it tastes absolutely amazing It's interesting since it's sour but smooth So many flavors in one Yes, there are It takes time to figure out the taste Amazing So freakin' delicious This is the perfect ending I feel a bit clumsy after having a taste of this This dinner was just amazing Surprise after another Every dish was unique and something new to me And the taste was absolutely brilliant And what made the experience even better was the place Just gorgeous An intimate space, there were around 20 of us dining there The table company was incredible We had so much to talk The time just flew by An incredible experience The dessert of a dessert of a dessert Oh wow, what an amazing day from start to finish Art, amazing food, new friends Everything was just perfect Spot on The dinner was the cherry on top of the cake Everything was just so perfect with the whole dining experience If you ever get a chance to take a part, take it Just amazing If you liked our video, remember to hit the "like" button And don't forget to subscribe!

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