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    Fadi’s Genius Way to BBQ WHOLE LAMB!! | He Fed The President of Lebanon This Same Food!


    – Hey everyone, hope you're having an amazing day It's Mark Wiens, I'm in the Beqaa region of central Lebanon

    And today is a very special day We have come to, it's called Taanayel Ecolodge, but there's a man here named Fadi who specializes in whole-grilled lamb, Lebanese style It's actually his own style, and today we have this special treat to watch him from the full raw lamb He's gonna marinate it, he's gonna prepare it, he's gonna grill it for six hours It's gonna be so tender and juicy

    This is gonna be an amazing day and I'm gonna share all of it with you in this video (upbeat instrumental music) We arrived to the Ecolodge, which is built all in the traditional style of the Beqaa region of Lebanon, and we're actually gonna stay here for the night, but this is where they're also gonna roast the lamb and prepare the whole lamb, so we're gonna do that first before we walk around, before we see some of the aspects of this entire, like almost like a village created, re-created as an Ecolodge – [Voice Offscreen] Meet Fadi, the number one specialist in the lamb barbecues in Lebanon Fadi is also the manager of the Ecolodge restaurants So, he's ready to start with the preparing the lamb

    And here we have the full kitchen Everything is located to make the breads, the meat, butchery, bakery, everything Vegetables grown on the farm – [Mark] Where is Kamal Huobi? Okay, we're in the kitchen, he's slicing the lamb – [Voice On Speakerphone] Oh, you are slicing the lamb, let me join you

    – (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat instrumental music) (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] So he's just preparing the lamb, making some cuts, cutting off some of the excess fat because he said that will burn there and it will also be not so good when it's grilled and just leaving the, some of the fat and some of the, especially the fat that's within, embedded within the meat, so that it keeps it juicy, but yeah, he knows exactly what he's doing, like a surgeon Just making incisions, strategically for grilling, for spices I'm sure, just trimming it up – (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat instrumental music) – Now they're adding in, it's a long metal pole skewer, all the way through it, so it's gonna, I guess, I think it will be on a spit Maybe it will rotate, it should rotate, right? Yes, you get that even roast all the way through – [Voice Offscreen] These guys are professionals

    They make it look easy – [Mark] They're pros, yes, they're doing it so fast, too And the trimming and like getting it prepared, they're doing it fast (upbeat instrumental music) Now, securing it, wrapping it, securing it with thick wire because I can imagine after it grills for hours, it will start to drip a little, start to juice, it will become so tender that it will like, just bones will fall off, meat will fall off, but they're ensuring that it won't by wiring it together, also it has to be secure on the pole so that when it turns, when it rotates, it doesn't move either As he was trimming up the lamb, he hung up a little– a little surprise (laughs)

    But that's not the surprise, actually The surprise is coming – (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat instrumental music) – It's so cool and like so soft Before you even bite down, you can, like wrapped in the bread, you can feel how soft it is Oh wow, oh Kamal, that is like butter

    If you're not thinking about what it is, like it's just– – Try not to – It's amazing, and then the mint also like, yes – [Voice Off Screen] (speaks in foreign language) – Okay, number two And this one is a double, by the way, I've got two pieces Okay, let me just explain to you, okay, in Lebanon, they eat a lot of raw meat, some of the raw organs, raw liver, but Fadi takes it to a new level and, maybe it's traditional too, but he eats the raw testicles of the lamb

    You can tell that's fresh, it's so creamy, it's so cool and refreshing, to be honest – It's soft and smooth and– – It's so like buttery, now comes on the– the lamb onto the grill – (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat instrumental music) – [Mark] First he took some lemons, fresh lemons, squeezed them on, and even like rubbed the skin, the fat, the outside, with lemons, and now he has this spice mixture, which is like a liquidy spice mixture with yogurt, but a bunch of spices in it as well, and he's– mmm, it already smells good, you can smell the sumac – [Voice Offscreen] Cinnamon – Cinnamon, he's rubbing that all over

    – [Voice Offscreen] Of course it's yogurt – A yogurt on the lamb, that smells amazing He says that's gonna keep it juicy That's gonna like really like– – [Voice Offscreen] It's fresh – It smells great, yeah

    They're wrapping the entire lamb in tin foil now, probably gonna seal in the juices and keep that marinade on the meat as long as possible I'm guessing like maybe at the end they would char the skin so you get that smoky flavor, but first, you wanna keep those juices in and hold those juices in – (speaks in foreign language) – Yes, that's it for seasoning – (speaks in foreign language) – We'll film the process of starting with the charcoal and so on, then you will wait for hours – Cool, and it takes about six hours to grill, I think

    That was great, that was an experience That was a lamb experience, a new lamb experience, that's for sure I guess it's something that Fadi was explaining to us is that he's gonna just manually turn it, no machine, no, nothing to use to turn it He does it manually because he can control the fire He knows what parts of the lamb need to take longer, so he can leave them on that section for longer, so you know it's gonna be perfect

    I mean it's gonna be way better than the automatic because he's gonna control where the fire goes, what parts get done, what parts need more time over the fire and need hotter fire – That's refreshing – Since being in Lebanon, I love drinking from the– what is it called? – [Voice Offscreen] Ibrik – Ibrik, it's the glass pitcher that's communal, and it works, it's– – [Voice Offscreen] I can't explain it It's just more refreshing, more fulfilling

    – Yeah, it really is, like– – [Voice Offscreen] It quenches your thirst nicely – And it's also communal because everybody can drink from here without– – [Voice Offscreen] Exactly, you don't need a cup for it – Without germs Just a little spillage on my shirt I am getting better, okay one more time

    I need to work on my ending The ending is where I get the spill Micah, you want some? – [Voice Offscreen] You want some? (laughs) oh, sorry (laughs) – [Mark] I have to work on my ending Nice

    Micah, aaaahhhh (squeals and laughter) Their place is set up like a traditional Beqaa style village with a big courtyard grassy area in the middle It's really nice, it's really breezy, it's a great place for kids to run around Micah is having a fun time, and we just, I think they raise pigeons Micah, stop here

    (child babbles) Stop here (child babbles) Pigeons (squeals and laughter) He just spread out the charcoal The charcoal is still being lit, but I'm sure they're gonna keep on feeding the fire, adding more charcoal as they go, but then he just sat down on the chair, said I'm gonna be sitting here for the next five hours, slowly rotating, that is a time commitment, but it's gonna be worth it, as it slow roasts and just grills perfectly, not even evenly, not even evenly, but more perfectly because the different sections of the lamb – [Voice Offscreen] Micah, come over here

    – Micah wants me to go get his– he got this big bouncy ball, so I'm gonna– actually, I'll just show you our room in the process, but this is where we're staying, this is the Ecolodge This is the communal kitchen, I believe Then over here is a communal living room You have seats, you have a table, but this is the traditional Beqaa style where people would be community There would be a family living here

    There would be a family living here And then a communal sitting area here (upbeat instrumental music) The fire is still pretty, it's pretty low, not too hot, but you can already start to hear the– I'm pretty sure there's some dripples of juice coming out already I don't know if I'm imagining it yet, but I'm beginning to smell the– smell the juices, smell the aroma (upbeat instrumental music) They're rotating the lamb, having a quick cup of coffee

    (child babbles offscreen) Aaaah (meat sizzles) It's probably been about four hours now It still needs some time, I'm sure, but look at the progress on this lamb The skin is blackened and just bubbling He's slowly rotating it, it smells so good, it's hissing now, you can feel the fire is really hot

    I mean, every second you hear just driplets of oil and juice just dropping to those coals hissing away It's just dripping with juices and fat That smells so good, it looks incredible I cannot wait to try it, especially that outside skin area Oh man

    (meat sizzles) And he just drizzled on like an entire bottle more of that sauce, that yogurt mixture, the sumac, the other spices in there Like some of that yogurt marinade, the blackness of it, just the caramelized glaze, the caramelized yogurt and spices on that skin Along with the lamb and probably many other dishes, she's gonna make kibbeh a traditional way, using the big stone and mortar and wooden pestle, the minced meat with bulgur – [Voice Offscreen] Good? (laughs) – [Mark] Thank you, yes, smells very good Okay

    – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – Mmmmm (speaks in foreign language) oh wow It was so good, you just taste the pure spices of the meat and the freshness of it, yes It's so fresh, it's just like neutral tasting – [Voice Offscreen] (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] Cheers – Cheers

    – And with kibbeh, always gotta have arak Aaah, really good kibbeh nayeh I think it's actually a coarser grind of meat than other versions that I've had It's more coarse, it's less smooth, really good texture, and it is already mixed with the bulgur when she pounds it, so then she just pounds it, she's making whole plates of– you can just get it by the plateful, oh it's so good It's so good, it's so like, a harmony of flavors, and so like, it's so pure tasting

    Oh wow, the lamb is coming along very nicely, it is almost done, I know they're putting the kind of the finishing touches on it They put some clay pans in the bottom of the charcoal I'm not sure what they're gonna do, if they're just gonna catch the drippings as they shave it or what, but very close, I'm very excited – (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] They're preparing the chopping board, the knives, all the spices are there, you can see the chili powder, the cumin, the pepper, the sumac, the salt I think what's gonna happen is they're gonna transfer the lamb from the spit from the fire to the chopping board, that is a gorgeous chopping board Chef Fadi is preparing, I can almost taste the lamb already

    It is getting very close – (speaks in foreign language) (meat sizzles) (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat instrumental music) – (laughs) Oh wow (upbeat instrumental music) – [Voice Offscreen] Unbelievable, wow (upbeat instrumental music) – [Voice Offscreen] Good bite, big bite – Mmm-hmm, mmmmm, oh wow, mmmmm, mmm-hmm

    It's turning into an omakase, and it's like omakase style, oh wow Oh, I can't even explain it to you yet Those are two of the greatest bites I've ever had (pan sizzles) (meat sizzles) – (speaks in foreign language) (laughs) – Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, those are huge bites he's feeding me (laughs) You are the man, it's so good (laughs)

    Like unbelievably good Mmmmm, it's like borderline ridiculously good, wow – [Voice Offscreen] (speaks in foreign language) – Thank you, thank you, Jay, did you try that lamb? – Yes, yes, already – Wow – [Voice Offscreen] How was the lamb? – Wow

    – [Voice Offscreen] Wow – Amazing – [Mark] Now I have a little time to tell you what he did to that, before they sliced the meat, Fadi was explaining that he knows the perfect ratio of fat to meat, and that he's gonna do it for us So they sliced off some of the skin, some of the fat, put them into those pans below, put it onto the chopping board, and then he sprinkled on his seasonings, a mixture of seasonings, there was salt, there was sumac, pepper, I think a little bit of cumin, and then he squeezed on some lemon juice, minced it all up with his knife, just beautifully mixing it perfectly That is just an unbelievable meat explosion

    That is some of the finest tasting grilled, like smoky fatty lamb I've ever tasted (meat sizzles) And then, for another version, he mixed it in the clay pot with both green onions and a lot of mint leaves Mmmmm, oh wow, like when I tasted my first bite, first of all, it was such a big bite, I couldn't even like speak, second of all, I was speechless, I couldn't speak anyways (upbeat instrumental music) (dreamy instrumental music) The filet – [Voice Offscreen] (laughs) – Oh wow (laughs) oh wow (laughs) it is so tender, it is so juicy, that mix of lemon juice and sumac and salt and cumin

    Oh wow, it's really unbelievably delicious Oh, oh bite number two, oh thank you That tastes so lean but so incredibly juicy, oh man, mmmmm (upbeat instrumental music) I have to say like him piecing out – (speaks in foreign language) – Piecing out the lamb, knowing exactly the parts, he is a genius how he does this

    Oh man, that's some of the skin (upbeat instrumental music) – (speaks in foreign language) – That's like layer upon layer of caramelized yogurt and lamb fat Oh wow That's some of the greatest like flavor I've ever had in my mouth (upbeat instrumental music) – (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] Oh good, we're going to the chicken cage here, okay, we move over to the chickens? – [Voice Offscreen] Oh no, this way

    (chickens clucking) – Oh, it's like a little chicken coop is in the back, but this is the kitchen of the traditional house There's a chicken right– there's a hen right here laying, she's actually in the process of laying an egg and then there's three eggs she just laid right there (upbeat instrumental music) (meat sizzles) (clay pan sizzles) – You can actually hear the fat melting with the eggs Five minutes on the coals, oh that's gonna be– that's gonna be ridiculous, but the entire lamb is just like the entire lamb has just been like– the meat has just been fully cleared, I mean you could still lick off the bones, which we will do, but that was just– that was an amazing, unbelievable lamb Fadi is like maybe grabbing some other parts, he's gonna work some other lamb genius ideas

    Oh the head, he's definitely gonna do something with the head (meat sizzles) – [Voice Offscreen] Yes, but it's so good though It's delicious – [Voice Offscreen] Ohhhh, ohhhh – [Voice Offscreen] What is that? – (speaks in foreign language) – [Voice Offscreen] I've never had that

    – [Voice Offscreen] What's that coming out now? – [Voice Offscreen] No way, the brains, no? – From this tube of the spinal cord, he squeezed it out, and it's like cheese (laughs) Oh wow, that's like the creamiest thing I've ever had – [Voice Offscreen] (laughs) – That's even creamier than brain, oh wow Oh, that's unbelievably rich, that's like so creamy, my lips are sticking together from it – [Voice Offscreen] That's seasoning

    – [Fadi] Seasoning (speaks in foreign language) – [Voice Offscreen] Everybody has to try it – Mmmmm, thank you Fadi, mmmmm – (speaks in foreign language) – (laughs) It's just an entire mouthful of cream with lemon, with those spices, you taste the sumac in there Oh, that's ridiculous, like unbelievably creamy

    Oh, I can't even believe it – [Voice Offscreen] And now this is the egg, as we were eating it, as he was freaking out, the egg is ready – (laughs) Oh wow, like you taste the crunchy bits of the fatty lamb plus the gooey, oily fatty chunks Mmmmm, I can't even describe it I'm done, it's just too good

    I think that's gonna wrap up this entire meal One of the most outstanding meals I've ever had The lamb, omakase, Fadi is a genius the way he grills the entire lamb, the way he marinates it, the way– but even more so, and I didn't even know it was gonna be served this way, the way he pieces it out, the way he serves it omakase style, like bite by bite, he's a genius on how he knows how to piece it out and mix it together – I just have to say I'm a big fan of this guy I mean, Fadi, he's really, kind of you were explaining about his omakase without him knowing, it's omakase, right? He's just feeding people one bite at a time

    – Yeah, exactly, and knowing where to part it out, what to mix together, different pieces, oh man, unbelievable I wanna keep that lamb taste on my tongue forever, but since it's cherry season Mmmmm, mmmmm, we have loved cherry season in Lebanon so far They're so juicy, they're so sweet, mmmmm – [Voice Offscreen] That's amazing

    – And I'll have some coffee Every meal, every break, every snack needs coffee Aaaaah The masters of the lamb (laughs) Yes (laughs)

    Okay, thank you (speaks in foreign language) Thank you Amazing experience, yes, I loved it, thank you so much Ohhhh, that was an outstanding meal experience That's Fadi's own recipe, he made it, he created it, he's been doing it for fifteen years, perfecting it, and I was talking with him at the end, and he said the technique and the skill is not so much in controlling the fire, especially the way he grills it, roasts it, it's not so much in the fire, but it's in the rotation, so I mean that's also like controlling the heat because you direct the heat where you need it to go

    That was the greatest lamb, whole lamb, I've ever had in my life, and just the way he makes the bites, the way he feeds the bites, Fadi has even fed the president of Lebanon, the former president of Lebanon, many of the diplomats, the ambassadors, he does private events for them, he's fed them that bite, and that is one of the greatest lamb bites you'll ever have in your life, unbelievable Also great to hang out with the entire team from Chemonics who work with USAID, and what a day, I wanna say a big thank you to USAID for funding this, for funding my trip to Lebanon, and then huge thank you for watching this video Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, you can click subscribe now, and also click the little bell icon so that you will get notified of the next video that I publish Good night from Beqaa region of Lebanon Thanks again for watching, see you on the next video

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