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    Exploring Vietnamese Food | Backpacking Vietnam | Vlog 03


    She ate entirely with chopsticks And took out the bone without using the hands Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam I have a room on the 12th Floor And the room’s speciality is it’s gorgeous view This is our private room Common kitchen Can make breakfast, lunch, etc No use for me Guess this is the office This is our tall building We’re taking the Uber now to Ben Thanh market It’s convenient to get Uber for travel within the city Didn’t know it on the first day So they easily cover 3-4 km in approx Rs 30-40 It’s okay We’ll explore plenty in the coming days First left then right We’re right outside the Ben Thanh Market It’s famous & has small shops Just like our Mumbai ones Which one should I get? Lets go for this one There’s only one compartment & lot of space My backpack is getting heavier so this is a better option It says for $10 i

    e Rs 650 approx Don’t know what they’ll charge here It should last longer First purchase in Ben Thanh Market My back is at ease now This fellow came & started pulling my shoes Wondering if I regret buying the bag in a hurry Saw a big bag store which sold for fixed rate My bag type was for less than $5 It was for $450 precisely And realised after I got mine for $10 on the other side of the road What a bad luck Leave it though Now onto our next task of looking for a Charger We need a three pin charger for the converter I don’t smoke Where will I get this? My laptop has a 3 pin charger so in need of an adapter to connect it My laptop won’t work until I get the adapter Should’ve realised it in Mumbai itself There are so many bag shops here And they’ll be for much cheaper than my purchase In search of an Adapter Shop 30 Finally got it Will get to work tonight How much? 30? It’s 4 pm & I’m hungry so let’s look for good food Found the Street Food Market For the experimental cuisine trials These are for Taste test It’s quite tasty Come on dude! Cook it up! What’s this? Italian Sausage Chicken or pork? No beef After roaming across this huge street food market I finally landed up on trying Italian Sausage at this stand It was no harm in trying something new but there were too many choices At last decided on the idea of finding someone who stayed locally to help me out Today we’re at special restaurant in Vietnam And we’re accompanied by Mai & Yo We’ve ordered plenty of food & they’ll teach me how to eat it Let’s cheers to it! I’ve been handed a cabbage leaf with a Tulsi leaf in And this is a Dosa like thing Have to roll it & dip it in Fish Sauce It’s nice Now let me try it Quiet tasty This is Rice Paper We’re supposed to eat? It’s literally like our Dosa How to eat this with Chopsticks? Hold it like a pen These girls are laughing at me Why they eat Cabbage, Tulsi & Pudina So today’s dinner had all of this Now maybe I can survive in Vietnam Now she’s showing a different method Mixing noodles, sauce, vegetables together & eat it Who made these Chopsticks She’s finally asked me to try with a spoon Even I’m tired but lets do this After wondering what all to eat, found these girls And they’re teaching me what & how to eat So this is my dish Don’t know what it’s called really Finally getting good at Chopsticks Guys, Obama came here, tried this dish & really liked it I liked it too Obama & I have common likes After a peaceful sleep, I’m out & about to explore again Getting used to the lifestyle No money left There is a Citi bank ATM Let’s withdraw from the bank And spend it Today I’m not going to have any Vietnamese food Will find an Indian Restaurant for Lunch today Have ordered some Prawn Masala & Garlic Naan Indian food! It’s been a week & still getting the hang of Money Conversion One rupee is 350 Dong So it takes time to convert Right now I withdrew 60 lac Dong 60k Dong plus extra charges Charges of 60k Dong & an extra cut of Rs 750 Convert it for me Isn’t it difficult? So approx 18k was the cut & I got 17k Their charges were Rs

    200 Now I’m wondering where did Rs800 go? Will tell when I crack it It’s got gloomy, possibility of rains again We’re on the way to the mall in Vincom market centre for a movie In this huge Vincom Centre We’re at the Cinemas I’ll want a Vietnamese movie 300 for a ticket I’m trying to watch a local language movie Let’s see how’s it It was a Spanish movie with Mystery & Crime I just entered into the cinema hall & sat down Thought it’d be a local language film Service was really nice They gave me a Blanket & a nice Cold Coffee All in the same ticket price It was Rs 900 though A different experience of a day in Vietnam I wanted to see their local language film but was disappointed They couldn’t understand what I was asking for At night I was tempted to try some new food again So another experiment We’re here at Food Tour These are raw veggies & that’s some coal on top of which we have to cook We have to cook it ourselves It’s come to a boil It’s being cooked on our table itself There is vegetables, fish, chicken which is being put in & served Vietnam cuisine is really nice Getting a hang of it now She’s adding more & more of the veggies Fish, veggies, animals, all of it is added Add some more Thank you! It’s literally like Dal This girl almost had a big bowl of veggies I didn’t eat that much Cooked the fish & boiled veggies in this & now having it as a Curry She ate entirely with the chopsticks And took out the bone without using the hands It was the end of the sixth day Now I was looking forward to getting out of the city Had booked a special tour for the next two days Mekong Delta!

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