[ENG] 인싸음식이라면서요?? / 마라탕 리뷰 / Maratang / Chinese food / 외식남

Hi Review all the food in the world

He eats out And today I'm going to do this in the studio We're about to shoot A quick convenience store food product in the past I've been reviewing it a lot I've been a little short lately

A lot of out-of-the-box content I did Now, we're going to have a lot of simplicity I'd like to review it It's so simple I have a lot of products that I'm very curious about It was there

So I'm gonna have to try it I'm going to introduce you I am doing Tell me about today's product I'll give it to you

Mara is very popular these days I folded the mara for the first time with this product I did I've just had one from the focus of this product He only supported the product

I didn't pay for the ad So I want you to be honest with me after eating I want you to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses I'll try It's called Maratang

Maratang is a fused food No Just made the original marathons Food I think you can see it

That's why the original marathons taste good I want to feel If you're going to buy this, I think you should try it I told you, it's my first time eating It's very well suited to the taste of Koreans More It's Chinese food

That's why I thought you were going to split up It's good for you to eat I thought I might I'm going to go to the lake, except it's that spicy It doesn't taste like lizzie

Is that why in our country I think you're in fashion Let's read the spac Making with Nongshim at Homeplus It's called a product So maybe so, until now, It's on sale at Homeplus yo a weight of 480g It says 12 servings

But I'll show you the sheep in a minute as it may be I don't have much A little bit later I'll show you And the price is 4,990 won

It's 5,000 won Discount by doing They sell it for 4,000 won It's said to be sold for 3,990 won This product is delicious

in the cold The concept of the soup that keeps on going with They say they made it a delicious tingling of soup whether it tastes good or not I'll try that later I'll do it The expiration date is one year from the date of manufacture

I am doing Retort Foods is a little out of date It's longer than I thought long-available In a way, it's a very busy job Field And the popularity among the students there is I think it's retort food

240 kcal calm Eggs and milk are the main ingredients Soybean Wheat Pork Beef It contains chicken like this I do I'll cook it and come back I've been cooking marathons like this

In my case, five minutes in the microwave It's turned It's a five-minute rotation, so I think it's perfect Now let's see what's in here? I'll see if I can It's got red peppers in it

yo It's written on it Vietnamese chili They say, It's gonna be hot And There's a little tofu in there this much There's tofu in there

And the lotus root is two There's more tofu There's more tofu There's a lot of red pepper in there One, two, three, four, five Five chili peppers and a large amount of tofu

It's in there And some meat and pork I have it Three four And most of them are cabbage

I think it's a cabbage leaf Now, let's have some soup this time I'll see The smell of Chinese spices is sour Me And the first time I eat it, it's not spicy

The more you go back, the more spicy it tastes I think it's coming up I just had some soup, and I'm staying I saw it But as time goes by, it gets hotter and hotter

It tastes good It's been almost a minute, and now it's even more It's coming up hot It's getting more and more spicy ?da I don't know where the peak is

It's still hot There's still tingling in the back This is why Maratang is so addictive You do I'll have a bite to eat, like that I'm going to rock Yeongeun this time It's very soft and spicy

This time, tofu The more you eat, the more you get It's getting hot

Pork this time Pork is I ate the lean meat part The more you chew, the more tired you get I have a feeling There's still some leftover here

Keep chewing a sense of yawning It's a little stiff And Cabbage The cabbage is sour, too Overall, it's sour and tingling I think you can see it

That's all I can say But he's a nasty sour guy It doesn't taste like this That kind of spicy taste that's addictive I can't eat this without rice

I don't think so That's why I've I'll take care of the rice But personally, it's two servings It's a little small to say It's I think it's perfect for you to eat alone I'll try it The soup is really addictive I think it's a little bit hotter than Shin Ramyun

It's almost the same as fried chicken I think it's that spicy after eating I've got some red pepper left I'm afraid of something to eat I don't think it's going to be hot But I'll try it

It's gonna be so hot I've tried all the marathons I've been eating it, and I've been trying it on my whole life Do you want to make a recommendation? If you ask me, I'll tell my friends around me Try it to the point of a try That's how it feels Because it's not because it's delicious

It's unique That's the kind of thing I've never had before Something about the people around me You should try the original Maratang Look I'd like to recommend I think it was that much

Silence The price is 4,990 won, but the price is also different I think it's okay We can have one meal with rice simply In that sense, I think it's okay Hold it

You know, I'll never forget this simple thing Radenga And convenience store products Or any kind of food I often review it like this I'm going to rock

Thank you for watching today's video I'll see you again in the next video Hi