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Elders Vs. Food | LA CROIX TASTING (17 FLAVORS!)


– (cans opening) – This is not what I thought I was gonna be doing today ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) You are gonna be trying one of the most trending, socially popular, and all around hipster things out there today

– Oh, really? This isn't diet I don't do diet stuff – I love this stuff I don't know if you say it the French way to say La Croix or you say "La Croy" – "La Cross?" – "La Croix?" – La Croix

– "La Crock?" This sounds like a crock of you know what Oh, lime I like lime I can do this – (FBE) So we have seventeen of their flavors and you're gonna try all of them

– That's exciting – Sounds good now that I'm thirsty – (chimes) – Ooh, I didn't know they had this many flavors – Excellent Which end should I start at? – Let's see, what do I have here? Oh, natural mango essenced sparkling water

– Just a little tinge of mango Not so much, but it's refreshing – Oh, that's good That's good, 'cause it's not overpowering mango – Almost tastes like medicine

There's no flavor – Tasted like salty water – I'm smelling a little mango-ish and it tastes like crap It's not flavored enough for my taste – Mm, this is better

I like it If I'm very thirsty, this would quench my thirst – Oh, it smells like 7 Up, but real – Yeah, that's limey It's okay

This one's doable – It tastes more like lime It tasted a little tart – It's really refreshing and clean, 'cause after I drink it, swallow it, I don't feel that on my tongue or anything like that, so it just really hit the spot – Oh, this is just pure sparkling water

– Okay, this one should be good – It's like water but bubbles in it, which is what it's supposed to be – It seems to have more flavor than a plain soda water – It's not outstanding, but it's normal It's fine

– This one is supposed to be grapefruit I don't like grapefruit – Oh, ah! This one's okay, too I give it a thumbs up – I would prefer grapefruit juice

– It tastes just like your first bite of grapefruit if you ate a half a grapefruit in the morning or whenever – Melon Cantaloupe, I love cantaloupe – I don't like it There's a funny little aftertaste to it

– Ugh, this is nasty – The flavor seems to come across nicely The combination works It works, it's good – The undertone of the cantaloupe with the other flavor, I just don't care for that at all

– Oh, kiwi watermelon That's what I'm talking about See, I like when they mix Boy, you can really taste that watermelon – I like this one

A good combination – You definitely taste the kiwi, which has a strong flavor, I think – It doesn't have the flavor of watermelon to me until I read it and say, "Ah, that's watermelon" – Tastes like rotten watermelon – Apricot

I like apricots I've never tasted apricot water, though – To me, it's not a strong flavor of apricot and it's kind of sour – In comparison to the rest, with the carbonation, it's excellent – This has a very strong odor type

– This tasted like what I really expected it to taste, apricot – Okay, now we have lemon I love lemons – This tastes more like 7 Up – This is what people put lemon wedges in their water for, huh

Just to get that little touch of lemon in there – This is more close to having straight lemon juice, so I like it better – The smell is like when you walk up to the lemons at the market You have that lovely, not overpowering smell of lemons It's subtle

It's definitely lemon, but it's not pucker lemon That's really nice – Am I halfway yet? (laughs) – Cerice Limon What's that mean? – (FBE) Cherry lime – Cherry lime

There it is in English, okay – I don't like it at all, whatever that is I would never, never buy this flavor No way – Oh, that's good

That's like soda pop I mean, that tastes like you're drinking something bad for you – Tastes like my lipstick – I'm gonna think I'm really bad at this one It's too sweet

– Cherry flavor's really strong in this Oh, that's good – This is a good one This could be my number one choice right now – Ah, this has been my standby favorite, this tangerine

– Doesn't taste like tangerine It's a little bit bitter – I can smell it Yeah, and I taste it and it meets with my approval – If you didn't say "tangerine" I wouldn't know what it was

– Definitely when I finish drinking it, you can feel the tangerine – (FBE) So, there's been some debate about this one, because there's technically an orange flavor and a tangerine flavor Some people wonder why there's both of them when they kind of taste the same What do you think about that? – No Oranges and tangerines are totally different

– I have a tangerine tree at home and I have an orange tree too I prefer the tangerine, 'cause it's sweeter – It's definitely tangerine Not quite as sweet as orange – Pineapple strawberry, okay

Oh, that should be good – It's heavy The taste is very heavy – There's more flavor to it and those two flavors definitely jump out and let you know, "Here we are" – I would get this one, 'cause it tastes like pineapple, which is my favorite fruit

– The pineapple is overwhelming, but I like pineapple, so this is good – This may be my favorite so far – Oh, that's good I think I have a new favorite here over my tangerine – I taste the blackberry and I smell the cucumber

– I get a little bit of the essence of the cucumber, but mostly the blackberry – It's a very puzzling flavor, but then I never had cucumbers and blackberries together – I never liked blackberry, but this one, it's okay I can tolerate it – All right, coconut

This one's not gonna be good I've tasted coconut water and it sucks Oh yes, that's coconut flavoring – Yeah, once you open that, the coconut smell, it just hits you It really hits you

– You get the smell and you get the flavor immediately when you open it That's better than any coconut water I've tasted – I like the flavor of coconut and this does taste like coconut It has a nice, sweet flavor I like it

– It tastes like sparkling coconut juice, coconut water It's wonderful – Let's see here Cran-raspberry, yes Yes, cran-raspberry sounds good

– This one, I can really taste the raspberry Unlike the others, there's just a tinge This one is good – I mean, this is one I buy all the time I probably have this one in my fridge right now

– It has my attention and I would give it a thumbs up as well – It's the second strongest I've tasted and it would make a great punch – And this is apple cranberry, okay – It reminds me of the Jolly Ranchers when I was a kid The apple Jolly Ranchers

It's got that tartness right away when you taste it, you get that tartness from the apple – An apple, I automatically think of cider The taste should be close to that – I love apples, so I would like to taste more apple-y – You can't go wrong with apple and cranberry as far as I'm concerned, so I'll have to say I like it

– This is not what I thought I was gonna be doing today – Passionfruit I don't think I've ever had passionfruit juice – Oh, God The aftertaste is terrible

– Tastes like passionfruit, but not sweet – I wanna say it's falling in line with a melon or kiwi – More like grapefruit than anything else, but it's a nice flavor – (FBE) All right, Josie, this is your last one – Okay, let's see

Peach, I love peach, but not pear – I'm tasting a little bit of the peach, but the pear is definitely much stronger – I don't taste pear I smell it, but I don't taste it That's weird

– It does taste like peach and pear, but I don't like the combination It's full – This is a good one Like I said, peach and pear are probably a good combination – (FBE) All right, what do you think of these flavors? – I love 'em

I love the creation of the flavors Even if I didn't like them, I admire the creativity – You have opened up something new to me that I never thought I would do – When you pop it open and you hear that noise, it's like, "Ah, this is gonna quench my thirst" I love these drinks, man

They've replaced soda in my house – Thank you for watching us try La Croix here on the React Channel – Don't forget to Subscribe! – See 'ya – Hey guys, Alyssa here, a producer from the React Channel Thanks so much for watching this La Croix episode today

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