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    Think you’re a picky eater? What if you decided to only eat foods that were one specific color, like green or orange? Well, wonder no more, because you’re about to find out what it would mean to only eat food of the same color! If only all of it could be chocolate, am I right? In an experiment this wild, anything can happen! Get your tastebuds ready because we’re about to take the 1 color food for 24 hours challenge! Oh hey, ladies! Have you picked out your colors yet? Hey! Lookin’ good! Let’s do this thing! Each girl will choose what their opponent eats You ready? Lana is on a mission to find anything green for Vicki to eat! And this green seaweed is the perfect appetizer for this challenge

    Aw yeah! Ok, Vicki! Your first green meal of the day is here! Go ahead and see what it is Deliciously slimy seaweed! That smell is enough to spoil my appetite for a week! Hey, you’re the one who chose the color green! Alright, I may as well get this over with Oh man! That’s even slimier than I expected! That’s a pretty big bite there, you sure about this, Vicki? Ick! That does not look like it tastes good! Hey, just pretend it’s a big mouthful of tasty spaghetti! Green, disgusting, slimy, spaghetti Good job, there Vick! Next up? It’s Vicki’s turn to find some orange grub for Lana! Here ya go! Bon appetite! Hmm, it has a rather strong aroma Ooh, yeah, definitely doesn’t smell like something I wanna eat

    Oh no, now I’m really scared! Raw onion? Are you serious? Oh no, this is gonna be brutal It kid of looks like a lice of an apple But I’m pretty sure it’ll be anything but sweet Woah! Thats one monster bite! Who know those were so juicy? We feel your pain, Lana! You’re one brave soul! Ooh! Get that girl a stick of gum, STAT! Next up? Another round of green food! Okay, Vicki, you got this! Is that an aloe vera plant? Ugh, why couldn’t it have just been some celery? So dramatic Let’s see here… Yep, this big one’s got your name all over it, girl! Okay

    Wish I could put some peanut butter on this thing at least Here goes nothin! Oh yeah! Those things are filled with gooey aloe vera gel! Well, now we know why aloe is only good for sunburns, not snacks Ugh! It burns! It’s time for another delicious orange treat! Okay, Lana Don’t be scared, just rip it off like a band-aid! Pasta?! Is this my lucky day or what? It’s not even that orange… You’re right And I’m going to help you out with that

    Mustard? That doesn’t go well with pasta! Oh man! Were we fresh out of tomato sauce or something? Now what? You don’t expect me to actually eat this slop, do you? Here let me help you! Oh man, we can barely even watch! Okay, just gimme that Gah! it’s salty and spicy and just plain awful! C’mon, Lana! You can do it! Just swallow it! Alright, we’ve got another green delicacy comin’ your way! Vicki? You there? you can open your eyes now! Hey! Broccoli! That’s not bad at all! Well, unless of course you hate the stuff Sure, broccoli’s edible but do you ever actually get excited to eat it? Nope, didn’t think so C’mon, Vicki! Eat your vegetables! Hey, you’re not my mom! Alright, I guess one bit won’t kill me Man, I suddenly feel a wave of nothingness washing over my body

    Awesome Now it’s Lana’s turn to much on some orange goodies! Alright this next round’s all you, Lana! Cheetos and orange soda?! How did you know this was my all-time favorite snack? I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see this stuff!! You’re the best, Vick! Hey, what do you need that blender for? Wait! I like this stuff as it is! We don’t need to blend it! Hand it over! Unless you want to see it come right back up, we don’t advise making this at home! Well, there’s no denying this is one big orange meal! Oh boy, this is not going to be pretty If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that was a big glass of orange juice! It’s all yours, Lana! It smells exactly like how you’d think Cheeto juice would taste Ick! Watch out people, she’s gonna blow! Yikes! I hope that didn’t taste as bad as it looked! Let’s see what green grub will be on Vicki’s plate next, shall we? Without further ado, your super, fantastic green cupcake! Hey! That doesn’t look half bad, thanks, Lana! Well, it looks like a cupcake and it feels like a cupcake… Alright, i’m goin’ in! GAH!! My mouth is on fire! Help! Well, Vicki, thats because that’s not frosting…it’s wasabi! See? I really got you that time, didn’t I? Here comes another plate of orange food! If you can stomach it… Okay, Lana, I really think you’re gonna like this one It’s a big lobster! Claws, eyes and all… It’s not alive, is it? AH! That was so not funny, Vicki! Okay, I better start chowing down on this thing… I don’t have any other way to crack through the shell but with my own teeth! Ooh! This shell is a lot harder than I thought it would be! Hey! Didn’t anyone tell you not to play with your food? Whoops! This is not going at all the way it was supposed to

    Ooh, my bad… There ya go, little guy… For this last round, were going with a double whammy chow-down sesh! Go on, girls, open ‘em up! Orange candy!! Finally, something on my plate that I actually want to eat! Woah! Check out Vicki’s plate of sweets! Now this is a green meal i can get on board with! Alright Mr macaroon, get into my pie-hole this instant! Man, that’s good How’s yours, Lana? This is a far cry from raw onion, let me tell ya! Wow, did this challenge have a happy ending or what?! Uh, girls? Don’t eat too many! You’ll give yourself an epic stomachache from all that sugar What’s up guys? Hey! Something tells me we have another 24 hr one color food challenge coming our way… What? Oh yeah, it’s on! Poor Bella, she has no idea what’s coming to her… Heck no! I’m not eating that thing! Did you have fun watching our challenge? Then you’ll love our behind-the-scenes footage! Share this video with your friends and put them up to the same challenge! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go Change’s YouTube channel for more awesome videos like this one!

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