Drop like on this video if you guys enjoyed comment down below your thoughts in your opinions about the video Make sure to subscribe with those medications on so you stayed on fight on every single video also Follow my social medias, or they tuned for updates for incoming videos Thank you Watch guys, Joe Kraus here

Welcome back to a video TV maybe food I will be here maybe food Because then I lost a bet towards this guy right here Look come here I lost too much Tim Oh I'm a plug my channel right now both subscribes the hell well there it's a picture of grunkle Stan screaming You know, I was also the guy that that was all called All right now then let's build a chick three bikes Friday eating baby food challenge You know, you're gonna have the consistency got a fight buddy gone wrong We do man you okay, get away fuck get away from Our bikes man, how'd it taste This is just amazing, I can't looks like he's seeing a pattern One more fight and finishing I know question Robert Robert Hi-yah why Jeff Bernstein right now Oh yeah guys do quests rest in peace baby food mouthwash and I Felt better and my mom's cars here, whatever Not man Is it really that bad? It's like mud, it looks like dodge

Well, I mean It just looks action It looks like a mud in the pack if he's sweet Baby food it's it's it's strong So other than that guys I hope you guys enjoyed my video a me trying baby food in my honesty I did not like that and I got pretty girl stabbed before I eat and I felt embarrassed as well because all of these guys like we're saying eat it eat it and then it just You know, I made my best bet for that So holding that guys if we get 10 likes I may eat probably another Baby food, but different flavor if you guys want that, let's get 10 likes on this video So other than that guys peace out

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