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    Don Spike learning how to cook Vietnamese food [Battle Trip/2019.11.03]


    (Hoi An Market) (The biggest market in Hoi An) It's always fun to go to a market – No matter where it is

    / – True It's so much fun to check out a market (A lot of tourists and locals at this market) (They'll check out the market with the teacher) – Shallots / – Shallots – This is

    / – This smells familiar Does the teacher talk about the ingredients too? He teaches you how to prep the ingredients and what tools to use This is great

    Seeing the market with the teacher Yeah (You can sample all sorts of spices) (The spice they'll use in their cooking class) – Is it turmeric? / – Yeah So One of each (Buys all sorts of spices) He likes spices Collecting them is my hobby Do you have to buy this much? Yes

    – Collecting spices is my hobby / – I know that I want to buy this stuff But we have some of this stuff at home No, we don't

    You don't even use all the spices at home I won't leave these at home I'll use them Geez Oh, my God Mom The lady is smiling and I'm frowning It's a good day for that vendor

    I heard she closed the shop for the day Let's go (Better get going before they fight more) (The cooking class is surrounded by nature) (Cooking class, $5350 per person) We will cook three local dishes So it's a cooking class for just you two – Just us two / – It was private

    Rice paper (They'll make spring rolls with wet rice paper) (The teacher chooses Don's mom) (Me?) You're going to do this, mom (Worried) – I'm scared / – You do this, mom I don't like cooking

    I'm bad at it, so I avoid it even more I'm not good at cooking, so I don't enjoy it Just pork? (The prepped pork is stir-fried) (Fixated on his mom) You're doing well (Some sesame oil is added to the stir-fry) All done (His mom made the spring roll filling) That was easy

    I'm good at doing what I'm told It was just stir-frying – It wasn't too hard / – I could do that too It was easy? (Happy because it was easier than she thought) (Now it's time to make the rice paper) (Don will make the rice paper) I bet this is hard

    It was fun That's the traditional way in Vietnam Using bamboo (He's good at this) (It'll be ready in 40 seconds) 40 seconds (It's opened after 40 seconds) (The wet rice paper is ready) Thank you (The rice paper is placed on a plate) Turn it, turn it Hot! (Well done, son) I'm adding the filling He was good even though it was his first time

    Fold it from that side Fold it completely Yeah, then get the sides (Fold all the corners and roll it up) So pretty – Neat

    / – You rolled that nicely (Adding all sorts of sauces to finish it) (The mom and son made this together) This is a great activity for mother and son and also for newlywed couples You could do this with your kids too Yes (The second dish is chicken stir-fry) (The spring rolls are done) Don, get the chicken stock

    Adding chicken stock to the chicken breast (One spoonful of chicken stock on the chicken) (Adding oil and lemongrass to the frying pan) Heating up the oil will make it taste better (It smells nice) (Stir-fry the chicken breast with seasoning) (The teacher shows off some fancy skills) That move That's a fancy skill (Mom tries to copy the teacher) You failed, ma'am

    I can't make the ingredients jump Maybe I can do it with my right hand (How Don's mom stir-fries) Maybe I can do it with my right hand (That's enough) (Plate the nicely cooked chicken stir-fry) (Sauteed chicken) (The third dish is a green mango salad) You peel it first

    (After peeling and julienning the green mango) – This is much easier than using a knife / – Right? (A big pile of julienned mango) Let's taste some Hmm – What does it taste like? / – It's too sour? Don't try it (Don't eat any) – Is it sour? Bitter? / – Both

    – It's very sour / – Oh, it's sour Why'd you eat that? (So funny) It was like eating an apple soaked in lemon juice (Only eat mangoes when they're ripe and yellow) (This will help him forget the green mango) (Shallots and chicken stock is added to the stir-fry) (Seasoned mango is added to the pan and stir-fried) You can try now (How does the green mango salad taste?) The sauce got rid of the sourness

    It's sweet and tangy now I can't believe we made all this – Shall we eat? / – Yeah (The first dish they'll try is the chicken stir-fry) Let's start with the chicken breast You get to relax and eat the food you made

    (This is pretty good) I can smell the turmeric slightly The lemongrass makes it refreshing It tastes clean Just having a bite made me salivate It's like an appetizer

    (An appetizer to pique your appetite) (Time to try the spring roll they made together) (They each take a bite) This is the best one It's good (Thumbs up) It tastes very exotic It's sweet, tangy and soft It's like eating a steamed dumpling

    Anyone would enjoy this You're right Anyone would like this (Anyone would enjoy this dish) (They eat the food they made) This is great A great event for the family

    Cooking and eating together (The meaningful cooking class comes to an end) I've never learned how to cook I've never taken a cooking class This is going to be a happy memory

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