Dim Sum Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts | London Food Tour + Chinatown Vlog

Hello! Who is ready for a new dim sum video in London because I know I am! I'm currently at Golden Dragon in Chinatown, it's just on the corner of Gerrard Street as you come in through Wardour Street, and it's a place I've been going to for probably about 20 years now I've been coming here since I was about this high

It's a very famous tourist spot and also I know quite a few celebrities have come here as well so yeah that's why we used to come so it'd be good to see whether the dim sum is still up to scratch but the purpose of this video as you can tell from the title is to go through the dim sum do's and a dim sum don'ts and the etiquette of how to have dim sum when you're dining because I realise that I always talk about eating dumplings but I very rarely actually go through the almost general rules of having this cuisine If you haven't experienced dim sum in a traditional sense and you're not sure how to act if you're in a dim sum restaurant or you're in Hong Kong then this may come in very very useful First of all, let's go through what dim sum means So depending on what dialect you're using, you can say in two different ways In mandarin, you say 'dim sum' which is more similar to how we usually call it dim sum

It means to touch your heart but if you're a Cantonese speaker like me then you may be more familiar with yum cha which means to drink tea It's a very rare in Cantonese that you would say, "Oh let's go for dim sum" You would be more likely to say, "let's go yum cha" because tea is just as important, if not more than dim sum itself And also, dim sum is traditionally eaten very very early in the morning It's a breakfast item

In some places, you can even go from like 5:00 am 6:00 am in China or Hong Kong, but over in the Western side, you normally see it as more like a brunch affair so typically places open up from 12pm to 5pm

It's not something you would eat in the evening typically As mentioned drinking tea is a big part of dim sum, it's very important in a dim sum restaurant to always pour for your elders and for everyone else first and to pour for yourself last So I'm going to demonstrate here There we go If somebody was to pour you tea then remember to use your pointer finger and your middle finger and tap it on the table like this because it's a very polite gesture to say thank you and also the elders will notice if you don't do it So the food has arrived now

We've ordered a 'chiu chow' ho fun noodles It's with flat rice noodles with chopped up Chinese broccoli, egg, pork and prawns and it's a dish I've had since I was little But I very rarely find it in other dim sum restaurants apart from this one Noodles aren't typically a dim sum dish but it's a good one to share and it makes you fill up quicker, because otherwise i'd just be eating dumplings for days I've also ordered some har gau which is crystallized prawn dumplings and of course soup dumplings, it's not a Cantonese dish, it's from Shanghai but it's one I have to order every time I go for dim sum Dim sum is very much a sharing concept so don't claim a dish don't just think, "oh I'm just going to order some pork buns and have that to myself" not gonna be a good idea, it's gonna be frowned upon so the best thing to do is just to order a bunch of food and to all share it together it also means that you get to eat more which is always a good thing, I love it because it means I can have a little bit of everything and not get full up on just one dish, but yes, don't claim a dish as your own Share Sharing is caring! MMMM prawn dumpling is so good and now you've finished your tea and you want a refill of hot water, depending on what tea pot you have in each restaurant, you can even put the teapot lid and rest it against the side of where the spout is, or you simply open up the lid and a server will then come and see that they need to refill the water instead of you having to ask them

And also, if you're sharing food, you'll either have a pair of public chopsticks or if the restaurant won't allow it, then you just flip your chopsticks and then use this end and then you can grab the dumplings and give it to somebody else Don't use the end that you feed yourself with because otherwise you end up, you know, sharing germs and saliva and you may not be ready for that step yet, so yes flip it over and then and then, give the food away You're nearly finished now and it's only one last dumpling left in each basket, don't take it for yourself Always offer it to the other person and it's until they're really like "I'm stuffed, I'm stuffed" THEN you have it But don't immediately take it for yourself, it's a very polite thing to do and it's something that we've been brought up on so my sisters and I never ever have the last piece, we always just keep asking everybody else to have it instead

So finally you've now finished and you're ready to pay the bill, if you've been in a traditional dim sum restaurant before, then you may have witnessed something that seems like a fight between two families – it's because it's a very very Chinese thing to do to fight for the bill so you often see people in a squabble, they're throwing the receipt around they're moving their arms and legs, they're raising their voices We don't really go down the route of 'you pay for what you've eaten' because it's (a) sharing (concept) Somebody usually foots the bill and then the other person next time will then pay it then, so yeah that's the way that we do it in Chinese culture and also something that would be seen in the dim sum restaurant so bear that in mind Okay so that is enough etiquette for one day, I have loads of dim sum that I'm going to eat now, but I hope that's cleared up some confusion you may have had before eating dim sum and I hope you found this video useful If you are new to this channel Hi, I'm Shu and please subscribe to watch some more food, lifestyle and travel videos and if you are already a subscriber then thank you for coming back! Please give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also if you'd like to see more dim sum and food & London content from me as well, so yeah I hope you're having a wonderful morning afternoon or evening and I shall see you in my next video, bye!

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