Clare Voitin’s tips for growing your own food

Growing food changes you It creates this opportunity for you to actually do something that provides genuine value for you, for your health, and for your family

You become connected with nature Connecting with the soil, connecting with the earth The connection that you will have with that food when you grow it is huge when it becomes part of your daily habits My name is Claire Voitin I'm an author, a farmer, a food grower, and I'm a mother of three boys

And I care where my food comes My experience with farming has been over the last 20 years and it's been the most incredible journey When people ask me how to start a food garden I usually tell them to start with the easy things Herbs are something that everybody uses Lettuce now grows all year round

Kale is easy to grow, carrots, even the cauliflowers and the broccolis are easy to grow as well But just starting with one thing and then building from there We also grow food in our front garden in Melbourne So you actually don't need a farm You don't even need a huge yard

You can actually just plant food in a box, you can plant it in a balcony or a pot Just start with one thing and go from now there There's a lot of benefits to growing food One of them is you're saving money You're also reducing waste

You're not buying things that are wrapped in plastic or cardboard that you don't actually need The nutritional benefits are obvious You're eating seasonally, and you're actually eating food that is as fresh and organic as it can possibly get I've made absolutely every possible mistake you can and I've worked out what you should and you shouldn't do Just have a go

You will not be disappointed, you'll enjoy the benefits You'll love it Just have a go